How I healed my Sight.

Seeing clearly is as simple as being honest with yourself.

And yet, a simple answer does not mean an easy solution. Years of struggle followed my first attempts at healing my sight.

Like looking for any solution I first had to understand the problem. Why were my eyes not functioning as I desired?

Eventually seeing that this challenge was attached, pretty much, to all of my challenges in life.

Becoming honest with myself about myself.

To integrate all into the whole. To see fully what I am made of, or perhaps more accurately ‘what I was full of’, as in, all the bad ideas I had about me, my life and the rest of it, was how I began to clear my site.

We are all built of energy, made of light, I have seen. And when those are messed up, myopic, near or far sighted, well no surprise really that these ‘distortions’ we have about ourselves are literally reflected in our eyes our I’s.

In other words, if you don’t see yourself clearly, you can hardly expect to see clearly.

Of course, loving nutrition, plenty of restful sleep and sunlight are all ‘ingredients’ for this medicine of healing.

Exercise too, of the ocular kind, is required. Muscles move and focus/un-focus our eyes. And so, like any muscle if it’s not healthy, flexible and strong, they cannot function properly.

Fear not, it only took me about seven years to give up my glasses full-time.  I’ve heard we replace every cell in our body every seven years. So no surprise for me now, to see (if you’ll pardon the pun), I had to make myself, my I, fully new, to fix my eyesight.

No magic secrets here, just plenty of hard work. And, well, I still have focusing challenges in energetically challenged environments such as busy shopping malls full of cell phones and wifi enveloped airports, but for the most part, I never use and never miss my glasses whatsoever.

More here in the loving and lovely chat I had with Amandha Vollmer, Yummy Doctor, on this very topic.

Much Love, Lorenzo!






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