When I first experienced a detox organ massage in Thailand I did not understand what was happening to my body as this large Thai man was using pressure points, massage, sound and breath to help release tension, stress and stuck emotions from my body.  All I understood was that it was uncomfortable, sometimes painful and my limbs went tingly and numb.


When it was finished I felt a bit dizzy and lightheaded but my body felt much lighter and incredibly relaxed.  Then over the coming days I felt a profound change.  I was less stressed, not easy to anger and I felt lighter in the world.  My body also felt healthier and more energized.  Something amazing had happened and I continued with treatments and eventually learned how to perform this profoundly effective healing modality.


On a physical level this healing modality helps with digestion issues, stomach pain, IBS and constipation.  It can also help you breathe more fully and effortlessly, detoxifies and strengthens weak or damaged organs, boosts your immune system and helps you find a deep sense of relaxation.


My teacher taught me what he could and over the following years I learned more about what was really happening beyond the abdominal massage and pressure point work.  What I have found is that contrary to what most of us believe the brain does not rule the body, the two are meant to work in tandem.  The problem is that in modern society we teach the brain not to listen to what the body is telling it, which is a problem as the organ system sends more messages to the brain then the brain sends down.  When the brain is disconnected from the system we then mistake the sensations coming up for things like hunger or pain or we try to ignore them altogether.


If you have ever been in a situation where you are completely reactive or completely shut down even though your brain is telling you that everything is fine, or the emotions coming up are not related to what is really happening, then something is stuck and needs to be processed.  This can also be the case if you are trying to keep a level head but then go into flight, fight or freeze.  This is because our organs have a memory and store old emotions and when you are triggered your nervous system overrides your brain and there is not much that most people can do about it in the moment but be reactive.


When too much is stored in your organ system and your nervous system is overloaded it is very taxing on the body and can cause physical symptoms of pain, bad digestion, bad circulation and a weak immune system to name a few.


By using pressure points, massage, sound resonance, deep breathing and energy work, what my work does is move and process anything physical, emotional or energetic that is stuck in the organ system so that you can let go of old patterns and stories.  You can let go of stress, worry and pain.  Almost all of my clients feel lighter and more relaxed after their first session and I am often told that that is the most relaxed that they have been in years.


Anyone can benefit from this work as it helps boost the immune system, increases circulation and blood flow and helps to relax the whole body; but over the last 6 months I have also been asked to work with clients that have cancer as this work helps support other forms of medical and non medical treatments. Clients notice an increase in appetite, easier voiding of the bowels, more energy and pain relief.


If you would like more information about my work please go to www.ourhealingroom.com or contact James @ 778-228-5909.