Larping for Fun & Profit

by Nowick Gray



– OMG, maybe it is a simulation!

– Yeah, I know, right?

– It’s all just made up!

– In some big dude’s head. Like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros… the ultimate conspiracy.

– Or like, a Global AI…

– Let’s see, that would be GAI…

– I dunno. That sounds too, like, Chinese.

– So they’d make it GAIA: Global AI for All…

– Possibly. But then there’s gender, Mother Earth issues. And, like I didn’t call you on it, but you said “dude.”

– Seriously, dude?

Game Notes

‘ Live Action Role-Playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by real-world environments while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules or determined by consensus among players. Event arrangers called gamemasters decide the setting and rules to be used and facilitate play…. Events can also be designed to achieve educational or political goals…. Production values are sometimes minimal, but can involve elaborate venues and costumes… [at] large public events with thousands of players lasting for days.’ (Wikipedia)

The infamous David Icke, long accused of witchcraft for his fantastic tales of reptilian rulers posing as mere psychopathic humans, has come up with a new conspiracy theory for our cybernetic age: The Simulation. While Icke’s updated model accounts for much of what we witness in current events—the leading Western actors in recent episodes of the simulation have been a former drama teacher (Canadian PM Justin Trudeau) and an actor/comedian (President Zelenskyy of Ukraine—the theory gets hazy with its big-bang premise: like, who created this so-called simulation? And what Reality do they claim, for him/her/themselves?

The mind leaps to the programmer’s Programmer, Lord Gates himself. But is he just a player? The winner, say, of the last round, the high-rollers’ sweepstakes; where now he gets to be gamemaster and write the script for the next round? Sure looks like it. But again, maybe that’s just another level in the Metaverse. He/She/They are all just players, buying control back up the chain, to the top of the beanstalk where the sleeping giant lies, waiting to invite them to lunch.

Putting the problematic origin story aside, the Simulation theory holds until the End. When the game’s over, then what? Or, if the game never ends and never began, then what? And either way, it’s all the same to us if we’re only avatars ourselves, assemblages of code, locked in the Matrix… which is a geeky sort of spinoff on, again, the Mother.

The ancient Gnostics had their own simulation theory, also tied to a divine feminine creation. Somehow we, or our original ancestors, got tricked into this gamed universe of manifest being by a cosmic “mistake,” on the part of the ineffable Goddess, the all-wise yet unknowable Sophia. Her willful error, perhaps. Looking the other way, while a clever angel went secretly hacking after a certain, so to say, gain of function. When he found it, he proclaimed: Science!

Module 9, now recruiting:

– Podmembers for the following 2 teams:

  1. A-WHOLE: Antieverything White Holy Omicron Liberation Elite
  2. The White Hatzis

This will be an interactive, winner take all event, strictly improvisational. To be frank, we don’t even know what the real rules are, if they in fact exist. Thus, you are on your own. Weapons will be provided. For more complex gameplay, wearing of masks is discouraged.

Winners will be judged by the sole survivor of Module 8: Kokopelli the wanderer (deerfooted, flute in hand). From an undisclosed location, he will feel your intent.

BTW. Just so you know, war is not your only option. You can change the game interface at any time from the main menu.

A Marvel-ous Simulation

Season 3: The Ukraine Pivot

Since the power of the press to create an operating system for society was so amply demonstrated during Season 1, The Killer Virus and Season 2, The Savior Vaccine, the producers decided to jump next into legacy geopolitics with a mashup of World War II and the Cold War, recast as a Marvel Comix simulation. The honchos are pouring all their resources into this blockbuster Season 3, which promises to recruit its legions of diehard fans from Seasons 1 and 2, and inspire millions more with its timeless yet contemporary tale of Good vs. Evil. To keep the suspense building, the producers have yet to release an official title for this unfolding series, especially given its post-postmodern shift into sheer improv, fueled by crowdsourced mania tapping primeval forces of tribal angst and woke generation outrage.

