by Kathleen Stilwell   Kathleen Stilwell
Born Outside the Box blog


Never Surrender, Not Even to Love

More and more these days, videos and articles about how Satanists rule the world are showing up in alternative media news feed.

The veil is lifting, revealing who we’ve allowed ourselves to become and who we’ve allowed to rule over us. Incredible levels of deception and cruelty within our co-created reality are being exposed.

Great and courageous work is being done to shine a light on this suffocating, parasitic, even cannibalistic control system. Many, heroically, have given their lives to wake us up to the understanding that we have all been had big time.

The speakers and writers that I feature on this blog are are all contributing their talents and energy — many in the face of death threats — to this great work.

This hijack was so clever and complete that it got us on just about all levels of being, with the exception of our core divinity which it simply can’t access.

The whole kit and caboodle that we call reality is a control system. It’s one big cult, divided up into mini cults of government, religion, science, psychologies, philosophies, “non-religious” spirituality, and so on — using tools of language, symbols, mathematics, ceremony, dance, music, art…


Recently, as I saw a rant by one earnest Christian about Satanists, I was reminded that the problem is not that darkness exists or that light exists, but the problem is how we position ourselves in relationship to what has been and what can be created.

None of this exists without our cooperation. The light or the dark. We’ve forgotten we are creators. We aren’t trapped in this reality, we are co-creating it.

The dynamics that hold any matrix, pyramid, or boxed system together are force and surrender. As we’ve come to understand, force can come in the form of trickery, rather than overt takeover. But the willingness to be taken over has to be there for the manipulator to grab hold.

This entire Matrix is held together by the one thing the invaders can count on right now: human surrender.

There’s a lot of hocus pocus involved to make it feel very entrenched and very real. But we’ve always had the power to create something else.

The malfunction here is the strange tendency we humans have to give up everything rooted in the true to just go along for a ride. And, whoever “they” are, they’ve taken us on one hell of a ride because we let them.


The solution to our dilemma is not in ridding the planet of all Satanists, reptilians, or dark sorcerers.

We need first to look at what the real problem is before a solution is found. The real issue here is that we like being governed.

The problem isn’t in identifying which part of the light spectrum, or which dimension, the controllers show up from. Although it is relevant to research and understand these things.

The deepest problem is in waking ourselves up to how much we like to be controlled and how we’ve offered ourselves up for experimentation and manipulation.

We’ve collectively bought into the lie that we are weak and need rescue from an outside power greater than ourselves.

We believe we need to be saved. And, thus we have new presidents, new gurus, new therapists showing up all the time to save our collective asses.

When we send out the signal, “help me. I’m afraid and need to be rescued”, we can be sure that all sorts of carrion will show up, along with angelic beings of light and other do-gooders. And most of us have played both roles over and over — the helpless one and the rescuer.

Anyone who is actually spiritually more awake and stronger than we are will show us how to heal ourselves. They will show the way, but will never let us latch onto them permanently. They will know this is the death of us if they allow it to happen.


Elders will show us how to stand up for ourselves and by ourselves. They understand we might need help along the way, but they will never, ever ask or subtly hint that we should follow them forever.

As a child, we will naturally follow and simultaneously rebel, testing our wings until we can leave the nest unattended. It’s the rebellion part that is essential to strength-building, and every good parent or elder knows this.

That doesn’t mean we have to walk this earth solo. We need one another. We feel lonely without fellow beings to connect with. We learn from each other. We find joy and comfort in companionship.

But companionship and community aren’t co-dependence. Each member of a family or tribe needs to be strongly rooted as a sovereign being before real supportive community can manifest.


The Red Flags of Love

Many who are horrified by the Satanists and the horrific abuse that is being uncovered would, nonetheless, be happy to be ruled by “benevolent” ETs or Jesus (or other great teachers). This is a major red flag.

I cringe every time I read something about the liberation of the planet coming from forces of light.  Masses of people are organizing as “ground crews” for these great liberators who are coming from other dimensions or galaxies or inner earth or wherever.


Get ready to be important, these recruits are being told. Red flag.

Get ready to follow. Red flag.

Get ready to assist the light, making you a “good” person, a “chosen” one. Red flag.

Find your place (be a placeholder), whether it be leader or order follower (both key positions in any pyramid or matrix). Be submissive and your position in the Matrix will make you “feel” strong and important. Put on your divine feminine warrior outfit and lord over/rescue the minions with love and light. Red flags waving all over this stuff.

Religious teachings everywhere advise followers to surrender to whatever deity they worship.  Some deities claim to represent the Light, others the Dark.

All deities require one thing: surrender and/or adoration. Some of these deities, apparently, are about to reappear in the flesh any day now.  If followers are lucky, they’ll be able to touch the hem of the deity’s garment. Red flags on steroids.


Weak-kneed submissiveness is what got us into this vibrational prison in the first place.

We need to get off our knees and recognize anything that looks like, smells like, sounds like or tastes like a request to contort ourselves to fit someone else’s dream — and, especially if we’re told this is the “loving” thing to do.


The Great Untwisting

This is not only a time of the great unveiling, it is the time of the great untwisting. And the twisting is all about Love.

Anything or anyone true never requires surrender, and that includes parents, teachers, spouses, children, bosses, governments, religions, healers, love, light, darkness.

The new age is filled with messages of surrender. Surrendering to goddess energies is big these days. If it’s feminine, it must be love, right?

Our popular music drips with the longing for, and finding, someone to overtake us with love. Our music reminds us we are lost and urges us to find someone to latch onto, someone to “love”, someone to save us from ourselves.

We know we need one another. In fact, most of us can’t bear the idea of being forever alone. Therefore, it’s no wonder this sea of symbiotic relationship is beyond confusing until we start to understand where it all went haywire.


Interdependence — healthy, dynamic mutual cooperation — is what we really seek. But before we link arms with others, we need to stand up in our own power as best we can.

And if the one holding our hand says “follow me, trust me, don’t question anything”, or “hold me up, I need you, I can’t stand on my own” then we must have the courage to let go.

We are all strong if we choose to be. But this takes work. Individually. If we aren’t willing to do the work, then we can stay on our knees. Nobody can do our work for us. That’s just the way it is.

Real liberation will come when we choose to be true, when we teach our children, our friends, our neighbors, our lovers, our spouses, our parents to listen within to the source of who they are.

If we are asking someone to follow us, to obey us, to never question us, we are part of the problem. If we are asking someone to let us follow them, we are bigger part of the problem — because more of us want to follow than to lead.


When Love calls to us, it does not require surrender.

Love calls us to stand up in the full power of who we have always been. If we are weak and clinging, love sends us away to gain strength. Love trusts that we can find that strength.

Love calls us to awaken to our sovereignty. It calls us to be true.

Love is never insecure in it’s position.

If it requires appeasement, worship, supplication, compliance, or any other manipulative energy connection, then it isn’t Love.

If it belittles (makes another little), it isn’t Love.

Love is not surrounded by veils that need to be lifted, nor does it have occult paths which must be traveled until we find it.

Love never requires us to test for worthiness before it will give us the time of day.

Love never requires that we follow or that we believe anything.

Love always welcomes questions, examination and challenge.

Love is who we are innately and who we are to fully become once again.

Love says: “Do you hear what I am saying? You are sovereign. Stand up.”

Love says: “Ask me anything. Anything. Doubt me. Test the waters. Jump in. Jump out. I will never be offended by what you ask unless you ask to follow me.”

Love says: “Never surrender. Cooperate, listen, play, engage, co-create, dream, romance…but never surrender who you are.”

Love says: “Be as me. I am who you really are. Together we are free.”