A Most Important Call to All Beings of our World

By Mark Hermary


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The following is a little background to the court case of a lifetime. We will win this case as our evidence has already won in Federal Court hands down, so the world Court at the Hague with the assistance we have will no choice but to make the same decision – the world’s banking system is a fraud. Yes, that has already been proven in United States Federal Court. And yes, it would have been nice of the media would have shown the world this, but of course, they are also connected to the fraud.


In this writers mind, the win is already done, and with the win, a correction, a remedy if you will, to much of our world’s corruption will follow as the tentacles of the monster called commerce reaches every corporate entity doing harm, and it reaches the child living in the mud hut in Haiti. The loopholes and fraud will be shut down for all these corporations doing crimes to our environment, to us physically, and mentally.


The cleansing of our Mother Earth has begun. It is time to rejoice, but not to sit idly by waiting for someone else to do the cleansing, this involves you and your life, and you should be involved in it as much as the people who’ve done the work up to this date. This is a global effort, to bring the Garden of Eden back to life, so how could anyone who loves their life possibly look the other way?


There are many connections of this story in your personal life, please allow your mind to connect to them while reading.


We are about to create a new world by exposing this theft of public wealth by the guilty parties. Banking machinations created by governments, BAR attorneys and Judges, and of course, the banking families. Their lie “abilities” now become their liability, and this will cost them dearly.


We’ve already gathered and are in possession of, 15,000 pages of “qualified Federal evidence (already won with this evidence in US Federal Court) documentation which proves the massive fraud which was the 2008 bank meltdown. It was not a mistake, it was planned fraud, plain and simple. And this qualified Federal evidence our group is in possession of, will be in the World Court come January! The dominos begin to fall for the banking cartel.


As this is an ongoing case so we cannot discuss the nitty gritty details of it, but I will explain as much as possible here, so as to assist you in seeing how it is you are involved. We all are included. Everyone of us. There are links throughout and at the end of this post to supply anyone who wishes to know more about this treason and fraud upon themselves and humanity.


Please know, this is a story about your life. A part of one’s life, few people know.


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This is but the beginning of the healing journey our world has found itself in the middle of, with the corruption being outed throughout government, courts, media, banking, Hollywood, Vatican, and all corporate elite who’ve been involved in this most heinous crime and/or others. It is all connected as you will realize soon enough, (if you haven’t already).


The end of the dark can only bring light to our world. Most definitely, Light is our future, however, we have much work to do.


As you will find on our go fund me page https://www.gofundme.com/cleartitle4u , this particular case is about the “fraud” we call mortgages, the hidden extent to which 99.9% of those with a mortgage have no idea of. The banking schemes behind a mortgage, credit card or loan of any kind, is fraud. Already proven in US Federal Court.


Money is not what you think it is, and it is time we change this so our way of doing commerce can become honest and beneficial for us all. Not just a money making/laundering system for the wealthy.


If you do not know but wish to know where this began in your life, or just to self-educate further, as that is the only way we can change this for self and others, please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3BhZqFewU

Just two Canadians speaking in plain English, how it is we are all deceived from birth.

What the video exposes is a huge part of what we are about to reverse with our efforts at the Hague.

For all mankind.


This effort is for anyone who wishes for freedom and wealth to flourish our earth. Or, the opposite of what we have today.


This group’s effort began in the United States, but the fraud is against all people’s with a birth certificate and/or loan world wide. All funds/money have been fraudulently created via our energy, name and all caps versions of our NAMES, and all other forms of fraud in commerce. And the vast majority of our energy created finance has funneled to the same cabal, the same controllers of the financial system that makes several wealthy families wealthier (beyond our wildest dreams), and the rest of us poorer. All by design of course.


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To the wealthy you and I are but pawns and they are the kings and queens, this is but a game to them. A serious one of course, but a game none the less. With our work and efforts (and a multitude of other groups around the world working towards the same goal), and support from all who will help us, we will be ending this fraud of the highest order, and take back control of “our assets” that have been stolen from us. No one shall want once our mission is complete.


