How Grounding Heals EMF damage



In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing a series on what strategies we can apply to mitigate EMF damage that’s already occurred.* This is part 3.

*Future articles will also focus on how to prioritize removal of specific EMFs in our lives.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:


1. Why EMFs can drain our battery


2. How Grounding helps prevent blood clots


3. How Grounding can lower inflammation


4. How I like to ground myself




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Why do EMFs from devices harm us?

They drain our battery.


EMFs accomplish this by taking our body’s atoms, like the grains of sand in the video above, out of their naturally-aligned state.


All biochemical processes that happen inside us have a charge, and determine how we shuttle and donate electrons to our cells.


How do we revive our battery?


By replenishing our store of electrons in the form of natural EMFs from the Earth and Sun above us.


You see, we are electric beings living in a cosmic battery.


The Earth is the negative (-), grounding part of this battery, and the Sun is the positive (+) end. You can think of the Sun as the red cable we attach when trying to jumpstart our car. We want to make sure we’re connected to the black cable of Earth first before getting charged up with the red, otherwise we can fry ourselves.


Earth is an anode (negative ground), the Sun a cathode (positive charge)



For example, wearing sunglasses can leave our bodies only partially connected to the red cable of the Sun, causing “sparks to fly” as sunburn on our skin. Being totally wired and grounded to both the “black” and “red” would mean living as our ancestors did – having our skin and eyes connected to the natural EMFs of our cosmos.


When our eyes are exposed to UV from Sunlight, they secrete MSH (melonocyte-stimulating hormone), which produces melanin that ultimately protects our skin from too much UV:


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All of the cells and organs run on frequency. Our brains sing to the rhythm of the Schumann Resonance, which is the foundational frequency of Earth known as ELF (extremely low frequencies). ELF (or Earth Living Frequencies) range from 8-32 beats per second (Hz), and literally keep all life on our planet beating in time.


These frequencies ensure our circadian (around a day) rhythm is in tune with our biology. All of life’s hormones and metabolism is regulated by this circadian metronome, with ELF as the conductor.


How can we ensure that the rest of the orchestra of our body, like those poor flute players who are often put in the back of the musicians, “hear” the melodies that the Earth is playing for us?


How do we make our battery work as it should, with our body voltage flowing the way nature intended, as negative ions are absorbed by our feet, as positive ones leave our bodies and ascend to the Heavens?


Becker, Robert O. The Body Electric. (1985)



When our feet touch the ground, we ensure that all of our cellular musicians are playing in tune with one another.


For instance, biophysicist James Oschmann and Dr. Stephen Sinatra ran a study to determine how grounding can affect thickening (viscosity) of our blood.1


James Oschmann, Ph.D.

How Grounding Helps Prevent Blood Clots

Their studies showed that when we ground, our blood cells clump together less (reduced viscosity), which ultimately helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. When we aren’t grounded, our red blood cells lose electrical charge, which can thicken our blood leaving us predisposed to blood clots.


Blood on the right is after 45 mnutes of grounding, has less clumps and has a healthier “zeta potential” (electrical charge)



This study is especially relevant today as our body’s calcium levels are affected by magnetic fields. Calcium helps regulate coagulation of blood.2


A note on Grounding and DNA repair

“Grounding programs our cells’ proton spin = this properly recycles hydrogen atoms in our DNA/RNA backbones to make us seasonally responsive to light variations. “


Remember- light is EMF. When our bodies are properly synced to circadian rhythms, we have the best chance of optimizing gene expression.


Why Earthing sheets may not be a good idea

Here’s a video from this comprehensive article by


The “Predator” of EMF inflammation

EMFs create what are known as free radicals in our body, which can damage our organs and wreak havoc in our cells if we don’t have a balanced amount of antioxidants. We can eat as many blueberries as we like, but if we’re only sitting on the couch, the antioxidants won’t have a strong enough electrical force pushing them where they need to go.


Grounding creates voltage in our body’s battery, known as the DC (direct current) electric circuit, sending electrons to those areas that to be recharge with antioxidants in order to lower inflammation.



The upper images are from a case study of a 44-year-old woman with chronic central back pain. After sleeping on land for 4 nights, she reported a 30% reduction in pain and after 8 weeks, the pain was completely resolved.

The lower images are of an 85-year-old male suffering from chronic low back pain and recurrent shoulder pain. After 2 nights of sleep, he reported a 50% reduction in pain and after 4 weeks, he reported pain resolution and improved sleep.3


When we ground, we form a sort of electromagnetic forcefield that connects us back to Earth, and makes it harder for those Predatory wireless frequencies to “see us” as they build up free radicals in our cells, leaving our immune system open to damage.


Arnold evades The Predator by coating himself in thick jungle mud. Avocado face creams are for sissies.


However this does not mean that grounding is an ultimate solution, especially with contraptions like indoor shielding or earthing bedsheets. Most of our homes carry what is known as dirty electricity through our power outlets, and many earthing bedsheets and grounding devices will plug into these as well, exacerbating harm.


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Our planet even has electromagnetic paths known as Hartmann-Curry lines that can harm our organs and lead to chronic disease.


How I like to Ground

Personally, I’ll try to spend as much time outdoors on the grass as possible, especially first thing in the morning as the ELF from the Schumann Resonance is most potent (many electrical devices and people haven’t gone online yet).


I also like to go barefoot by bodies of water, as they are natural electrical insulators, or a type of faraday cage.


Tapping into the electrical insulator that is Niagara-on-the-lake. Can’t wait for that hot coffee.

Ever wonder why dogs and animals love rolling around in the grass so much?


All dogs go to Heaven. All phones go to…


It’s because they love discharging protons and gathering electrons from the Earth.


Our metabolism functions according to what is called the electron-transport chain. When electrons don’t line up correctly, the chain breaks. Oxygen also holds these train cars together, and grounding provides the train tracks for this process to occur.


However the train can veer off course when we over-expose ourselves to EMFs as they dysregulate oxygen metabolism in our cells.4 This is why in future articles I’ll also be covering strategies on how we can optimize oxygen in our cells.


Maybe it’s time we start to roll around with them a little more.


Who cares what the neighbors think?


What’s the worst they can say, that we’re animal lovers?


This is Part 3 of a series in How to Treat EMF Radiation.


Part 1 – How to heal safely with daytime melatonin + why supplements harm you


Part 2 – How to repair DNA damage with the food of light: NAD+


You are more powerful than you know.


Roman S Shapoval