I love Being Free

By Lorenzo!



I love being free. What else needs be said? Except, I guess, possibly the story that gets you there. Unique for each of us and deep in potential, the challenges can range from the sublime to the dangerous. Creating art and putting your life on the line go hand in hand with this walk to freedom. At least they have for me: as a poet and funny man, as an artist and facilitator of self-empowering information, but mostly as a loving being who enjoys flowers and fruit most of all.

If I seem like an unusually ‘funny’ fellow, good! It’s to show that anyone, with determined effort and intent, can also be free. Am I finished? Well, as long as I’m breathing it feels like there is always more to know and explore, about myself and the worlds around me. I’ve heard there are thousands of fruits on this earth and perhaps millions of flowers I’ve  yet to smell, taste and enjoy. So, of course, not done yet.

My growth has come with the acceptance of the hard fought realization that I simply know nothing, except perhaps my own heart and that’s mine, and mine alone to explore, although occasionally other are invited to enjoy the show.

I get to share with so many through our New Agora and this New Now we’re building,  and I am deeply grateful to everyone who has helped me grow to where and who I am today.  Presently being in a position to give back, through my ‘artistic’ efforts, humour, my experiences, hoping that some folks may benefit from this sharing.

I was, am, nothing special, raised to obey, taught to listen; perhaps my main claim to fame is I that could do neither. To this day I have trouble being told what to do, a mixed blessing for sure, for even if the advice is good it rankles me. Ahh, well, my challenges are mine, happy that you are here to share. If any feel like sharing their personal stories to freedom I would be honoured to hear them and possibly share them through this medium.

Freedom is fun, but it can be a lonely walk, for the path is narrow and steep, and for one reason, or many, most don’t go that way. I don’t know why, as the rest seems like a walk through fear’s shadowy realms, never felt good there, and the dark directions given there always seemed ridiculously limiting to me.

From first breath to today I was lucky enough to never believe what they had to say. Well, most of it anyways. I had to see and explore and figure it all out for myself. Many years of blood, battles, art, hugs, failures and in the end some grand success, and well, here I am, on the precipice of more, realizing I still know…not too much, but can see the beautiful path ahead of me. My Happy Destiny.




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