Heliocentric denialism


by Mark Tokarski


Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was famously the first victim of what we now call lockdown, forced to live out his days in his home for having dared crossed the Inquisition. He claimed, based on observation and evidence. that the earth was not the center of the solar system, but rather moved around the Sun. As one observer from our current era noted, he was actually an early victim of peer review.

Science has not changed much in the intervening centuries. Most of what we know is wrong, and powerful forces are still enforcing lies as reality. Two areas in which this is taking place are Climate Change and Covid, where anyone who flouts the “consensus” is battered, de-funded, fired, and publicly shamed. Roger Pielke Jr., over in Boulder at the University of Colorado, has bucked the Climate hoax, and as a tenured professor cannot be fired, but is otherwise shunned and humiliated. The university brass moved him to a very small office with no windows, just a way of saying “F*** you.”



Which reminds me – I drew that line there to warn readers that I am going to be using foul language for a couple of paragraphs. If such a thing offends you, merely move your eyes down to a similar line below. The swearing stops below there.

David Viner is a climatologist in Britain, whatever the fuck that means. Climate is really complicated, as Patrick Moore reminds us, involving a large number of disciplines, including atmospheric physics, oceanography, geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, astrophysics, meteorology, and all aspects of biology (life science). Viner is a hydrologist, and also worked at East Anglia during the time of Climategate, the huge email scandal that was eventually whitewashed and covered up. In 2000 he predicted that Great Britain had seen the end of snow, and that in the future children would not know what it is. He was not just wrong, but stupidly fucking wrong. so wrong that he should have been laughed out of his profession and kept away from climate “science”. Instead, he has failed upward, He has since 2012 been the Principal Advisor, Climate Change for Mott MacDonald (a global engineering, management and development consultancy). These guys in the Climate Change business are wrong about everything, having never made a prediction that has come true, yet never have to answer for their stupidity or dishonesty (or both).

Somewhere in the blogroll below on this page you will find a link called “Climategate,” which yields a large number of the emails of that era. If you do what I did, take time to read them, you will get a sense of what was really going on at the time. Michael Mann apparently at one point misspells the word “closest,” referring to “our closeted friends”. I do not think that was accidental, Rather, he was making veiled reference to closeted forces behind the Climate Change hoax. These are the anonymous people with their hands up the asses of the “scientists,” using them as sock puppets. Otherwise, how have they been allowed not just to be wrong, but incredibly fucking wrong now for well over thirty years?

As with the virologists who gave us SARS-CoV-2, these people do not know what the fuck they are talking about. They lie, lie and then lie some more, without accountability. Climate zealots are now talking about “climate lockdowns,” so much did they admire the way that the planet was locked down at the beginning of the Covid hoax. They are indeed fucking monsters.


Anyone who disagrees and sees through either of these hoaxes is called a “denier.” I find that to be an incredibly powerful propaganda message, right up there with “conspiracy theorist,” intended to be a thought stopper. I admit that getting the majority of the American public to start thinking about any given subject is like getting a Model T Ford without wheels or a motor to speed on the freeway. Americans are not taught to think in the schools, and do not develop the habit as TV, football, beer and wide screen TVs occupy them throughout life. So running a scam like Covid does not take a huge effort. Most Americans are married to authority figures. Here at this blog we ridicule the likes of Viner and Fauci, knowing that they are professional liars. But it does not work that way for most people.

In the intellectual  classes, you will not find dissent from the official science of Covid and Climate. I suspect that among regular people, there is plenty of it. Why else do we not see polling on either subject? The Omicron “variant” is plainly a doubling down effort to keep the pandemic going, as it was losing steam. A very large number of us are not vaccinated, and are not “hesitant” or reluctant, but rather skeptical, extremely so in my case. Just as they can look out a window to see Climate as stable and variable at once, so too can they see among family and friends no illness. There is a percentage of us, certainly less than fifty, maybe less than twenty, who are just not buying in. And that is where the final efforts are now pointed, to get us to buy in, or force us to do so.

Austria went into lockdown to force everyone to vaccinate. That is one way to make it happen. MM reminds us that while Australia seems rabidly fascist from the outside looking in, it is most likely due to very high resistance there to the new fascists. There have been massive demonstrations, unreported in the news, of course.

The times ahead will be troubled, force will be brought to bear on those of us clinging to our precious freedoms. We must keep in touch and band together.

By the way, what do they call it when people are forced to receive an injection with undisclosed ingredients and without informed consent and in violation of the Nuremberg Accords? Remember that Nuremberg, while lacking force of law, came about due to abuses by Nazis, running medical experiments on people without their knowledge or approval.

There is a name for that practice: A crime against humanity.

While it is doubtful that any real punishment was ever handed down on the Nazi hierarchy in the wake of that war, there needs to be real justice for our current band of brothers, our current set of fascist criminals. Might I suggest the gallows? I don’t mean lynching, but rather legal punishment following due process.

That is, if rule of law ever returns. (Did we ever have it, really? Was it always just window dressing?)