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“This happens because we look the other way.” ~Jaco Booyens

Some call it the ‘pornification of America‘ because the commercialization of sex and the over-sexualization of women and children in America is worse than any other country in the world. It’s such a disturbing topic that almost no one talks about. The mainstream media can run stories about how pervasive sex-trafficking is at the Super Bowl and other major events, and the next day no one seems to care.

“If this is a topic that makes you uncomfortable, then be very uncomfortable… It’s not discussed in church. It’s not discussed in schools.” ~Jaco Booyens

In recent years, pornography has exploded online and three of the top ten most viewed websites in the world are porn sites. Addiction to porn is the fastest growing addiction in America today, and from a very early age boys are learning that the value of a women is in her body and her willingness to ‘perform.’ Add to all of this the objectification of women by Hollywood, the music industry, the advertising industry, and mainstream media’s promotion of sex robots and other fetish behaviors as normal, and you can certainly expect an epidemic of sexual exploitation.





This issue is so massive, yet it’s so personal. The crimes go on behind closed doors and in secret. So how on earth do we change this? According to Booyens, the only way to really address this issue is for all of us to take personal responsibility for our lives, acknowledging when we’ve gone down this rabbit hole, and then choosing a spiritual path and deciding to speak up about this.

“It’s time for us as men to start being self-accountable. It’s time for us as men to look into our past and say, yeah, I’ve struggled with porn. Yeah, I struggled with addiction. Yeah, I’ve got a tendency to be unfaithful to my wife. Yeah, I have, yeah, I have. And start tackling those issues one by one, and go assassinate. Go kill the things that haunt you. Go kill the things that you conceal and that you hide in your chest, because I’m telling you if you do not bring them out in to the light and you don’t fight them, they will devour you. You will become the person that today we are literally hunting… the pedophile. The abuser. The one that walks over people to go ahead. That cannot be you. So men, we need to start building women. We need to start investing in women. Because a guy that’s confident enough  to build a strong woman is a strong guy.” ~Jaco Booyens

He also makes a short comment about the emasculation of men, which is becoming evermore prevalent in today’s society thanks to the social engineering agendas of mainstream media and the left.

“When you make that guy weak, and you emasculate him, and you tell him he’s nothing, he starts hitting women, because he’s gonna hit something. Be okay with strong men. Be okay with strong women.”

In summary, this issue needs more coverage and more people need to speak up about it. Pornography, pedophilia and the commercialization of women are cancers to society. Watch Booyens impassioned talk here:




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