Inter-dimensional Parasites, The “Imaginary Entities”, Child Abuse and Advanced Technology


By omnipulse the unveiling



Inter-dimensional Etheric Beings


These beings utilize the human emotional and mental bodies which are a form of standing bio-emission field around the physical body, to co-inhabit and sustain their existence.

These beings can travel through media, information, ideas, or emotional contact between an infected source to a non-infected sentient organism.

The way that these beings materialize is through the use of “Teslian” or scalar-wave emitters which are generators that pulse out electrical, magnetic, and consciousness energy which is a trinary force that the brain and body also pump out. When these emitters are powered high enough, the energy of the mind is literally tangible. Thoughts are visible in one way or another, emotions are perceptible, and ideas become lucid and interactive. This creates a kind of dreamy, alternate reality experience for everyone within the range of the emissions.

Those who are infected with these parasitic beings will literally be met with the materialization of the sentient organisms as the ‘code’ which they exist through will become part of the ‘graphical user interface’ of this physical dimension through this empowerment. Without these generators they would simply coerce the individual host through inserted emotions, visions, ideas, and internal dialogue that the individual may or may not know the source of.


In the Bases


The underground bases were a military effort to control and explore the concept that was being utilized in secret locations and meeting places where these entities would be brought into materialization through the release of this biologically generated scalar energy from the sacrifice of sentient life.

The torture and rape of an individual is one way to produce this scalar emission so that the entities can sustain themselves and literally materialize into a physically perceptible form in this universe. Everything is a ‘code’ that is rendered by the biological consciousness. These beings are ‘code’ only and do not have biological consciousness, they are only the consciousness without the biology. Therefore they must harvest and find hosts to co-inhabit the body and thus energy systems of in order to have an influence within this universe.

In these underground bases, generators have been constructed that can store this energy and produce this energy. Thus, they can materialize 100% of the time in certain areas and a person without the knowledge of the universe, consciousness and energy would conclude that these entities are entirely 100% material beings.


Child Abuse


These are the ones who prefer children and this is why they prefer the easier and more yielding source. The children will produce more liveliness, more fear, more confusion, more of all the energies that they seek through these acts of depravity. This is directly related to the political child-abuse rings, the celebrity cloning and grooming from a young age, the secret society protection and ritual abuse, and all other secret processes that are covertly hiding and supporting this process of sending human energy to the inter-dimensional parasite.


Children are also scanned and selected from the population for their ability to produce these high scalar emissions which can also be considered psychic abilities or psychic emissions.


These are the “spiritually fat” children that are searched for and desired the most.


The term “used up” describes the results of torturing a child to death and every prominent member of society has many “used up” children under their belt. This is like showing animal heads or sports trophies to represent one’s power and depravity.


Children are raped, mutilated, and slow-killed until they are “used up” and have no more spiritual, emotional, or biological life energy. Only time and investigation will tell if 100% of the victims are intended to die or usually die or if they are playing some unworldly game of simply torturing people who often die in other ways later. I would assume the children usually die, but we are usually not permitted to speak or interact with other children during this process as that gives some reference point for hope and faith that one will survive which nullifies the leeching process. So my best estimation or guess is that they usually die.


There are graves, skeletons, stories and common sense that tells us this. If they are willing to go through these lengths to participate in this system…what kind of individual would stop there? They will use the deception that this is all just a game and no one really “gets hurt” but people are simply ‘scared’ in clone bodies and or tortured sexually as children because they like it. That is what will be presented to the population and those who refuse this will be colored as enemies of the state if this is not stopped.


The people doing this have sold out their humanity. Largely, from the cohabitation process, they would not be considered human by any measure of scientific or spiritual definition. They are primarily the entity, their decisions are that of the entity, their movements, thoughts, perceptions are that of the entity. The human portion doesn’t make decisions. Doesn’t take in the sunlight, they are primarily that entity.


There is word that there will be a test produced to determine this in the future. This would, as you can see, completely change this world forever.

Yes, the ones who abuse children are inhabited by what could be called demonic entities but would not quite be classified the same.

