New Now Theme Song

”I Ain’t Going Back”



Life is perception. I have found, only experience is helpful for navigation. When lost often the best direction is simply away from where you were before.

Knowing where you don’t wish to be is, perhaps, the best starting spot for a new journey. Having any certainty, even the certainty of what was, let’s say, super not nice, well…..allows for a path that leads, even if you’re not sure where it’s going, at the very least, in the right direction.


Nobody really knows, in my opinion, what another needs for their ‘eternal happiness’. But if there is one thing we all have in common, it is that we all can figure out what is not good for us. And thus, have a point of departure. A spot which gave us no ‘Joy’, so no reason to remain there any longer. A place to move away from. A ‘Back’ we ‘ain’t’ going back to any more.


And thus our theme song. ‘I ain’t going back’.  Please Enjoy, Share, Comment and if you’re inspired get in touch to help create. We have many more sets of lyrics getting ready to be birther into songs.  Happy to see if you, too, wish to come along.


Cheers Lorenzo.


Hello to all our Viewers!
Now, after popular request…Our full theme song.
A big heart felt thanks to Damon Shea for singing and arranging. Lyrics by me, Lorenzo.
And here they are…
For those who wish to sing along:

Chorus: ”Heyyy, hey…I ain’t going back, not gonna buy into all that.Heyyy, hey, ain’t gonna hide, gonna let all the fears slide.Got mother nature, she’s on my side. Got all of the lovin’ growing inside.”

Can’t make me lie, lie to my heart. NO one tells me where I should start. Freedom first is what I say, nothing now gonna get in my way.

Hey you, you can come too. Doesn’t matter you’re wearing no shoes. I love you, perhaps that’s enough. Gonna give up the rest of fear’s stuff.

No one saying what I can do. Gotta say it’s the same for you. Tie the excuses in a choke hold, pet ’em in a bowtie the colour of gold.

More than enough, there always was, fools only listen to others because…something inside them won’t let them go….Gotta say now, you must say sooo.


Ringing loud, ringing for us. We got here, I took the bus. Sports cars driving fast to nowhere. Sometimes I wear no underwear.

Please is for fools too afraid of their now. Grab your own, I’ll will tell you how.Hey, hey, here’s what I say, gonna let nothing get in my way.


Truth always was, whatever it is. Some helps you out, the other’s for biz. Monetary traction’s put actions away. I listen to my heart it has something to say.  

”Love, love and love some more. It will help you find this hidden door. One way out, the way we came in, back to the beginning and so I begin.”


Thanks so much. Love you all much. Please share, like, subscribe.

A quick shout out, too, to all of you music lovers, singers, musicians, creators and above all ‘freedom warriors’.

I have literally written a dozen other songs waiting to be enhanced by your contributions.

I can do plenty but as I tell my friends: I can hold a balloon, but I can’t hold a tune.

Love the help. Feel free to reach out.

Next Song I’d like to manifest is titled “Half Past the End of Time”.

Anyone interested in the lyrics or inspired by the title Please Contact Me Anytime.

In Love Unlimited. Lorenzo


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