How to Find Your Soul (3 Mystical Paths)

Image of a smiling child in a white globe representing the soul 

I write how to “find” your soul because, while the soul is always there, its light can become obscured, barricaded, and blocked out of daily life.

Our souls all share one great craving: to be free of our limited selves, the narrowness and suffocating emptiness of our reality.

We need to move through the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric pollution of our lives to reconnect with our souls. And this is not an easy path, especially when we are so habituated to a certain state of living.

To find your soul you need to question everything. You need to walk the path less traveled, be the lone wolf, and go in search of something more. This can be an uncomfortable path, hence why most people prefer the comfort and complacency of mediocrity.

Are you ready to listen to the inner call? Are you sick of feeling lost, alone, depressed, and empty inside? Do you want to find out your gifts, life destiny, and personal meaning?

If you crave something more, it’s time to start your spiritual journey. It’s time to find your soul. Here are three sacred paths that will help you reconnect with your soul:


Path 1 – The Body, Physical Realm


Practices that correspond to path 1 include:

  • Ecotherapy(including deep ecology, nature immersion, vision quests, etc.)
  • Yoga, tai chi, qigong(physical disciplines that help you to connect with your life force energy)
  • Breathwork(using the breath to move through blockages, increase vitality, sharpen awareness, etc.)
  • Bodywork(various methods of therapeutic touch that release trauma from the body, increase health and movement, promote mind-body connection)
  • Somatic psychotherapy(counseling that involves connecting with the wisdom and healing capacity of the body as a vessel of the soul, releasing trauma, and healing)
  • Plant medicine(ingesting psychoactive substances to expand consciousness and soul connection under the watch of a shaman or healer)
  • Solitude(physically removing yourself from the chaos of life to look within)
  • Dancing(intuitive movement to express the soul and balance the chakras)
  • Singing and chanting(using the voice to connect with and express the soul)
  • Tantra(an esoteric tradition that honors the body and all facets of life)

The body is the vessel of our soul, and connecting with it means reuniting with the wisdom and intelligence we innately carry. The body also carries a lot of tension and trauma (known as body armor), so releasing these simultaneously releases the barriers that surround your soul.


Path 2 – The Heart, Emotional Realm


Practices that correspond to path 2 include:

  • Cultivating gratitude(feeling thankful for all that you have – an innate quality of the soul)
  • Developing intuition(listening to the quiet wise voice within you; the voice of the soul)
  • Devotion(love and dedication to a certain quality, guru, teacher, etc.)
  • Prayer (communing with the soul through the heart’s longings)
  • Cultivating loving-kindness(commonly practiced through Metta meditation)
  • Increasing self-love(learning to love and embrace yourself, flaws and all)
  • Philanthropy(actively serving others with compassion)
  • Inner child work(healing the wounded inner child within you)
  • Letting go(learning to surrender, release, and discharge old emotional pain)

The heart is the doorway to the soul, and learning to dive into it provides us direct access to the essence of who we really are. Opening, expanding, and removing (or making peace with) the burdens that weigh on our hearts helps us to invite the presence of our souls into daily existence.


Path 3 – The Mind, Mental Realm


Practices that correspond to path 3 include:

  • Meditation(quiet inner observation and thought-awareness)
  • Mindfulness(paying attention in the present moment to all sensations)
  • Journaling(writing down thoughts and exploring inner self)
  • Shadow work(exploring one’s inner demons that block the soul)
  • Dream work(using one’s dreams, such as lucid dreaming, as a gateway to the soul)
  • Active Imagination(“Astral Travel” – using the mind to go on inner adventures)
  • Visualization(using mental imagery to increase clarity, wisdom, love, etc.)
  • Parts work(exploring one’s archetypesand bringing more internal harmony)
  • Changing core beliefs(reframing the beliefs that prevent us from accessing the soul)
  • Spiritual psychotherapy(“transpersonal counseling” – receiving guidance from someone who integrates spiritualityand psychology)

The mind perceives and expresses the soul, but when our minds are contracted, polluted, and filled with fear we cannot access this essential part of us. Working with the conscious and unconscious mind will help us to dissolve the ingrained patterns, conditioning, and habits that obscure the divinity within.


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“Is one path better than another?” you may wonder. No, all paths are equal and ideally, we’d do best to incorporate at least one practice from all three paths into our lives. (Also, these lists aren’t exhaustive, so feel free to experiment with any practices that aren’t specifically listed here.)

Our soul is the force and inner voice that reminds us that we can become more; the force that provides us with the wisdom to realize our deep interconnectedness to the world, and that suffers immensely from spiritual undernourishment when we ignore it for too long.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with a quote by psychiatrist Carl Jung,

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul.

Although it feels more “safe” to stay stuck in old patterns, the only way to find the happiness, fulfillment, and peace you’re looking for is to begin soul searching. If you’d like a place to start this journey, start here.



Mateo Sol

About Mateo Sol

Mateo Sol is a prominent psychospiritual counselor and mentor whose work has influenced the lives of thousands of people worldwide, he is currently based in Perth, Australia. Born into a family with a history of drug addiction, schizophrenia, and mental illness, Mateo Sol was taught about the plight of the human condition from a young age. As a spiritual counselor and mentor, Sol’s mission is to help others experience freedom, wholeness, and peace in any stage of life. [Read More]


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