Piercing the Veil of Reality




Individuality and Limitations of 3D Thinking


By Bernhard Guenther,  – (Excerpt from Individuality, Embodiment, and the Anchoring of a Higher Frequency)


It’s been quite an intense ride over the past few years. Personally, it felt like my life was being taken apart, spit out and reassembled, diving into the shadow and bringing it into the light of awareness, integrating unconscious aspects as they were being mirrored back to me in everyday life situations. Something seems to be accelerating in the “field”, I can feel it in my body. A big shift has happened within myself, which is something that is very hard to put into words – perhaps some of you can relate to this. It’s akin to a new frequency/vibration which has anchored itself, forcing me towards a new approach, encouraging me to let go of outdated belief systems/views, trusting myself more, and engaging with my intuition as I go beyond the limits of the rational/logical mind.


This is not to say that I dismiss logic and critical thinking, but that I understand both the limits of left brain-focused activity and the importance of not getting distracted by narrow-focus 3D linear thinking and constant overanalyzing. There is, within me currently, a sense of grounded calmness and a deeper embodiment of compassion, for both myself and others as well. I feel less and less concerned about 3D world issues – yet of course, not going as far as to deny their existence, since that would be ignorance. I remain aware of them, but am not focusing all of my consciousness on these “issues”. I will still speak out about them, but there is really nothing new out there that I haven’t said or written about before; the same old shadows on the wall, just wearing different disguises.


However, constantly focusing on 3D issues regarding the world (and how screwed up it is) starts to sound like a never ending flushing toilet of problem-prioritizing. If we keep approaching the world’s concerns from that level alone, nothing will change, and we’ll actually miss out on the bigger picture of what is happening, because we are stuck in that frequency of reactivity. In the end, it comes down to activating the evolution of consciousness; and while it is necessary to make the darkness conscious, we can easily get caught there in that abyss of problem-analysis, as there is always more to come to light.


At some, point, we come to the realization that it is about transcendence and adopting “4D thinking” – a place where the logical/analytical mind cannot go. It means recognizing the holistic nature of the universe and our own multidimensional selves (which are capable of going beyond our physical bodies and five senses) and tuning into our intuition and inner knowing. In short, our connection to “God”, the higher self, the divine, or whatever you may want to call it. It’s nothing that is external to ourselves, either – it isn’t some disembodied “authority”. ‘Transcendence’, in that spiritual sense of liberation, also doesn’t mean denying or ignoring what is going on – it’s not about focusing on the “positive” and ignoring the “negative”. It’s merely a shift in consciousness that is still aware of the darkness, yet creates outcomes based on being ‘anchored’ in some way into a higher vibration/frequency that affects reality in powerful ways.


We all have our individual journeys and purpose-for-Being. Some people struggle with not knowing their purpose of what they “should” be doing with their lives. But even a positive concept like “finding your purpose” can be over-analyzed and loaded with cultural programming, thereby disconnecting us from what we always knew – or from that which is right in front of our eyes, but we are simply too distracted to tune into its presence. Some people mistake occupation for “purpose”, as if purpose is that huge big thing which we need to “do” or define ourselves by – a “career” identification – when it is simply about how we show up every day, wherever we are, under whatever circumstances, whatever job we have, and it’s about how we relate to others.


In the context of transmitting felt experience, words are so limiting; sometimes, it’s simply our presence which can affect others positively via the frequency/vibration we emit from the toroidal field of our hearts. I experience that sensation more and more, especially in my bodywork practice – working with up to 15 people a week (on average), I have seen that just a basic, nurturing, supportive touch can help a person more than a thousand words of therapy. This is especially true in this digital age that has disconnected us from our bodies – and there is so much wisdom in our body; it is the mechanism through which we access our intuition.


The more we feel into our subtle bodily sensations, the more we can access our “inner knowing” without relying on constant outside information or authoritarian ‘proclamations’, and then we can make the right decisions that guide us to our unique calling. But this also seems like a natural process that is different for each individual, as we are all at different stages of our own personal evolution. Having a consistent yoga, Qi Gong, Yoga practice, or any other conscious movement practices, as well as getting into our bodies via meditating, dancing or receiving bodywork can help us to tune into the wisdom of the body.