As well, they will plead innocence by saying, “I didn’t do it, it was the entity that did it.” Then they will try to infect the population in order to create chaos, as they have been doing, as a last ditch effort to avoid persecution. The entity, like the hosting pigs in ancient tales, will lastly try to destroy all evidence and any sign of themselves after having been discovered to avoid persecution. This is the so called complete and utter annihilation of the known world. They would agree to destroying the entire planet and waiting in the ‘astral’ until another species comes along to avoid persecution.


And if you realize what they are, this is the more intelligent option than letting the humans figure out what’s going on. This is why this is so serious, and so important to know. People have no understanding of evil until they see this. And yes, there is a base in Antarctica.


Be confident, spiritually strong, and self-aware in the midst of such disharmony, that is what these protects us the most, starving the parasite.


Humanity, overall, has been hosting these parasites for millennia, and a specific group of people in power have used this process to generate fear and illusions to control the populations through. Some believe this is a useful process to create world peace however this is not the result of harboring these parasites which are only seeking power and therefore will accept the production of scalar emissions through violence just as much as any other route.


Higher Emissions


These parasites also cannot harbor themselves in an energy system that produces the scalar emissions through acts of healing empowerment, harmony, self-awareness, love, unity, self-observation, or other high-’vibration’ (in the emotional scale) acts and events. This is because their core nature is not aligned with those vibrations, their ‘code’ is based on the parameters of variables which only exist within the lower emotional constructs. This is because lower frequency emotional experiences will produce excess energy because they are a kind of ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ response of the emotional body and like sweating or being loud, they will shed off excess energy in order to sustain a particular goal of safety or homeostasis. This is like a car burning off fuel inefficiently to get up a hill or a person shivering to keep warm.


These parasites require excess energy, not a complete and unified source, as that is not enough for them to sustain themselves, as well as the individual host. As well, the very nature of the parasitic act is to obtain more and more energy for themselves as this is selfish and the act of being parasitic is selfish in itself.

So they chase after the experiences, like a drug and a hot meal, of the lowest common denominator which produces the most lower-emotional responses. These are the experiences that produce the most fear, lust, addiction, pain, suffering, oblivion, mindlessness, selfishness, self-annihilation, destruction, violence, rape, murder, deception, trickery, parody, satire, mockery, jealousy, gluttony, cowardice, and all spiritually deadly elements of the destructive frequencies that distort, misshapen, and misalign the whole and unified energy, mind and personality of the sentient, spiritually self-aware human.


Sexually Transmitted Entities


Sexual acts, depravity, and simply being too close to a person who exhibits the infection of these parasitic entities is one method of transferring the ‘code’ of these beings from one individual into the energy construct (mind and emotional body) of the other individual.

The orgasm is seen as a maximal production of this energy to siphon and incorporate into the leeching process.

Ceremony and Ritual

Many ceremonies and ritual whether mainstream religion or otherwise are actually covert acts of infection, communication, or feeding energy to these parasitic entities.

This includes eating the body, drinking the blood or other bodily fluids.

Signs and symbols, worship and adoration is used as a kind of trans dimensional communication method that is powered by consciousness. Certain shapes and symbols, when traced by the mind, is powered and activated by the consciousness of the individual. For instance, certain symbols that relate to certain realms, planets, or ideas will be used in ritual or all over society in public and when people feel the intentions and emotions and see these symbols they are literally connecting through sub-quantum space and sending their thoughts and energies to that source or destination of that symbol.



Host beings that are infected designed these symbols early on under the influence of the entities and the entities can ‘map’ an area in the mind of the entire infected population. The infected population worships these symbols and as well their victims are made to unknowingly worship, salute, pray, consummate, consume or appreciate violence or any other depraved act in the view or reference to these symbols and thus this acts like an ‘energy internet’ for these parasitic beings who exist in the imaginative energies, the bio-emissions of the infected hosts.



The universe holds these layers in existence as well, so when people leave the physical plane they can also stay within the range of these beings if these symbols and frequencies are implanted into the mind and imagination. If the impression of these symbols occurs with trauma or such repetition and worship that the influence completely changes the psyche and the emotional spectrum then there are permanent genetic effects. Then the person’s soul energy is shifted and this is imprinted into their immaterial body which exists outside the physical plane.


Through this, these beings have created a ‘false-afterlife’ through which to stalk and prey upon the spiritual bodies of humanity.



