News Breaking

by Nowick Gray


It’s a deconstruction project, both sides of the battle.

The powers that would be forever, busy tearing down all that went before, to pave the way for their grand illusion.



The dreamers of truth, who know the face of tyranny firsthand now, and witness its collapse, one lie at a time.



The heroes in our midst, awaiting the news of our imminent salvation, foretold in a legend about our mixed parentage.



Nothing is off-topic anymore (except actual mass death).



Excuses are off the charts, wearing paper thin.



Free speech, get it while it’s hot. And while you’re at it, get to know your enemy.



Free Speech

‘it’s discourse or dictatorship. the price of the former is hearing people say things you don’t like. the price of the latter is everything else. choose wisely.’ —el gato malo



You are the Hero

‘From Antifa to Drag Queen Story Hour to The Bill Gates Foundation, and out into the echoes of our world, a mass population waits. Some know. Most don’t. But the clock is ticking. The beta tests are wrapping up. There is a significant next phase coming, and it’s coming soon.’




‘YET… We’ve seen truth shine out amid what seems to be insurmountable darkness. Remember, when you open a door of a dark room, and there’s light on the other side, the light washes in. Darkness never wins that battle.

‘You and I need to be the light. We need to recognize those seemingly insignificant moments where shining a light might not seem to matter…. But YOU have to do it. At every opportunity. Waiting for someone else, waiting for a hero, has brought us to this place. YOU are the hero. YOU are the someone… The Great Reset is on the horizon. Their army is waiting. What are you going to do about it?’

—BHerr, Understanding The Woke Movement: A Cultivated Hive-Mind Army Is Waiting To Be Activated




The News or Not the News

You can choose to rant
on the latest news, heart’s content,
or stay calm, grounded.

Are we all hooked in?
What will the neighbors say, now?
Fires rage everywhere.

Narrative breakdown—
buyer beware! Trust science
to follow money.

Presidential coups.
Populists are rising up.
It’s us against them.

Birds sing, deer wander.
What is the price of oil, rice?
Remember Nature.



image credits:

(feature) chimps: Steve Kirsch substack
lollypops: el gato malo
biden: Dr. Robert Malone substack
monster: Bob Moran
climate: Dr. Robert Malone substack
enemy: Nicholas
msm: Jimbob
carbon: el gato malo
wakeup: Bob Moran
nature: Nowick Gray

Further research: Quarantine Reading List

In Covid Narrative Remix: Two Years of Dissent, Nowick Gray critiques the global agenda with the voice of the natural human spirit. These compiled articles from The New Now/Agora (2020-2022) shed light on the narrative sabotage carried out as the primary strategy of the war on humanity. Against that weapon of moral destruction, pen turns to sword in the ongoing battle for truth and freedom.

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Nowick Gray is a regular contributor to The New Agora and also offers perspectives and resources for alternative culture and African drumming. Subscribe to his Substack (New World Dreaming) or visit his  writings website at





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