The rational mind is a beautiful tool that shouldn’t be dismissed, obviously. We need critical thinking, but not at the expense of our intuition and those deeper emotions which guide our choices when the mind cannot help us. It’s easy to rationalize anything away, and we can trick ourselves in that sense – cutting ourselves off from the body and its intuitive insights for which we have no rational explanation, and are even hard to describe in language. Then there is the struggle of “shadow ego”, either inflated with its sense of entitlement, righteousness, superiority, or the opposite end of this gloomy spectrum: feeling victimized, depressed, diminished and less-then-everyone-else. And so the struggle remains within the individual, as always, and we all do battle with it constantly.


I also feel drawn to spend more time in nature, engaging in any practices that help me to tune into my body (be they Qi Gong, meditation, dance, yoga or bodywork), and also connecting with others in real life – eye to eye exchanges of mutual appreciation. This whole social media business has really cut us off from embodied personal interactions. Despite the great benefits it can offer with regards to sharing information, building connections and networking online, there are obvious limits involved with typing words on a screen in “chatting” or “messaging” mode, and as a result, misperceptions about ‘sociability’ have become too obvious to ignore.


For the longest time, I had trouble trusting myself. My intuition was always there, but the rational mind was over-riding it at times, coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why I couldn’t trust myself – looking outside of myself instead for guidance and wisdom about what I ‘should’ be doing. Life has taught me the hard way to listen more to the subtle cues buried deep in the body and emotional centers. Recently, I’ve had an increasing number of stupendous synchronicites occur in my life, which guided me to the right people who, in turn, provided insight and information that were in perfect alignment with where I’m at in this Moment. We also do that on behalf of others: helping them in ways that were not consciously planned by either party beforehand, and sometimes we don’t even know how deeply we’ve helped others with little things that seem insignificant at the time, but made somebody else’s day more bearable.


Individual Journey


Art by Cameron Gray

Seeking truth and gaining knowledge – no matter if it involves topics which lie “outside” of our current comprehension, especially with regards to self-understanding – is an individual journey. Never take what anyone else says as “gospel”. Emotional maturity, embodiment, compassion and empathy are just as important as intellectual insight, if not more-so. In this day and age, it’s easy to lose the connection to our bodies, which houses our intuition and deeper emotions as well as our inner knowing, our ‘compass’. It’s hard to stay grounded within ourselves when we are glued to the computer screens and plasma TVs. I’ve seen many “great minds” – people who do amazing work in their particular field – engage in clever intellectual sophistry, cut off from their bodies; even though they “appear” wise, something feels very off – oftentimes, this was due to the fact that the emotional intelligence was missing. In the past, I would frequently ignore this intuitive download because I assumed they must “know better”, putting them onto a pedestal due to my authoritarian programming.


Comparing ourselves to others is the worst thing we can do to our sense of well-being. It actually cuts us off from who we truly are – our own unique voice and purpose – and replaces that harmonic with the relentless distortion of self-judgment and impossible standards we put on ourselves, alongside the pressure to “do”, to “become” something, and the negative introspection, which results in shame and guilt (“not good enough”), at which point, the neurotic ego becomes our “life coach”, with all its analysis paralysis regarding ourselves and others, keeping us in a scarcity state of anxiety and “fight or flight”.


Looking back at my life now, I know that the major decisions along the way which aligned me with my “purpose” or path did not come from a rational series of thought processes, but rather, they stemmed from an embodied inner knowing – where there was no doubt whatsoever about the next choice, nor was there ever a pre-existing “plan”, nor did I have any clue where it was all leading me to. It was reminiscent of the saying, “tell god your plans and S/he will laugh at you”. There was no “I should do this” commandment coming from the mind (or someone else, for that matter); nor was I making a ‘manifestation’ list in my head about pros, cons or possible outcomes; nor was there any anxiety, pressure, or hurry. I felt like I was being pushed and guided along by something far bigger than my mind could ever grasp, involving unexpected synchronicites which paved the way to where I’m at in the here and now. If you’d have told me ten years ago that I would be living where I live now and doing what I do now, I’d have laughed at you in disbelief.


Sometimes we forget that we (the bodies-that-we-are) are transducers of higher energies, the divine force, a truth which we need to align ourselves with if we are to seek out true emancipation. Even now, I have no idea what the future holds. I don’t make long range plans anymore. It’s all about where my intuition guides me on a day-to-day basis. I’m not saying “don’t look past today” – it’s good to have intentions and visions of future endeavors, and act on them with accountability; just be open to change, and avoid being chained to your tunnel vision of desired outcomes.