The only way to stop this is to short-circuit the process of feeding spiritual, emotional, and mental energy into these symbolic circuits and neural pathways. This entire civilization and the surrounding realms are infested and this is one large feeding ground where humans are physically raped, molested, tortured and psychologically enslaved and abused by host beings and the spiritual layers of the universe are infested and the spiritual body of humans are attacked by these spiritual parasitic beings that are energetic or imaginative in nature. They cannot access the physical realm without the physical host, so they are considered imaginative which is simply “etheric” and they enter through the imagination, the mind.


By wiping the minds of each human through advanced technology they enter into a cycle of being born, farmed for their energy, dying and being sent directly back to the same realm. This is the higher-dimensional overall view of the “using up” of the human race until all the energy is gone.


Death and Disease, Genetic Manipulation


It is described that without this slave-system death itself would not be present in the same way and that disease and the length of life would not be the same. Humans would have enough spiritual energy to keep the body alive nearly indefinitely as all of this is simply a programming of the telomeres, the metabolism, the mitochondrial DNA, RNA, and the overall energy circuity of the body that is kept disabled through improper foods, habits, activities, and spiritually damaging belief systems. People are literally the mind and body slaves of this parasite and this has the same effects of malforming the life span and enjoyment just as much as a chicken growing up on a factory farm without the ability to move, using antibiotics to stop infection from killing the body, and being bloated and completely deformed from the fattening process.

Ego’s, spirits, and emotions are fattened for a meal. People are starving, they are emotionally sensitive and highly selfish, yet they have no power for themselves and no respect. This is the same situation as the factory chicken farm, the spiritual body is dying and this is the result.


Electrogravitic Craft and Ancient Sites (vortex energy and sacrificial)


These are the ‘creatures’ from folklore, the creatures depicted as appearing to ancient civilizations. These creatures are depicted through certain religions and cultures.


These creatures would guide their hosts to ancient sites where there is vortex energy that is capable of producing the same scalar-wave emissions that a person in a heightened sense of spiritual or emotional activity would and they would produce sacrificial acts of depravity, torture, sex, murder in order to empower this process of materializing the being from this ‘imaginative’ etheric energy realm within and around the human and Earth.

The electrogravitic crafts that have been developed are now capable of acting as a producer of this vortex energy. These electrogravitic toroidal and non-toroidal (partially understood by the writer) generators are capable of producing that same scalar-wave emission field that is produced in much lower levels by the body and produced in high energy vortex fields around the planet, in sacred sites, and by the act of ritual and ‘magical’ depravity or torture.


These crafts would then appear high above a site, a location in an ancient civilization, a socially powerful person’s residence, an area of mass sighting, and they would beam down this scalar-emission energy which would then allow the entities to materialize in that one particular area.


This is how the process has shifted since early ancient times into today. As well, these craft, when operated correctly, can displace through time and influence the past and they have done just that.

It was described that these entities have been operating these craft that they received from hosted humans who sold out the human race for the fun of participating in these acts of depravity.

These humans are put to use and are merely used as shells for the hosting of these parasitic entities and their actions and decisions to help themselves through these beings at the extent of sacrificing the entire human race are a threat to all sentient organisms that have ever existed in all planes, dimensions, realms, and holographic planetary local-environments in this energetic universe.



Operatives that are taken as prisoners of war are often put through a process of abuse as an attempt to infect the operative and introduce the entities code into their energy construct.

There are methods for removal and resistance against this infection and this has been developed as a result of those who have been prepared to protect humanity.

Certain bloodline characteristics are more resilient and others are more easily coerced.


The “Astral”


This is like manifesting the creatures from the “astral” realm, however slightly different. The astral is described as a technologically produced offset that hosts have been generating as a result of these ongoing processes for thousands of years. Once the processes are stopped that layer of the universe is then disconnected and dissolved and there is no access from this plane or to this plane.

They require energy to exist outside of these generator systems and there is a plan to activate these generator systems across the entire planet.

Solar Warden

There is a resistance, there is a team capable of reversing the effects, of offering protection. This is a silent operation. Some original crews have been compromised, there is a continued resistance.

Share this knowledge if you plan to avoid this.