With hat tips to:


Gilby’s Pop Culture Roundup

Kokopelli cringes – torture by Manilow

“In New Zealand, authorities blared Barry Manilow music through loudspeakers in an effort to drive off protesters.” —USA Today

The Information Divide         

‘The only way to stop authoritarians from using crises like these to grow their power is to make enough people understand a simple truth: authoritarian politicians will always lie to the people to protect and increase their own power.’ —Paul Craig Roberts, Is Putin the New Coronavirus?

There used to be this quaint concept, in so-called liberal democracies, of an “informed citizenry.” An independent press was touted as the Fourth Estate, playing a watchdog role, as the other elegantly structured institutions of society functioned by their own series of checks and balances.

That world of information neutrality, if it ever existed, is long gone. In its place we have, as part of the polarization now pervading society, two warring camps: the well-informed, and the mis-informed. Each tribe accuses the other of propaganda, and rightly asks, “Who’s your sponsor?”

Perhaps the tiebreaker is the deeper question, “Who pays the most for the rights to the script?”

In this world run by oligarchic apes, it’s the Alphas who get to shout loudest, and what they say goes. The digital animal shrinks in its cage, wondering how this reversal of fortune took place. It thought the world was a game, the ape-men pixels, the cash free. It hopes for its next meal, but soon will realize, its food will be digital too. Bon voyage, avatar!



What is real

The trees look at us and say, “You are the free ones. What will you do? Cut us down, to forget where you came from? Silly monkeys! While you’re here, we’re dying to ask, why do you cover yourselves? Is that your birth control? By the way, we have no bananas. Supply chain, as you say. But hey, rest here awhile and enjoy this peace; be our guests.

We have always known this. Another breath confirms, affirms. Beside the gurgling creek, a bike rider passes on the the nearby road, singing. This is enough. This is how the world would live, without us, or in spite of our rapacious presence, our careless predations, our oh-so-humanitarian interventions.

This is what the real world is like: silence, birdsong. If we only stop and listen.

Keep on Truckin

Who wants freedom, anyway?

‘Most in the crowd were White men, but there were also some young children and dogs.’ —Washington Post, on US Freedom Convoy



Trucker Declaration

  1. End Federal, provincial, and municipal vaccine passports.
  2. End masking requirements.
  3. End all state-of-emergency declarations pertaining to our peaceful protests.
  4. Provide financial protection for the small businesses harmed by Covid restrictions.
  5. Respect freedom of choice without discrimination.

(source: Jeff Childers)


Who’s running this show?

‘Justin Trudeau’s confrontation with the Canadian truckers may be the single most significant event of the Covid pandemic – not because of its eventual outcome, whatever that may be, but because of what it symbolises…. not just the struggles of the Covid age, but of modernity itself. On the one hand, the state, which seeks to make all of society transparent to its power. On the other, alternative sources of authority – the family, the church, the community, the firm, the farm, and the human individual herself.

‘Justin Trudeau’s contempt for the truckers is therefore genuine and profound. He sees in them not an obstacle to Covid policy or a potential threat to public health. Not even he could possibly be so stupid as to think it matters whether or not these people take their vaccines. No: he identifies in them a barrier to forces in which his political future is entwined – an ever-increasing scope and scale for governmental authority, and the opportunities to buttress his own legitimacy that would follow from it.

‘And his contempt for them is outweighed, of course, by his fear. Because he surely recognises that his authority is wafer-thin. Legitimacy cuts both ways. If he fails to suppress the truckers’ revolt, the entire edifice on which his authority rests – as the helmsman of the Canadian state and its purported capacity to protect the population from harm – will come tumbling down.

‘This conflict is therefore not about Covid – it’s existential. Does it matter if the truckers win or lose? No. What matters is what their efforts have revealed to us about the relationship between the state and society in 2022.’