This “letting go” aspect is a vital component of how manifestation works as well, and if we are aligned with our “expanded self’s” agenda, we get exactly what we actually, truly want and need – which, in turn, is in resonance with our higher purpose and evolution. It’s just the neurotic ego that thinks it’s in charge: trying to control and micro-manage every process; blind to the bigger picture; wanting something else based on conditioning and programming; running  subconscious self-defeating ‘viruses’; discouraging the embracing of a healthy self love vibration; and wallowing in the resultant sense of lack in our lives (be it the lack of a partner, lack of acknowledgement, lack of a more fulfilling job, or lack of abundance – which oftentimes is mistaken as a lack of money).


Even so-called “bad” things that happen to us eventually (if viewed through an embodied and holistic lens) help to push us onto our own unique path by presenting us with the necessary lessons for our evolution, even if it results in broken relationships, lost friendships, and financial hardship. It can be very hurtful and confusing in the moment, as we can only connect the dots by looking back, and there are many times where situations don’t make sense in the present tense. It comes down to the reality that if we resist change and endlessly fight it – all while blaming and complaining about everything and everyone else – we miss out on gaining the deeper message and guidance that is all around us (if we had only known how to listen and observe them, both within and without).


This is also where faith comes in – not faith in some religious god, but faith as the term relates to the art of  learning how to swim with the currents of everyday life. Faith, in this case, involves trusting that the river of existence is guiding you to the ‘correct’ destination, even if you cannot see where that may be from this vantage point; it also involves grace, in that the destination is most likely to be different than the one you dream of now. It is actually an outcome which is more aligned with who you truly are, as opposed to that personality who is clinging onto familiar ‘coping’ rocks out of fear of the unknown. Once again, I am not saying to simply ‘go limp’, as “only a dead fish goes with the flow”, and the world requires people who are willing to take action in pursuit of making it a better place; what I am saying is that you need to leave room in your heart for the possibility that your life trajectory could swiftly take a curve at any moment.


 There is something else to be considered: not everyone starts off in the same metaphysical “place” and state of being/consciousness. There are millions of souls who have incarnated in this time and age in order to assist in anchoring a new frequency – souls that don’t necessarily have deep ties to humanity and planet earth, and don’t have past life times here. These people have certain kernels of knowledge and awareness already imprinted within their DNA, as well as a “mission profile” that needs to be activated and remembered. Not everyone starts at zero – each particular soul is at its own unique place of evolution. There are many young souls; there are those in the process of “growing” a soul; and of course, there are others who possess old souls.


None are better or worse than the others, but all are unique, and are essentially a fractal expression of the Divine/God/Source Consciousness or whatever you may want to call that Unified Whole-ness of Totality. Each soul has their own talents, lessons, and karma – there is nothing here that shouldn’t be here. Even psychopaths and the hyperdimensional overlords have their roles to play in this cosmic drama (or farce, depending on your point of view), creating the necessary, contrasting friction for the evolution of consciousness. It’s not about denying “evil” either, but understanding its role in the bigger picture. Part of our work is to be discerning, and to make the darkness conscious both within and without; not living in a bubble, nor using generalized higher truths like “we are all one” or “all is illusion” as an excuse for inaction.


However, there is nothing “wrong” with reality. Everything and everyone has its place in this game of consciousness evolution and expression of “God”-self. It just comes down to finding our own unique “setting” within it all; to be discerning, and to understand what it is that we are aligning ourselves with, since we are all transducers of higher energies.


Fighting Evil


For example, I see a lot of people becoming very frustrated with the ever-increasing levels of police brutality in our society, and understandably so; at the same time, I see so much hate and rage being projected around this issue that goes well beyond “righteous anger”. Let me be clear here: anger itself is not necessarily a “bad” energy – it’s a frequency that can help us to stand up for ourselves and others, if used and channeled constructively in the cause of justice and fairness. However, stating things like “this cop deserves to be killed/beaten up” is a less-than-constructive mindset and does nothing to help the emancipation movement – in fact, such thoughts actually reinforce the “problem” of violence on an energetic level. However, repressing these feelings is not a solution, either. The question then becomes, how do we go about engaging with this issue in a more conscious and constructive manner? Can we express our anger (and ultimately transmute it) and be compassionate towards the perpetrators of injustice at the same time?


Most people – cops, prison guards, military personnel, and any other order followers – are deeply wounded and programmed people, inflicting their own unacknowledged pain onto others by abusing their illusory authority “rights” which were given to them by the state. Even most pedophiles are profoundly victimized people that take out their own unresolved anguish (most of them have been molested/raped as children themselves) through traumatizing young children. They don’t require punishment or “deserve” to be hated as a response to their unconscious behavior. I am not suggesting that we seek to justify their actions or make their choices “right” – what I am saying is that these deeply-troubled individuals require rehabilitation. Not all of them are born psychopaths without a conscience.



