Man, be not afraid.




I wrote previously of the limp-wristed ‘men’ who ponce about on the world’s geo-political stage, tap-dancing to the tune of the Rothschild-dominated WEF and acting as if the un-godly plans of the Deep State are a fait accompli.

The false edifice of control is cemented only by the compliance of the en-slaved.

As I walk through the streets of this town, I notice effeminacy in myriad forms, from ‘men’ with brightly-coloured hair, clad in half-mast trousers and other ill-fitting garments, to the obedient ‘rebels’ with their hipster beards and tattoos to the shuffling NPCs whose shoulders are bowed by their compliance to their overlords’ pronouncements.

It is easily-observed that those who comply, who readily pay their unlawful taxes and whose lives are superficially ordered with wives, school-reared vaxxed offspring and a 3 bedroom semi belong to the most gullible of classes: the ‘educated’ and ‘comfortable’ chattering or ‘middle classes’.

Mattius Desmet makes the point that this is a predictable aspect of Mass Formation (psychosis). It is as though their lives have been rewarded, not for their maverick or independent qualities, but for their ability to re-gurgitate that which they have been indoctrinated with throughout their days and years in a false education system. A system of brain-washing to which they have no defence, such is their complete lack in the ability to think critically.

Previously, such a milieu of people would be referred to as the bourgeoisie. Such types choose safety over life. They never ‘rock the boat’; they defer to all the isms (feminism being the most deplorable), they do as they are told – ‘put the muzzle on’, ‘do as the white-coat assassin decrees’, ‘do not question the narrative of the Mass Formation engineers’, ‘know your place’, ‘all is good’ are the hollow mantras of these hollow men.

It is a recipe for stagnation and disintegration in which the lies are the neurotoxins that poison the man. Add into the mix a poisonous cocktail of food, drink, television, drugs and misinformation, bake at 350’C for half a life and serve the crumbly cake with a hefty dollop of delusional custard.

I know these type of men. Some of them are friends and, 23 years ago when I was Head of English at a secondary school in Leicester, I was in danger of being sucked into the same false reality where safety was the dominant MO. When I jacked it all in to go to the Himalayas, I was knowingly taking a risk. I had questions that I needed answers to and, wrongly as it turned out, I thought those answers would be found in the mystical teachings of the East.

Those teachings – in their essence – are that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is generated by living in the past via memories and the contemplation of an uncomfortable future. Nostalgia/remorse and worry are its twin peaks.

This poem of Rab Burns is the essence of that wisdom:

tae a mouse

Still, thou art blest, compar’d wi’ me!

The present only toucheth thee:

But Och! I backward cast my e’e,

On prospects drear!

An’ forward tho’ I canna see,

I guess an’ fear!

Ernst Jünger, wrote in his essay “On Danger” that:

The bourgeois person is perhaps best characterized as one who places security among the highest of values and conducts his life accordingly. His arrangements and systems are dedicated to securing his space against the danger that at times, when scarcely a cloud appears to darken the sky, has faded into the distance. However, it is always there: it seeks with elemental constancy to break through the dams with which order has surrounded itself.

Andrew Isker comments,

“It is the total antithesis of the most fundamental Christian ethos which is “my life for yours.” The people who demanded the country be shut down for years so they could enjoy their safety while entire school years were canceled, while there was no senior year of football, no prom, no graduation, no freshman year of college, no weddings, no funerals, and nothing but isolation and despair, these people who did this are no different from the cowardly cops of Uvalde who stood outside for an hour listening to the screams of children.”


“…God created Adam to guard and defend the garden and everything in it. So often that verse is translated to make man’s basic God-given purpose to be a gardener. No. God created Adam to be a warrior. To face danger, to defend his domain against threats like a lying, talking serpent. Adam failed, and in his failure, we have been subjected to even greater dangers since. But this did not change what God created men to be: warriors.”  (Andrew Isker is the pastor of 4th Street Evangelical Church in Waseca, MN).

No. Life is not about safety. Man is not here to be a meek pussy cat who eats from his handlers table and gently purrs over the dystopian visions of his masters.

Man is here to be a warrior. A warrior in God under God’s law. All else is a lie.



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