Humanity and Evolutionary Transhumanism:


The End of Our Species as We Know It?



By: Gary D. Barnett



“Singularity? It’s a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.”

~ Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology


This subject will likely be very foreign to most, will be avoided by many, and will certainly offend those clinging to a god or religion in hopes of gaining everlasting life, by accepting certain dogma laid down in the past by ancient beliefs, religions, churches, monarchs, or rulers. Those who depend on what is currently called ‘science,’ may be more interested, but will normally fail to see as clearly as they might, the true ramifications of this world being created today. The saying, “living in interesting times,” takes on a new meaning given our circumstances, and the great ‘advancement’ of ‘artificial intelligence,’ technological discovery, and the drive for global dominance, all happening at the same time.


What most all tend to forget, is the history of man, at least what is known or thought to be known, regardless of which beliefs or doctrines are accepted. The new world unfolding before us, whether viewed from a traditional, modern, or futuristic perspective, is one of great wonder. This does not mean it is only good or bad, or only beautiful or evil, as it is much more complicated than one can imagine. The reason it is so complex, is strictly due to the unknown, as man literally knows nothing of all there is to know, and with the drive toward Singularity, global domination, and mass artificial intelligence, how can any be certain of the outcome?


Those who are apt to jump on board with the notion that all change and advancement of the human mind and body, at least from the standpoint of artificially enhancing ‘knowledge, brain power, and longevity of life by technological means, are considering only the supposed benefit of ‘everlasting’ life and ‘intellect’ through artificial means. There certainly can be and are many benefits to unlocking the power of the mind, but one has to understand the entirety of this process, and who is controlling it.


It is easy to be fooled by only looking at benefit without scrutiny of the process, and that could easily become a fool’s game given normal human inclination. Viewing what is happening due only to technological advancement, and the ‘good’ it may bring, is likely very shortsighted. Will a utopian society with no wars and cooperation be evident? Will humans be programmed to be super-intelligent, and only be able to live in harmony with one another? Will ‘heaven’ on earth be the result, or will all the strings be pulled by a master class of controllers? And who will be selected to live or die in this new world being created?


The other side of this new world may be viewed as completely dystopian in nature. Can man alter his own being so as to live outside the realm of the natural in favor of the super-natural? Or will this transformation bring a kept society of drones, all acting due to a  programmed singular identity? Can real freedom exist in a world of computerized transhuman occupants? Can biological engineering through nanotechnological means bring about a better world? By adding nanotechnology to this process, what manner of man will result? Will humans even exist in a world where people are artificially enhanced, and controlled by computerized systems? One has to wonder if that is actually living, or is it a world of controlled robots?


In all the time that man has been on this earth, his climb from the beginning, where survival was the only goal sought, to modern times when survival may be left to scientific and technological advances, has been slow and incremental, and fruitful progress may have peaked considering our current state of being. Today, everything is happening at lightening speed. Humanity has always been a mess, and inhumanity has been evident throughout history. At this stage, I would posit that man, even with the advent of intellectual advancement through technological means, has already achieved the epitome of human growth, and is now abandoning most all the good in order to replace himself with a non-human mechanical version controlled by technocrats. Could this be an effort based upon the assumed failure of man to ever achieve long-lasting  love, peace, harmony, and universal knowledge, with the rest of mankind, or could it be the very controlled conclusion forever sought by the few who choose to rule over all others? This distinction is of vital importance to understand, as where we came from is just as important as where we are going.


As advanced as assumed science, technological growth, and artificial intelligence may seem, we are likely far behind in understanding the reality of the actual ‘progress’ that has been achieved, and being pursued, in the field of technology. In the past, most have remained in the dark about what is actually known, and what actually exists in the present, as secret military research has remained unknown, and many would claim that what the ‘public’ is aware of at any given time, is twenty years behind the curve. How much is being hidden? What is actually known and being pursued by the controlling ‘elite’ who run the government and the military? How dark are their secrets? Is this plot of evolutionary transhumanism far ahead of what is recognized by the masses?


In order to have gotten to this level of ‘thinking’ by the many, man’s achievements, supposed morality, history, and societal norms, had to be destroyed and demoralized, so that artificial life would be sought and desired by the herd. Given all that is happening, the absolute hatred and division that is evident, the loss of freedom, the insane drive for global dominance, and the mass belief in sameness and equality, all at the expense of others, and life itself, one cannot help but see the writing on the wall. In order to achieve this fully controlled, technological, computerized non-human world, a world where robotic existence is deemed necessary and essential for survival, the mindset of the herd must be altered to such an extent, as to reach a level where the abandonment of this species is accepted as beneficial.


This is not science fiction, this is science fact. Much of what is happening today is merely part of the plan to capture and control all of humanity in a technocratic system. When technology is helpful and useful, and is meant to ease pain and suffering, or make life better and more efficient, then people can enjoy the prosperity of it, but when this same technology is used to dehumanize society, to turn people into machines, to artificially extend life in a lifeless manner, are we better off, or destroying our own existence? Each of you has to decide how far you are willing to go in this human experiment.


It does it seems, boil down to control. In a world of make-believe, where one lives forever as a machine, who will control the machinery of life? To accept transhumanism is to accept control; I believe this to be the obvious conclusion. Will the few control the many in a world of robots? Will love, compassion, empathy, joy, and nature exist in such a world?


Do humans have spiritual awareness and a conscious understanding of life from without or within? This is a question that has never been properly answered in my view, regardless of the multitude of belief systems that claim the contrary. And if so, can we retain that inner mental energy in a non-biological body and mind created by artificial means? Actually, no one knows for certain, and cannot at this stage of the game. One’s beliefs are his own, but no one to date has ever found or proven the meaning of all life. Do any actually believe though, that making humans non-human will advance that particular knowledge? It does not seem so, but understand that control is the key. Computers are not human, but they are controlled by humans. If it is ever the other way around, will humanity have survived?


“Uniqueness is like a signature, nobody can forge it’s exact copy.”

~ Michael Bassey Johnson


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