Light up the Map (At Your Viewer Discretion)


By  Aug Tellez


This whole place is a map, if we permit abuse, it gets darker and darker, smaller and smaller.


Early Humanity had a multiverse. Now we have a ‘universe’ (doesn’t exist). There is no such ‘single thing’, orb, of complete, boundaried (walled) spacetime. It’s a frequency barrier meshed through one another and itself as a multiverse.


A spacetime ‘universe’ is just a single gravity well souls got stuck in here. It has nothing to do with how things really work or the true limitations of where are. A complete, “false ceiling” to the true mental potential of Humanity. Liberation is about EVERYTHING. EVERY LIE.


It ALL has to be overturned, or we fail as a species. They made it so difficult (by turning every facet of this society into a spectacle of turning Human soul’s away from the truth, and driving their potential into the ground (dust). That is WHY things were DESIGNED that way.


It’s literally PART of the reason we can LIBERATE ourselves, is to see the plain truth of it. What we are doing here is HARMFUL to our REALITY. It is literally HARMFUL to the PROCESS OF DEVELOPING HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.


If people look at ‘developing higher consciousness’ and think anything other than “that’s what will keep me alive in the coming ages”, then they have been tricked into permitting their bloodline to be turned to dust to act as a kind of genetic reservoir for experimentation.


That can’t be permitted anymore, higher consciousness is why you don’t drink directly from the streams and can control your reality more than an Elk. Low consciousness, that is why those in power are actually lying. They are not in power, they never were.


They are drunk, addicted, addled, warped, distorted, perverted, predetermined towards violence and emotional manipulation (narcissism), and they will feed their needs at the cost of every last living one of you, purely. (Cap that for yourself to remember).


Here’s the deal. The ‘power show’ you proclaim is by your leaders is actually by a group of charlatans that stole their way into the process and used absolute terroristic tactics to deceive, steal, and cheat from the American people and to ultimately leave them to foot the bill.


They invented the online (TV) show that you are witnessing. They themselves, they left this place and used cloning and immortality technology to rule by proxy via clones and advanced technology. That is why they are incapable of making sense under pressure, also


The drug that is imbibed creates the same exact delivery and result as cocaine or any dopaminergic, ethneogenic psychoactive substance. They basically trip fucking balls all day and have sex. As a result of abuse, the same legions and brain shrinking forms as in drug abuse.


This same process that’s found taking place in drug addicts. Also takes place in victims or perpetrators of absolute extreme trauma-based mind control. This is stated this way, as “Tertiary Abuse” because the trauma required cannot be achieved accidentally.


It must be done, whether unconsciously or not, with the full intent of spiritually, intentionally, mentally and emotionally, using one’s interactions, to warp the victim’s and the perpetrators soul into a distorted, echoic shell of the true potential.


That is the basis of vampirism. If that happens to the highest extent, one individual is very weak and the other is real pumped up. You think, “Yea, they got a bunch of energy naturally, and they just made the other one feel like shit.” No, that’s not how it works.


What we were shown through what was discovered is that there is a limited amount of energy here, there is a One True Creator, and Human souls cannot be created or destroyed without The One True Creator. If one gets energy from another like this, they pulled it from the soul of the victim. This is a process that can be as scientifically defined and literally brought up on monitors and readouts (no I mean literally the soul sucking process, the tentacles and the “other entity” involved, you can literally watch it happen in real time, don’t ask, or do).


So around this point, people think there is something happening. There has to be something. Why? Every time this is discovered, it is seen that there is another kind of entity involved. Something interacting within the level of the consciousness of the victim and perp., but is ‘behind’ the perpetrator. It is as if there is this ‘entity’ that is always behind the perpetrating human that is using the human as the actual food source to feed from the victim. So there is always a proxy taking place. And the primary point in understanding is that, this is being done from one level of consciousness to another. The very low level of the distorted mind is literally positioned at a projected hyperbolic that would be classed as ‘outside of this dimension’, AKA, ‘non-human spectrum’. They are insane and cannot be forced to be sane without multilevel treatment that is literally the best healing we can offer as a species. We do not create souls, they are from the Primary Source and that is just how it is. The necessary sequencing to map out viable consciousness cannot be created with computers.


So now, we have more tech, more people willing to not sell out to low consciousness and base desires, and the situation changes in appearance. What in previous days were thought to be ‘the enemy’, the ‘parasite’, is actually a bunch of them. Everywhere someone participated in debauchery (causing tertiary abuse damage to the soul mind (neurological construct) of Humans and even animals {pain is play}), there is created a ‘tear’ in the social, mental, emotive, genetic continuity (conceptual, social reality ‘fabric’, our restorative, knowledge well based upon the coherence of our genetic and neurological aspects related to self-control and advancement of the species) and some of what you could call our species “time oil reserves” leaks out into space and basically just rots, decays.


There are entities, that exist between the way your mind processes the information of this reality (dreams and imagination or ‘hyperconscious states’, that the genetic level consciousness is aware of and dancing in, but the conscious mind avoids to remain balanced and aware of any tree limbs that might smack one in the face). On a side note, that is where all the tech is projecting, that is where the bases meet up and that is where the war is, we were cut off, technologically, from the ability to see what is happening on the genetic level over thousands of years. That information is accessible, but the people were bred and chemically cauterized so the knowledge is literally biologically suppressed through a delicate system of energetic interactions.


The point is, if we reduce the height, widen the base, then the leaning tower of BS is more stable and based on the Truth, Compassion, Knowledge, Free Will and Self Awareness required for the Mental Liberation of Humanity. That doesn’t fall over and in a period of low support,


it would just sit there and be fine. The other societies knew this and that was the point. If the energy of the collective consciousness of your society is like a leaning tower of pizza (no offense) it will fall over at the end of the age.


If it is sturdier and lower to the ground, following principles of natural order and self-referential geometric equilibrium that extends to and from the core of itself in this world to the height of true potential in the All, then it will remain throughout.







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