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”We’re Living In Unprecedented Times – And Those Times Could Be Hurting Us”



In the past, people would typically wake up, turn on the news, get ready for work, work and lunch with colleagues, and then return home.


However, nowadays, things are different. People wake up and immediately grab their phones. They remain on their phones even as they get ready for work. At work, they continue to be on their phones. When they drive back home, they are still on their phones or watching Netflix before calling it a day.


The question is, what impact does this have on our society? How does it affect us spiritually and mentally? Do we truly understand what is happening in our world and how we tie into the grand scheme?


Life is so much better when you know what you are doing

Life is so much better when you know what you are doing


Yesterday morning, I read The Free Press’s article “Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Why I Am Now a Christian.” The article was about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch-American activist and former politician who’s converted to Christianity. The comments section was filled with reactions ranging from overwhelming praise, but there was some disbelief. Some people were…


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I would argue that it’s having a very negative effect on us. It’s making us very spiritually weak. And what we’re seeing is that spiritual weakness is manifesting itself as a mental health crisis. We’re seeing a mental health crisis because our society has become spiritually weak. And this is a very sharp transition for the human species from humanity in the past.


Throughout history, people have always had a sense of purpose. They would worship God or some other deity, pray, volunteer, help others, and then go to bed. However, over the years, the sense of purpose in society has dwindled, with a significant drop in civil responsibility being observed since the advent of television. We seem to have lost our ability to pay attention, not only to others but also to ourselves.


This podcast aims to explore this topic. For those who want a deeper dive into the origins of how we got here, this origin story is the ethos of my book. My book aims to delve deeper into the shifts that have occurred in education, government, and science over the past two centuries. These changes may not necessarily be in the best interest of humanity.


Here’s the link to where you can order my book:


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In the past, people would wake up and spend time with themselves, focusing on their spiritual and personal growth. They would then concentrate on their jobs and later on their community, neighbors, and other aspects of their lives. We paid attention to ourselves and our communities. However, today, we wake up and immediately pay attention to our cell phones, social media, and other devices, and things don’t seem to be changing anytime soon.


Esoteric Wisdom

The Cost Of Paying Attention


The Cost Of Paying Attention


Listen now (40 mins) | Welcome to another episode of Spiritual Sundays! The purpose of these and other works here at Unorthodoxy is two-fold: Enrich Your Soul: The goal is to ensure that the content speaks to you on a deeper, philosophical resonance that moves and compels you and provides insight.


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The article on paying attention and this podcast are great resources for anyone interested in exploring this topic further. You can become a paid member and listen to the podcast or check out the free preview if you’re not ready to commit. Lastly, if you’re interested, here’s a link to the book.


Regardless and overall, I hope you have a wonderful day in this journey of life!

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Franklin O’Kanu

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