The same response is required with regards to those people who claim that the best solution to the ‘global predicament’ would be to round up the psychopathic elite and just shoot them. Do you really think that such an act will solve anything? At the end of the day, psychopaths and their choices are animated by 4D negative entities – by projecting hate onto them (fueled by the disgust that is generated through revelations of their terrible crimes against humanity), we do exactly what the hyperdimensional overlords want us to do. These entities feed off of that kind of projected negative emotional energy, no matter the source, keeping us trapped on a 3D level of awareness as a result, giving them the “food” they want out of our own free will. Of course, this doesn’t mean to suggest that we should bombard them with “love and light” or “send them love” or just “play nice” with them, as this is the other extreme of the solution scale, and it won’t get us anywhere, either.


The frequency of Evil (sometimes referred to as the ‘wetiko virus‘ and expressed in socio-cultural terms as ‘ponerology‘) and psychopaths have their place and their own purpose in the trajectory of our conscious evolutionary arc. Being more compassionate with their existence in our lives does not mean that we must excuse their behavior, or just accept the consequences of their actions, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should simply “turn the other cheek” or look away. There is a place for self-defense when our sovereign rights are being violated, but we need to understand the bigger picture here, which involves the evolution of collective consciousness, with all of the different “faces of god”, playing themselves out in the game of duality.


The overarching reality is that humanity is never going to succeed in completely eradicating or removing “evil” from our worldly consciousness, nor will everyone be capable of experiencing “rehabilitation”, either. But while we acknowledge these facts, there may be a different way of going about seeking to mitigate the impact of evil in our societies – and the key in this endeavor involves understanding frequency/vibration and how this relates to reality. There are predators/psychopaths who are predators by choice – they have their own purpose in this incarnation, and cannot be changed. Hence, understanding “evil” and darkness in humanity’s cosmic play (with all the discernment this requires) is a crucial component, as opposed to denying it, running from it, trying to get rid of it or attempting to fight it on a purely 3D level.


Transcendence and the Divine Plan


Ultimately, is it all about “ascension” – not in relation to escaping from this world, but transcending it and creating a different timeline. If we believe that “evil” can and should be eradicated, or that we need to “save the world” by fighting it on a purely 3D level – or even deny the possibility of evil and believe it doesn’t exist – then we will remain ignorant with regards to the whole purpose of this miracle called life on earth and the evolution of consciousness.


Moreover, if we don’t become aware of “the topic of all topics” (i.e., the hyperdimensional control of humanity and the 4D archonic forces who have manipulated humanity for thousands of years), we will just keep fighting the shadows on the wall – the symptoms of a higher order that affects us all. The term ‘Archons’ means “rulers”. Trying to get rid of government and 3D levels of control alone will not work in the long run, for they are just the manifestation of rulers on a higher (unseen) level, working through these puppet-authorities in positions of power and manipulating all of us in ways most people are not aware of.


“As above, so below”. If we don’t claim our own personal sovereignty from a spiritual frequency level; if we fail to connect with both the divine and higher self (which cannot be accessed via the rational/logical mind); if we bypass becoming truly embodied and connected to nature; and if we essentially avoid expanding our vibration/frequency, then we will still be subjected to these archonic influences with or without our current government ‘model’.  In fact, we may actually feed into their agenda by engaging in these well-meaning attempts to fight corruption and government on the 3D level alone. Any new “social system” (no matter how much sense it makes logically) will crumble into tyrannical tendencies eventually, so long as we get stuck in 3D thinking and limited views of reality.


Nothing in this existence is better or worse than the other, for both sides of the human purpose-path expression (STS – Service to Self/STO – Service to Others) are manifestations of the divine “will” in this cosmic play, and free choice needs to be respected. So, in the end, it comes down to each one of us and our personal decisions, our state of consciousness, and our relationship to “spirit” or the “divine” – and this truth is what is most often overlooked (or misunderstood) by many well-meaning activists who purely focus on the 3D issues of the world.


