Letter to Humanity


By John St John

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This is not a pandemic… what we are actually witnessing is the destruction of Sovereign countries and the rise of Corporate ones, every event is a step on the ladder to achieve that goal. Covid is just another rung in the ladder… which is why there is a deliberate mixing of all the statistics and so much disinformation.

We should stop calling it quarantine, as that is a word for those who have been verified to be sick. Locking down the healthy should actually be called house-arrest.

We should stop calling it Social Distancing, as there is nothing social about forced isolation.

We should stop saying you’re safer at home, when millions of people live in places far too inadequate to support their needs.

We should stop saying that this is for the Greater Good, when closing down the economy is causing millions to lose their livelihood, destroying thousands of small businesses that families have spent generations to build up, while others are unable to visit their loved ones as they die alone in Hospitals and Care-homes: this is definitely not for ‘The Greater Good!’

And we should stop saying this is the New Normal… that’s just a blatant lie. There is nothing normal about treating your family and friends as the enemy, living in self isolation, wearing masks and breathing in your own bodily waste instead of life giving oxygen, living in constant fear of being contaminated by something you have been given no proof that  even exists… constantly told by the media to wash your hands and sanitize.

Let’s be honest here, if the virus is so dangerous, why hasn’t it wiped out the homeless, who don’t social distance, never wash and have no access to a sanitized environment???

Last year 1.5 million people died of tuberculosis, so why weren’t we all doing all this then? I’ll tell you why, because the Mainstream Media didn’t tell you to!

What this so-called ‘Covid Pandemic’ really is, is an exercise to see just how much the general public will comply to Government control… By seeing who is following orders  by wearing masks etc. they can see who is compliant and who is not. Who does their propaganda work on and how far can they push us into submission.

We live in a society that kills millions of babies every year through abortion and even more through starvation, so why is the Government all of a sudden concerned about a flu like virus that might kill less than .004% of the population?

Why?  Because it’s all an organized agenda to decrease the population, get rid of cash and install complete compliance of the public via technological monitoring and micro-chipped yearly vaccinations. One rule for the inner circle and one for the masses. If You Think That Is Way Too Far Fetched… Then please just hear me out!

During this Covid-19 situation, Governments are letting people out of jail so that they don’t get the virus, while on the other hand threatening others with jail time if they don’t comply with the imposed lock-down.

If this was a real ‘Virus’ why do we have the only source of information coming from a Government spokespersons and the Government controlled mass media. Wouldn’t we all just be able see it for ourselves, family and friends dying, bodies in the streets and stores like, Walmart, McDonald’s and Liquor Stores also closed!!!   Why are millions losing their jobs as small businesses close, yet all government employees are not laid-off and many are at home on paid leave? This is Not About Health! When Government demands the closure of Chiropractors and Dentists, and lets Abortion Clinics stay open… It’s not about health. When you can buy marijuana and not  plant seeds, it’s not about your health. And when government tells you that you cannot be at the bedside of a dying loved one, have a funeral, or a wedding reception, it’s not about caring for the people – it’s about controlling the public!

The implementation of NO Cash. Allows the Government to monitor how much money you have, everything you purchase and everywhere you goto spend it… and should you ever question why, they can freeze your digital account ending your ability to buy anything, including food, drink, gas, accommodation, or travel tickets – in short THEY OWN YOU!

We created the Government to serve us, but instead we are the ones serving them, while at the same time, paying them to do so…

I do not know of a single thing the Government has ever done to help the people who employ them. We pay over one hundred different taxes, including on secondhand items, that have already been taxed when new. Why?  Where does this money go?  The Government Elite live lifestyles far in excess of the working population. “No Expense Speared.” For them it’s a private party and you are not invited. Everyday, they lie, cheat and manipulate the public, I know this for a Fact!

An over-hyped COVID-19 pandemic narrative is being utilized to create unnecessary panic and to justify the systemic violation of the rights and freedoms that form the basis of our society, including our constitutional rights, sovereignty, privacy, rule of law, financial security, and even our very democracy.

Covid-19 IS A LIE, I Know it, They Know it and I believe deep down You Know it. But, by doing this we now know who is pulling the strings, and now know who to hold accountable.

You are not a slave to be used and abused… but a Sovereign divine being created in the image of our creator…

So Please: all I ask is that you take a little time to do the research, checkout the thousands of independent Doctors, Scientists and Expert Specialists that have studded for years and have put their lives on the line to bring you the TRUTH. This is Our Chance to end this Tyranny once and for all!


Compiled by John St John, an ex-chauffeur to the Government, Foreign Diplomats, Royalty and the Elite, and  who cares more about you then your Government does!



Painting by Jan Kasparec





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