Our story began more than 30 years ago with a win by a former USAF fighter pilot (the “Principle” in law terminology), in US Federal Court for $168,000,000.00 (yes, that is million). A fantastic win for truth via the efforts of one man, but in the end was only awarded only $1 due to the “get out of jail free pass” the extremely corrupt United States Court system gave to the corrupt banking organization (often called the Cabal, Banking Cartel, Banksters and other names).


Our government, banks and courts are all being governed from outside their agencies. Yes many government agencies around the globe (CIA, CSIS, FBI, DEA, and central banks, the UN, IMF, Land Bureaus, etc) over the centuries and even millennia, have been infiltrated and are controlled by the same cabal. Once you accept that fact, you can begin to see how the world is, the way it is. This is key to understanding everything from the bankruptcy of 95% of the planet to martial law to the pedophiles being outed in Hollywood or the Vatican.


Almost all “corporate agencies”, be they governmental, banking, legal, monarchical, or ecclesiastical world wide are in a kerfuffle right now, as the good people within these organizations are forcing out the evil. This has finally hit overdrive, and I for one could not be more happy to hear of these efforts so often now!


Several in our core group have spent the last 3 years changing our status, standing and capacity, which now gives us the ability to move these corrupt financial organizations out of the Corporate UNITED STATES Jurisdiction, above the LAW MERCHANT Jurisdiction (also controlled by the cabal) and into the International Court where we have a superior position (literally) based on our irrefutable evidence proving fraud and corrupt behavior by these financial organizations. (links to understand this fully are below)


It is not our intention to force the closure of corrupt corporations, just to make them benevolent to all peoples and our most beautiful planet.  Do no harm is the natural law. It has been broken by nearly every large corporation on the planet to the detriment of all that is. That must end.


We are fully engaged with our entire group and stand ready to take our entire efforts to correct these wrongs of man against all who have fallen to the deceit and treason of the banksters, courts, corporations and governments alike, but we humbly, sincerely and honourably, need your immediate support.


The Principle has put $3,000,000.00 (three million) of his own life’s savings into this, which shows his belief in this effort, but he is at the end of his financial capabilities or we would not be here having this discussion.


Please help us, which in turn helps yourself and everyone you know. By taking back the methods of this deceit and use the same system for all the good we know we can produce as a whole, not the way the system is enslaving mankind today.

Please help us RIGHT THE WRONG!


Obviously there is an “absolute must” to protect the Principle, as he will be taking on the wealthiest of the wealthy, so if this article is not enough information to make you feel comfortable to donate for the cause, please contact us via the go fund me page and time will be set aside for anyone wishing to speak directly to the good man who head’s this effort.


A few other facts we can share openly at this point are as follows:


1) The Principle is an ex-USAF/USN F-4 Viet Nam era fighter pilot.


2) The Principle party was 1 of 2 individuals who uncovered the Savings & Loan debacle in 1984 regarding the Franklin Savings and Loan, Austin, Texas. (Very relevant in todays mass arrests of pedophiles world wide)


3) The Principle won a Federal lawsuit against the Savings & Loan in 1993 after proving fraud and illegal activities.


4) The Principle is a native born Texan and had a 30 year career in aviation as the founder/owner of a corporate jet charter business and private developer of airplane design of Group II airports.


5) The entity “assisting” the Principle in this effort has been continuously and repetitively adjudicating claims at the international level for the last eighteen (18) years with a 100% success rate. He has an extensive understanding of the system, and law.


6) The Principle has spent the last 7 years and over $3,000,000.00 (three million) accomplishing the following to get to this stage he is at today:


  1. Uncovered and documented, with over 15,000 pages of qualified Federal evidence, the true nature and depth of the corruption existing in the 2008 residential Mortgage Fraud meltdown in the United States. (There is no wiggle room for defendants, they are guilty and have been proven so in US Federal Court!)

