Media’s Collusion in the Storm:

The Ezekiel Stephan story pt.2

By Laurette Anderson

In this, the second in our series on the tragic death of Ezekiel Stephan, we look at the media’s part in creating a storm of inaccuracies, innuendo, blatant lies and propaganda. These have continued to assault his courageous parents who will not be intimidated into silence.

According to all available information, it is not known what exactly Ezekiel died of. There are several possibilities but “bacterial meningitis” is not one of them. This is a fact: Ezekiel did not die of “bacterial meningitis” and there is zero evidence of “bacterial meningitis”. And yet, all journalists reporting on the trial and story had the following fallacious headlines and content.

Bill Graveland, reports in the Star, and I quote, “Supreme Court sets tentative Hearing Date for parents of Alberta Toddler in Meningitis death” and he goes on in his article stating they, “……failed to seek medical attention for their son who died of bacterial meningitis.” In fact, David and Colett did seek the advice of a professional, a nurse with several years of hospital emergency department experience. She told them after examining Ezekiel that he would be sent home from emergency, as he does not present concerning symptoms, thus the decision to wait and keep an eye on him.

Bill Graveland lied twice to the public in one article. Why? And why is bacterial meningitis being pushed as a cause of death by the media? And why didn’t Bill or any of the other reporters even attempt to interview Ezekiel’s parents. This journalist is important to this story because his opinion and writing is prolific as representing Canada’s National News Agency – The Canadian Press. In their own words, “Whether Canadians are getting their news online, on air or in print, The Canadian Press is often the source – Our content is trusted and regularly used “as is” by the hundreds of websites, digital signage screens, radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines we serve.”

My concern is exactly as they describe themselves – their content is “regularly used as is”, “trusted” and they have their tentacles everywhere; online, on air and in print. In other words, they control most of what you are reading, hearing and watching. Every point of view is their point of view. This is the most dangerous symptom of a fascist state. Would you ever have thought, in your wildest nightmare, that Canada could become a fascist state? Think again, because if we don’t wake up it soon will be. Just as sure as good parents can be thrown into prison for not having better judgement than a trained medical practitioner in dealing with their child’s illness, you can find yourself helpless in a fascist run Canada.

Fascism is about mass population control and so is mass media manipulation.   Bill Graveland posing again for Huff Post states “Naturopathy is Like a Religion: Experts Discuss Distrust of Science, Authority”. Questioning authority has become a crime in Canada. Our school system indoctrinates children with respect for a particular kind of authority – that is government approved, corporate, regulated, permitted and certified. The problem is that progress in society is linked to questioning authority, finding and fixing flaws, progressing to more modern views, and growing into more effective systems. This is progress. This is good for society.   Worshipping authority is an unhealthy, stagnant ideology that needs to die. When I think of worshipping authority I think of North Korea and Kim Jun Un.

Again in Huff Post, Bill Graveland states of David and Colett that they are “convicted of failing to get proper medical treatment for their son who died of bacterial meningitis…”, yet again perpetuating the lie.   A little further this journalist says of the couple, that it “…could turn them into martyrs for the Alternative Medicine and Anti-vaccination movement.” Herein lies the true purpose of the character assassination of David Stephan and the mineral supplements he represents and sells to make a living. They fear the success of the Truehope minerals and supplements company. Why would they fear a small but fast growing company like Truehope? Possibly because their success is based on sound research. Maybe because the mental disorders that are found to be remedied by the addition of Truehope vitamins and minerals to the diet, no longer require psychotropic drugs for management; a direct threat to a multi-billion dollar industry. Think of the profits lost on products Big Pharma supplies to people with depression, bi-polar disorder, ADD, ADHD. These are just some of the conditions that the mineral supplements have thwarted – careful here, we cannot say cured.

The problem with Big Pharma is that cures are bad for business and so they are in the profitable business of illness management instead. If the prescribed drugs are not working, they’ll spend your lifetime switching from one to another and yet another to find one that will work for you, because they care. They care about emptying your wallet before they kill you with the unintended side effects. There are statistics out there that say death by prescribed pharmaceuticals is one of the top three causes of death in North America. Some say it’s cause number one, but I don’t want to appear too biased for fear I’ll be labelled a “conspiracy theorist”.

Well, here we can clearly see the agenda which supports the Pharmaceutical Industry being pushed and the Natural Healing Industry being slimed along with the “movement” against unsafe vaccines. I emphasize unsafe vaccines because if they were safe to begin with, there would not be a “movement” against them, nor would there be a private vaccine court paying out billions in damage compensation in exchange for non-disclosure agreements. So this was a double-header of sorts for Graveland and those he presstitutes for. Hit the anti-vaxxers and the alternative medicine fields at once, and at the same time erode respect for these parents on a very personal level so that the population at large believes they deserve to be punished and thus won’t look closely at the actual evidence nor pay attention to the real details of the court case. The art of distraction is the specialty of mass media.

Again in the Huff Post, Kayla Greaves, yet another presstitute, claims Ezekiel “died of meningitis, after his parents treated him with natural remedies such as hot peppers, garlic, onions and horseradish” implying some ridiculous causation of death by garlic and horseradish.

Meghan Grant, presstitute for our very own trusted CBC writes that David and Colett treated Ezekiel “with hot peppers, garlic, onions and horse radish before he died of bacterial meningitis.” There’s the bacterial meningitis theme again. Again the ridicule of the parents who were apparently mercilessly shovelling garlic, hot peppers, horseradish and onions down their child’s throat. Cause of death: garlic and onions. As the saying goes, you can’t make this ‘stuff’ up. The shaming of the parents is over the top. Again, Meghan Grant, slants public opinion of the Stephans with this headline for CBC news: “…David Stephan posts tirade after conviction upheld in his son’s meningitis death.” So a legitimate objection is now called a “tirade”. Really? So what do we really have here? We have a variety of media sources, in all corners of the country, which spout exactly the same message, over and over again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat it again. That’s how we brainwash the public. Choose the words carefully to insult, belittle and assassinate character, then repeat. Using scientifically crafted techniques of manipulation, these media outlets are the conduit being used to influence public opinion and forward an agenda that removes parental authority, and allows the government to determine what is best for your child.