—David McGrogan, Society Vs State: Canada Reveals The Core Conflict Of Our Age

Speaking of Nazis

Critics of the Freedom Convoy were quick to seize on a stray (likely planted) swastika or Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and hate, despite the overwhelming display of Canadian flags and human kindness reflecting the actual character of the mass protest. PM Trudeau himself was the chief culprit, even slandering a Jewish MP in Parliament in such terms and refusing to apologize. The mainstream media, needless to say, merely amplified the distorting projection.

Standing beside Trudeau denouncing the populist revolt as “far right” stood Finance Minister and World Economic Forum Trustee Chrystia Freeland, whose grandfather Michael Chomiak, as confirmed by the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen, “was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper” during the occupation, celebrating the formation of the Ukrainian division of the Nazi death squads, the Waffen SS. Together this Canadian junta announced emergency measures recalling the arbitrary diktats of 1930s Germany, while unironically accusing the freedom-lovers of crimes against democracy.

Freeland in her earlier career as a journalist wrote a 2012 book called Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else. After that critique it seems she decided to join the winning side, or at least the rich side. With a covert war on humanity becoming overt in the era of biomedical fascism, the Trudeau/Freeland alliance with the WEF and its thousand-year Reich by another name (the Great Reset) is no longer a “conspiracy theory”:

‘The attempt by global elites to subvert local democracy is fully on and in plain view.’ —National Post, Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

With the onerous Emergency Act hastily shelved, these neo-Nazis (who declare their opponents are the neo-Nazis) are proceeding with more far-reaching measures, legislation that would criminalize “hate speech” even if the authorities deem it is being “contemplated.”

Now in the wake of war in the Ukraine, Facebook (though it banned me twice immediately after posting memes comparing Covid mandates to the Third Reich) announces it supports Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Which brings us back to the West’s hypocrisy in all things Nazi.



Note that Russia’s Putin took action specifically for the purpose of “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine” (Pepe Escobar). Join the club, Vlad: Everyone hates Nazis. Except…

‘In 2014 as the coup [in Ukraine] was in full swing, the United States took to facilitating the most repugnant of individuals to install their new puppet regime. Providing armaments, funding, and training to openly admitted Neo-Nazi paramilitary forces.’ —Don Via, Jr., As War Drums Beat for Ukraine, Remember, Lies And Propaganda Started Nearly Every War In US History

Hypocrisy over the meaning of “Nazi” or “terrorist,” “insurgent” or “democracy,” carries over into real policies and actions such as “invasion” and “occupation” as well.

‘Predictably, Western corporate media has already gone totally berserk branding it as the much-awaited Russian “invasion”. A reminder: when Israel routinely bombs Syria and when the House of One Saudi routinely bombs Yemeni civilians, there is never any peep in NATOstan media…. The United States government barks non-stop about “territorial sovereignty” [while] illegally occupying a section of Syrian territory and… stealing their oil.’ —Pepe Escobar



Most tellingly, when the UN recently considered the Nazi phenomenon and associated racism, the US, Ukraine, and Canada all voted to show where they really stand on the issue.

‘In December of 2021, the United Nations brought forth its annual resolution to condemn Nazism, urging nations to work together to prevent the spread of ultra-nationalist and racist ideologies. It should have been a common sense resolution for everyone to agree on. Yet out of all members of the United Nations, the United States and Ukraine were the only two to vote against it. [Canada abstained.] Sadly, this has become tradition. Both Nations have regularly voted against the resolution since 2014.’ (Don Via, Jr.)

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Matt Ehret, Immune to Irony: Nazi Collaborators and Authoritarian Personalities Denounce Russia

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Kit Knightly: Timeline: Euromaidan, the original “Ukraine Crisis”: Genuine grassroots revolution or NATO backed coup?

Diana Johnstone, US Foreign Policy [bear baiting] Is a Cruel Sport



Further research: Quarantine Reading List


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Flutes Jam: Nowick Gray
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