Art by Adam Scott Miller


There is a divine plan that is playing itself out across the physical universe – an unfathomable interweaving of events and outcomes which our little egos (and our clever rational/logical minds) will never fully grasp. There is also fate and destiny involved, to varying degrees, due to the reality that “time” is a construct of human imagination. Certain scenarios simply need to play themselves out – whether that be on a global scale, or in relation to our own personal lives. We shape our destiny by how we respond to these “inputs” and “stimuli”. Within this vast realm of cause and effect, of paradox and synchronicity, it is all about aligning oneself with the Divine Will of Creation. The neurotic ego likes to think that it is control, and can therefore manifest whatever it wants if it just “desires” it enough.


Please note that I’m not an advocate of ideas involving the destruction or denial of the ego (especially the healthy aspects of it, which give us a sense of drive and purpose, and a love of adventure, beauty and life), but I do see the importance of making this experiential tool a servant to spirit, aligning the “little will” of the ego personality with the “higher will” of soul purpose within the context of this evolution of consciousness and co-creation game. The chaos we experience in the world – including the huge shifts in climate and weather patterns – or in our personal lives are merely a symptom/manifestation of the immense frequency changes we are going through on a cosmic and global level (for the most part).


The more we identify, connect to, and anchor this higher frequency in our everyday lives, the more we affect others in positive ways without ever having to force that kind of change. But this doesn’t mean that we should switch into auto-pilot mode in our dealings with others, thereby falling into ignorance and apathy (or what some people may see as a “New Age” way of going about it all). I’ve spoken out about the fallacies of certain New Age beliefs before, but we need to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, because there is a higher purpose behind it all, no matter how grim the world may look. I see many people doing exactly that when they talk out against “New Age Bullshit” in blanket terms, justifying their own unprocessed internal anger as “righteous anger” which they then project outwardly onto others, only focusing on 3D aspects of reality whilst falling out of touch with their divine nature.


We also  see that anger-projection mentality arise when some people call others “sheeple” or engage in any other attempt to talk down towards others who may not be aware of their own circumstances, and therefore blindly accept the prison they are in (and defend it as a result). If we see ourselves as “better”, more evolved/”righteous” than others, attack people for their blindness and shortcomings, say things like “you should be afraid”, get into a nihilist mindset (“humanity is doomed”) and only focus on 3D survival/scarcity, we are missing the point of this journey we are all embarking upon together. We miss the ultimate lessons of living life on Earth: compassion, empathy, love, and connecting to our divine nature and possessing faith, regardless of how dark or hopeless it may seem at times.


It’s about developing faith in yourself and the journey you’re on, regardless of your inner or outer circumstances. It’s about shifting more towards the internal landscape, without cutting off, escaping or denying the external world. In fact, by becoming our own guides via our intuition/inner knowing (which goes hand in hand with anchoring into a higher frequency), the opposite to the reality-bypassing mechanism occurs: we are called to commit to life in a more fully-commited way, whatever it may bring us. This new harmonic arises in a grounded, integrated and embodied manner, as we begin to see the broader perspective and let go of the “good” or the “bad” (which are just judgments of the ego’s linear tunnel vision, which cannot comprehend the bigger picture and purpose of this journey).


Everyone is suffering to one degree or another. These are intense times, but they are also exciting times to be alive. It’s important to stay grounded, to get into your body, and to tune into your intuition. Get off of your computer, step away from your gadgets, and get outside more often. The internet and social media can become an addiction – escape from their clutches as well. I suggest leaving your smartphone at home from time to time, so as to avoid obsessively checking your messages/emails/status updates every ten minutes. Spend time being barefoot in nature, connect with others in person, and you will begin to see that there is something far bigger happening outside of your “bubble”. By de-plugging from matrix distractions, you will learn a lot more about yourself than you could ever possibly comprehend from the viewpoint of your little monkey mind machinations.


We are being guided. We are being helped. We are being loved. But before we can feel that support from those around us, we first need learn how to gift these qualities to ourselves. There are many times where the advice we give to others is ironically the advice which we first and foremost must apply to ourselves. Before we can truly be of service and help this world with its positive transformation, we need to “walk our talk” with integrity as we step into our own vulnerability and feel everything that comes up, without judgment, while developing embodied compassion for self and others (as opposed to this being just an “intellectual” idea/expression).


Don’t resist what is trying to emerge within you as the evolution unfolds. Don’t buy into fear, or get stuck in 3D thinking and blinkered perspectives regarding the “world-as-it-is” – the only way out is through, and there is a subtle and warm light at the end of the tunnel; the light that knows no separation. Most of all, learn to trust yourself – to trust the wisdom which resides in the body, which no book, teacher or authority can tell you about, since it is unique to you and you alone.



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