Make no mistake here, if the powers that be can destroy Colett and David Stephan, two kind, caring and well informed parents (not the nut jobs they would have you believe) and send them to prison, then you bet they can come after you next. Imagine going to prison because you choose not to vaccinate your child. Imagine if you cannot choose natural herbal medicine over allopathic medicine. Imagine if you cannot choose cannabis treatment over chemotherapy. Imagine if you actually exercised your God given right to free will and were punished for it. Or do you now believe that we have “privileges” and not “rights”? Imagine if in the process of their oblivious pursuit of justice, they destroy your ability to make a living and assassinate your character. This is the experience David, Colett and their family have endured for several years now. But add to this the loss of a child they adored and cherished and were never given the respect of peace to go through the grieving process. The assault has been relentless since the hour of his death to the present.

It is critical to become critical of those who tell us these stories, because although journalism is really just “the business and practice of writing newspapers” and a journalist is just “a person hired to write for a news agency”, we have always assumed their integrity in the past. Remember the days of award winning journalism? Remember the journalists who broke the stories that changed the course of history? I realize that’s a long time ago. We call that “fake news” now. Journalism should be the watchdog of our government, courts, and medical system. But it isn’t. It has become the long-arm of propaganda.

The climax of this critique is the primo ‘presstitute’ who takes it beyond the pale with extremely damaging fake news; Andre Picard, writing for the pimps of propaganda themselves, the Globe and Mail. Andre does a true hatchet job on David Stephan’s career with a very personal and libellous attack which includes innuendo, pushing the same narrative and filling in the rest with lies that do damage to a reputation built on years of well-deserved respect and trust. In the Globe headline he pompously touts this “Belief in powers of ‘Wellness’ shouldn’t extend to Man convicted in son’s meningitis death”. He further lashes out with “There are no words to express how sick this is”, referring to David’s speaking engagements on a wellness tour. (Notably then cancelled as a result of this bad publicity for major sponsors who then threatened to back out if David presented.) He furthers his libellous ‘tirade’ with the fallacious remark “…whose son died of swelling of the brain because of his negligence has the effrontery to lecture others on brain health”. Well Andre Picard, regarding your article and in your own words, “hubris and self-delusion knows no bounds”, and I find it quite “astounding some people believe this drivel” presented in the Globe as fact.

Anyone who has any real experience with prescription drugs for the treatment of depression, anxiety or a myriad of other mental “disorders” knows that they have very limited effectiveness when they work, and that, for the most part, they are a disastrous long term hazard for most people, especially when they are prescribed to children and young adults. The “claim” that minerals and vitamins are effectively curing many conditions, is actually true in spite of Picard’s ridicule. Compared to prescription drugs they are vastly less expensive, both in the short term, and especially in the long term, where the common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs always seem to require further medications ad infinitum. The benefits of minerals and vitamins over allopathic prescriptions are almost always a best first choice. It is the responsible first route to take for any parent and should be the first recommended route from a medical professional. It seems that in our current medical paradigm “the goal of extracting money from people’s pockets” to use Picard’s words, is the real focus of modern medicine. It comes down to management overriding cure. There is actually documented research now available proving that many prescribed psychotropic drugs cause brain damage where there was no brain disease to begin with, only a, so called, disorder.

We, the people, need to wake up and realize that journalists like Graveland, Grant, Drinkwater and Picard are simply pushing propaganda for the government or the corporatocracy that drives it. And yes, we are fast approaching a fascist-like state here in Canada. Mass media has become a dangerous weapon for those with the money to wield it. There are very few owners in the media business. Apart from a limited number of community broadcasters, media in Canada is primarily owned by a small number of companies: Bell, Corus, Rogers, Newcap, Quebecor and the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Over the years there have been countless mergers, takeovers and buyouts simply to eradicate competition. Though the motive is likely profits for the corporations, minus any ethical considerations, the danger is that information is coming from very few sources, with corporate controlled, and therefore profit driven, opinions. If the corporations who own the media also happen to have ties to Big Pharma, and they do (just look at the advertisers and sponsors who are all over your television, your internet, your newspapers and your radio stations), then that agenda is going to be promoted and its detractors silenced.

We should all be concerned about the underlying agenda to brainwash the public, the outright lies, the character assassination, the collusion with big pharma and the mass influence that the media has had in the case of Colett and David Stephan. It has become plain that there is a less obvious goal and it’s not to protect the public interest, to promote and write about the truth or to help expose criminality. We have just seen that our major, and most trusted news outlets are lying, colluding, belittling users of plant based medicine, slandering good people and pushing an agenda of fascist-style mind control.   Shame on the Canadian Press Inc. and the handful of mega-corporations involved in breaking down the moral fabric of our culture and its family values through this insidious conspiracy – and yes I mean conspiracy in the truest sense of the word – to create propaganda and crisis, in order to manipulate the opinions of Canadians, in a predetermined direction toward a fascist regime that uses pharmaceuticals for both profit and control. Have I gone too far? I think not.

The media’s collusion in the storm surrounding the death of Ezekiel Stephan, is only one angle on this complex and significant story. There is still more to discover, so stay tuned for the next chapter where we again seek and shine light on the truth as we find it.

Laurette Anderson, The Relevant School. Skills for a Joyous Life!

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