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By Roman S Shapoval


“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,

thy whole body shall be full of light.”

-Matthew 6:22


An odd weather phenomenon blew through our area on the first evening of Spring in the northern hemisphere. In an instant as I was driving home, I found myself in a darkened world of sideways blowing snow and whiteout conditions, and yet at the same time enveloped in the soft light of the Sun that, despite the angry flurrying skies, was steadfast in its shining beauty.



The ever-present Light in Darkness.


In experiencing this force of Nature, in the next moment I was drawn back into the memory of my life’s own darkened skies.


Eight years ago, I found myself trapped in the eye of burnout’s storm – naked to its fierce elements, feeling defenseless, powerless, as it battered me from all directions, threatening to take with it my very existence.


This storm had been building for years, while I naively ignored its low rumbles on the horizon. Until finally, like this Spring blizzard, it arrived with a merciless vengeance, enveloping me in its cold grasp of debilitating anxiety and depression.  Its fierceness numbed me to my core, stopped me in my tracks, and cloaked me in the shadow of the darkest night of my soul.


The storm raged around me for months, but a small flicker, a spark, illuminated from within.


It was the Sun in the blinding blizzard.


Ever-present. Ever-healing. Ever my companion that gave me the strength to move forward and leave the storm behind me.


This eight-year long journey presented me with many opportunities to stop along life’s path to drink from its pools of knowledge and wisdom. At times it was accompanied by a choking gulp, a bitter taste, but with each stop, a new lesson learned, an underlying layer uncovered, a truth discovered.


One powerful truth that revealed itself to me is the truth found in Nature.


It’s always darkest before the dawn, but no matter what, the dawn will always arrive to greet us every morning.


Healing from the storm of my life – anxiety, depression, insomnia, burnout – came from the Light that I found both outside of me and within me:


The healing Light of the Sun, and the healing Light of our inner divine.


God said, “Let there be light.” And there was Light… Many of us are still on the path to understanding what that truly means.


For me, while braving my storm and to this day, it means embracing the very source of our life – the Light – in its many miraculous forms.


In the depths of depression, I described the feeling of being in a deep, dark hole. Above me shone the Light, outlining the outstretched hands of my loved ones, desperately trying to help me to emerge from the darkness. But I couldn’t take their hands. Not because I didn’t want to, but because one of the many truths were revealed to me at this time. I, and I alone, only with the help of that inner divine spark, could climb out of my darkness.


When I did, the Light inside flamed brighter, and I started to understand its power.


“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” – Maya Angelou


As the warmth of this inner flame awakened me to the world again, awakened me to memories of my true Self, I turned my eyes to the healing warmth of the Sun.


Speaking of truth… and truth be told, I wanted nothing to do with it at first. It was safer to sit still, numbing the dark voices that had settled down in my thoughts, by watching endless TV, trying to grasp the peace that eluded me, while avoiding and filling the voids.


It was my husband Roman who truly lived out his marriage vows to love me in health and in sickness, that took my hand and literally led me outside into the Light.


In wintry March weather, akin to that which blew through this week, step after step, we walked.


Anyone in Canada knows that the March sun isn’t a warm sun, but it was the medicine that I so desperately needed. It’s the medicine that so many of us take for granted in our search for answers in a magic, but empty pill.


And now eight years down this road together, Roman and I fully embrace the healing power of Light.


Infrared light, like true love, is unconditional, and present all year round.

When your shadow is longer than your body, what light is most present? (I’ll leave the answer in the comments after 24 hours)

Red / infrared
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We emerged together, blinking away the fog of our past – mired in both literal and metaphorical darkness, diving deeply into our ancestral wisdom, understanding now that we are so much more powerful than we know.


We have taken back our power by going back to the beginning – the Light.


For some, this all may sound severely over-simplified or annoyingly abstract.


But if you find yourself treading that dark stormy path, seeking answers to your physical and mental health, which seem nowhere to be found, I urge you to read this again and go back to the beginning.


Let there be Light in your life.



Embrace the Sun that shines through the blizzard.

Embrace it every single day.

Embrace it when it peaks over the horizon to greet a new morn.

Embrace it with every breath of rest from your toils.

Embrace it when it bids you its golden a Dieu, whispering promises of peaceful slumbers.

Embrace it when you really don’t want to… but inherently know that you have to, in order to



…in order to truly Live.

What is “the light” we find from within?


As Bohdanna so eloquently stated, the Sun always shines above us, even on those cheerless days. But what is the light that shimmers inside us?


Believe it or not, our bodies emit light at the UV-C range, which is stronger than what reaches Earth from our Sun. Our bacteria release light in the 270nm range (UV-C) at extremely low frequencies while we sleep, literally recharging us like a battery from all of the light we accumulated from the day. This is why it’s so important to get our share of AM light, as these wavelengths then help us absorb more UV light throughout the day, regulating our hormones and optimizing overall health.


“According to Oxford University geneticist Frances Ashcroft, the electric field through our ion channel (how our cells get energy) is the equivalent of about 100,000 volts per centimeter (V/cm). If all the electricity in a person’s body could be harnessed and converted to light by DHA, the human body would be sixty thousand times brighter than a comparable mass of the sun.1

Ancient civilizations that built the pyramids were well-aware of this inner truth.


Pyramidos (Greek): “Fire in the middle”


Who here remembers or ever went to Sound Factory in NYC?

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Our inner sound factories of light


In 1994, engineer Chris Dunn proposed that the pyramid was a chemical MASER system (or microwave LASER) in his book The Giza Power Plant. Dunn proposed Pyramids would have used compression waves to convert sound energy to electromagnetic energy via the piezoelectric (converts mechanical to electrical energy and vice versa) effect of quartz crystals in the granite of the King’s Chamber.2:



Could this be why even the simple act of humming has profound health benefits, as we can transmit the EMFs in our environment through the crystal structures found in the tectorial membrane3 of our ears? Believe it or not – we can actually hear light frequencies. This is why many who are very sensitive to EMF can develop tinnitus.


Why tinnitus is an electrical illness

Why tinnitus is an electrical illness

Jan 29

The inner light of our soul


While all this may seem fascinating on a material level, the spiritual light of our existence is even more wild, as it’s unknown.



How do we cultivate our spiritual light?


By attempting the unknown, whilst knowing ourselves. When we understand, and hold true to purpose in life, we create a vision that illuminates previously concealed roads we never thought we’d take.


For instance, remember when the pandemic broke out, and so often you heard the phrase “because I want to travel…”, how many of us chose instead to traverse the foreign heartlands of new relationships, and embark on a personal adventure from within?


That’s what I believe the quote from the Bible “if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light,” means. In this passage, the Greek word for “single” means “simple, unfolded.” When we see with our soul, we become illuminated.


“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” 

Matthew 7:13-14.


You see, we must let go of our ego of past desires and cravings, and seize the narrow path where only the brave dare tread without the fires of society to guide us. If we want to be the light, most of which is invisible, then we need to understand what we don’t see.


The straits of the yellow brick road are calling.


Won’t you join us?



Together, we are more powerful than we know.



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