I ain’t going back.

By Lorenzo!

& Friends

Music By Damon Shea



I ain’t going back. What does that mean for me? Well, simply put, when I’ve honestly looked over my life (which tells you that I haven’t always), my choices and especially myself, I see with some intelligence, much luck and more love, that I’ve enhanced my perceptions, awareness and consciousness above and beyond where they used to be. Honesty being the key ingredient in this ‘magic trick’ of evolution. In other words, I can now see my life more clearly, how I’m living, why I do what I do, how I got here, and most importantly: why I feel free.

Over the steps, often made over ‘bad’ choices, and those always based on selfishness and a short-sightedness that I can now hope…well, hope is a bit of a hollow word I feel, so let’s say that I can now tell that I am being more loving, and, dare I say in these dangerous times of weaponized language, ‘inclusive’ to and for those in my life in regards to making choices that help rather than hinder or harm those close to me. And by help, I mean helping along our paths towards our own individual freedom.

This song, which I love more and more, the more I listen to it, and not for selfish reasons, but for the fact that with the loving aid and participation of friends, family and cohorts of all varieties, it has become more than the sum of its parts, as they say, as I have myself.

Yes, I wrote ‘it’ first as a poem, to express how I was feeling one day. But as it passed through the hands and creative hearts of others in my life, both past and present, it took on the ‘feeling’ of their hearts, sung by one, arranged and envisioned as a video by another, always tirelessly encouraged by a third. Exposed on a website contributed to by many loving peoples’ efforts over the years.

With loads of humility I am grateful for the help that got me here. In this place and space with the potential to share this with our readers, subscribers and everyone else, and to put it out there, as one releases a bird or dream to see where it flies, lands and takes off again.

So certainly ‘I ain’t going back’, too many sacrifices both from me and others who’ve loved me enough to inspire me to get to where I am today, and to where I am gonna get to tomorrow. Where is that, I just can’t say, but I am feeling much lighter, happier, stronger and more intelligently directed that before, so…. onwards and upwards towards my Happy Destiny, a shared one at that!.

With Much Love, Lorenzo and Dæmon, and Chie and Fredalupe!





Super Big Thanks to Damon, my friend and long time heart-centred inspirer, the voice and music wizard;  Chie, my sweet, impossibly loving extra-dimensionally funny and secretly talented, as well as endlessly patient wife, both for their Loving efforts at making this Video it’s own sort of reality; and to Fredalupe!  Presently acting as the ‘man behind the scenes’ of just about everything that’s going on here with our New Now and  New Agora, for his fine editing efforts, which is why this short article makes what good flowing sense it could while still accurately reflecting my words, thoughts and feelings, and hopelessly child-like style, as always making me look good yet somehow keeping true to who I am. Quite the magic trick in and of itself, if he does say so himself.  But then isn’t it all?  Insert much happy laughter here.



Full Theme Song. Fully Re-Imagined Here. Please Enjoy, Share and Like, if you do.

Lyrics by Lorenzo. Sung and Arranged by Damon Shea. Video Creation Chie Yonekawa.

And here they are…For those who wish to sing along, and really: who doesn’t?



Chorus: ( ”Heyyy, hey…I ain’t going back, not gonna buy into all that. Heyyy, hey, ain’t gonna hide, gonna let all the fears slide. Got mother nature, she’s on my side. Got all of the lovin’ growing inside.” )

Can’t make me lie, lie to my heart. NO one tells me where I should start. Freedom first is what I say, nothing now gonna get in my way. Hey you, you can come too. Doesn’t matter you’re wearing no shoes. I love you, perhaps that’s enough. Gonna give up the rest of fear’s stuff.

No one saying what I can do. Gotta say it’s the same for you. Tie the excuses in a choke hold, put ’em in a bowtie the colour of gold. More than enough, there always was, fools only listen to others because…something inside them won’t let them go….Gotta say now, you must say sooo.


Ringing loud, ringing for us. We got here, I took the bus. Sports cars driving fast to nowhere. Sometimes I wear no underwear. Please is for fools too afraid of their now. Grab your own, I’ll will tell you how.Hey, hey, here’s what I say, gonna let nothing get in my way.


Truth always was, whatever it is. Some helps you out, the other’s for biz. Monetary traction’s put actions away. I listen to my heart it has something to say. ”Love, love and love some more. It will help you find this hidden door. One way out, the way we came in, back to the beginning and so I begin.”