[Side note; Canada Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati has shown how PM Stephan Harper gave a bailout of $114,000,000.000.00 (one hundred and fourteen billion) to the Canadian banks in 2008, but then denied this to the public. This was mostly hidden by the mainstream media.]


  1. Has, and continues to adjudicate, a number of linked and continuously uninterrupted Mortgage Fraud lawsuits at the Federal and State level. (incalculable hours of research involved)


  1. Has substantiated over $200,000,000.00 (two hundred million dollars) worth of claims in Federal Court alone.


  1. Has documented the uncontrolled corruption in the court system that has caused one Federal Judge to be dismissed/retired. [The ripple effects of our efforts will multiply this exponentially to clear out all those who are dishonest and treasonous in courts, banking, government and connected corporations world wide.]


  1. Has worked tirelessly in the last 3 years to change and perfect his Status, Standing & Capacity to allow progression to the International Court as an individual state with the first case that will expose to the world the true nature, extent and corruption of the intentionally instigated RICO fraud. [All encompassing to the effort here]


  1. Due to (e) above, the Principle can force without recourse, a Tort claim to be filed and heard at the International Court. By doing so, the Principle can force all existing defendants, private and public, into above “Law Merchant” jurisdiction, in which none of the defendants have any superior control or influence over any juridical  body.


This administrative only hearing adjudicatory process is based solely on the evidence.

       The ruling of the court is final and there is no appeal opportunity for the defendants


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7) The Principle has exhausted his funds and needs assistance with the expense-only related costs of this process.

8) The usual fee for this process is approximately $260,000.00 (two hundred and sixty thousand)


9) Because of the strength of the Principle’s case and the 15,000 pages of supporting evidence, $200,000.00 of the fee has been waived.


9) The amount needed is the remaining $60,000.00 (sixty thousand) to pay direct expenses related to the processing of the administrative claim. No profits or fees are included in the $60k.


10) For all who assist in this effort with organizing, research etc, the Principle will reward them financially from proceeds of the final award.


11) Principle will agree to a lucrative return with the source providing the needed financial support. So yes, you will be compensated for your financial generosity upon a win as well.


12) The total amount of the claim will well exceed $200,000,000.00 (two hundred million). [And this is the tip of the iceberg as there will be follow up court cases after this is exposed]


13) The percentage chance of winning is assessed at 100% based upon the eighteen (18) years of experience of the entity/group assisting the principle. (This is unheard of in courts today!)


14) The strategic plan calls for the claim to be filed before the end of January, 2018. (Hence our need for support soon)


15) The award is expected in 9 months and may be shortened to 7 months if we are successful in acquiring the needed financial support to proceed without delays.


16) Time is of the essence due to schedule requirements outside of the control of the Principle.


17) Principle will gladly discuss any issues and answer any questions with any legitimate party who is seriously interested in providing the needed support in a timely manner.


18) As the Principle is working in honour and loyalty for the benefit all mankind, he only asks for the same behavior be returned by all other parties who become involved. Under no circumstances will the Principle be compromised – for the well being of himself, and of all mankind.


Once again, please go to our go fund me page to understand this more deeply. We are all part of this, and it is only we who will change it. http://www.gofundme.com/cleartitle4u

For anyone wishing to gather more comfort and information on the legitimacy and ethical nature of this effort before supporting our group financially, additional info and personal phone calls will gladly be arranged by the group and Principle. You will be able to talk to people in the group, and directly with the Principle, as …. THIS CORRUPT CORPORATE BEHAVIOR MUST END.


For All

We CAN change our world, and we can do so NOW!

Why wait, we have the best chance we’ve ever had right at this moment in our history!


Thank you all for your time, energy and consideration of our effort.


Much Love to Our World


Let the Light SHINE! 


To understand everything above fully, the following links are all you will need.


1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3BhZqFewU

2) www.inpowermovement.com

3) www.annavonreitz.com

4) https://dostaffixedacations.wordpress.com/

5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh4hA7KsTW4

6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKl8RWYV8ac

7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiHmqJoGe6w

8) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRuKmxQSPSw

9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NagYge8fSJM