Is Humanity Ready to Leave the Liberal Borg Cube?


By David Gosselin



For over two years now, populations across the Western world have been bombarded with public messaging incantations that boil down to one basic formula: Freedom = Compliance. However, the formula appears to have lost its magic.

Despite the aggressive use of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Behavioral Nudging to “reframe” the government’s pandemic response as an effort to save humanity from a deadly virus with a 99% survival rate, the world has seen just how badly the self-styled Western “elite” can miscalculate, and overestimate its own intelligence. Contrary to the typical conspiracy theory script where everything goes just as planned, the establishment’s historic miscalculation is no exception, but rather the rule. Oligarchies by their hubristic and prideful nature have always been prone to miscalculation. The demise of every empire across history serves as a constant reminder.

In reality, the Western elite’s uncreative cynical outlook on average working-class people and their outright disdain for hard-working citizens has caused them to underestimate the natural creative impulses of people in a time of crisis. So, we see the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” phenomenon burning right through all the hard work and diligent behavior modification programs imposed by Western governments over decades of deception.

Despite the Western establishment’s best efforts, one quick strategic blow has left the Canadian government and its Five Eyes allies completely flatfooted and outflanked. Citizens have tasted victory and have in essence now turned the tide in the battle over morale and perception, a battle that lies at the heart of any real victory in war. As events in Canada have demonstrated, the efforts to put the “genie back in the bottle” will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

From a strategic standpoint, we can observe that the recent implosion of the narrative matrix is of the Western “elite’s” own making. It is the product of their disdain and low estimation of the people they have been tirelessly trying to subvert and “reframe” for so many years. Citizens everywhere are now rejecting the dystopian liberal borg cube that has been so aggressively sold using a series of empty slogans, including “Flattening the Curve,” “Build Back Better” and the need for a “Great Reset.” From “the benefits outweigh the risk” to the battle over “misinformation,” slogan after slogan has flopped.

As the Proverb says, “Pride cometh before the fall.” The oligarchy and their technocratic elite’s blindness has reached biblical proportion, almost guaranteeing that they have sown the seeds of their own destruction (at least for now). Because they view human beings like beasts to be herded, controlled by threats of punishment and reward, pain and pleasure, the human response to tyranny has come as a genuine surprise, so much so that the Canadian Prime minister was whisked away after declaring the Canadian Freedom Convoy a “fringe minority” only a few days earlier. As “fringes” become majorities and once unknown individuals become world-leaders, so “the last will be first and the first will be last.”

The decrepit Western financial establishment’s own ill-informed and perverse view of humanity has allowed the creative minorities to catch it by surprise. Now, virtually anything they try to stop the revolt will likely blow back in their faces.

The lesson: the old psy-ops formulas no longer work; the hypnotic spells no longer have average people spell-bound; and the tireless efforts to reframe official narratives now look painfully obvious. The failures of the Western elite and its Five Eyes intelligence operation has demonstrated how uncreative and devoid of actual insight into human processes their self-styled “elites” are. And this innate creative spark is precisely what should serve as the bedrock of development, cooperation, and dialogue among all nations.

Now that people are no longer behaving like dogs in a Pavlovian experiment, spurred on by punishment and reward, media mouth pieces and government bodies across the West have no idea how to “reframe” events in their favor. Their messaging tactics stand exposed as the empty and meaningless platitudes of a decaying liberal borg cube. Alas, it turns out that technocrats and their World Economic Forum masters are nowhere near as smart as they believed.

Like old Olympian Gods blinded by their pride and hubris, their estimation of their own powers of insight caused them to be caught by surprise by a group of humble Canadian truckers. A few humble truckers have ignited a critical mass which now represents a global revolt against Western oligarchical forces.

To add to this awakening, Western audiences may notice that many Eurasian countries have also begun taking fate into their own hands. Despite the Goliath-like strength and “shock and awe” approach of Western military interventionism in the last decades, we can see the power and acumen of the military industrial complex dissolving as regime change and color revolution efforts in Syria, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia have all either faltered or faded.

This means both Western and Eastern countries may now consider engaging in real dialogue premised not on the survival of the fittest or the will to power by a small elite, but a common recognition of the mutual interests and shared creative spark found in all humankind. Whether expressed in the major economic transformation of the once cultural-revolution ravished China, the phoenix-like rebirth of a once shock-therapized Russia, or the now burgeoning people’s revolt led by humble truckers in a once meek country like Canada, the age of psy-ops and geopolitical divisions may be transcended by an age of human creative solidarity, universal freedom and global progress.

Rather than “building back better” and “resetting” the world (and its population levels), Canada and the rest of the West can seize the opportunity to flush the financially bloated and bankrupt speculative Wall Street/City of London system that controls its degenerate political class and find a common footing among a multi-polar order.

Unfortunately for the “elite,” this means the people of the West may finally be ready to leave the liberal borg cube behind and trade compliance for freedom.

David B. Gosselin is a writer, researcher, and poet based in Montreal. He is the founder of The Chained Muse poetry website and New Lyre Magazine. Follow him on Substack at Age of Muses.

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