No victims Here

by Lorenzo Publisher of The New Agora



A quick glance at our latest cover will show any who have been with us for some time that we are, once again, changing direction. More like a movement in energy than one in physicality as we reach for the magic number of change 3 and begin, with this very edition our Volume 3, Number 1.

Luck, energy and love are all interesting and somewhat abstract notions to share; especially without being in the same room with those you wish to communicate to. None of these adhere to any schedule we can impose on them, all coming in the time they choose to and at the rates which are a mystery to most.

Over the years, having shared plenty of all kinds of information, we have seen that our bottom line is to help our readers understand themselves better so that maybe they can allow more of these 3 universally welcome ‘powers’, beckon them shall we say, into our lives.

It is what we endeavor to share with each of our print editions and on a regular flowing basis with our website. As such, we had to become more flexible with our scheduling to allow a full flowering of information with each and every edition.

So, we had to drop the calendar as a means of marking each issue, wean ourselves off of that drudge-y monthly schedule that shackles so many to the artificial movements of time, and focus on the beauty of the potential of where and how we saw each New Agora becoming something all of our readers could happily benefit from.

As a tree grows fruit, and that fruit ripens having been influenced by many of natures fickle offerings, sun, wind, rain and warmth, we too become ready for your ‘energetic’ nourishment when ripe. Sour or bitter if picked early, delightfully ambrosia-like if allowed to ripen full.

With all of this in mind we have decided to go to 9 print editions/year or one every 6 weeks with a floating special edition to be determined as required. Allowing this extra time between publications will gift our happy yet super busy staff, of The New Agora, and our many participators, old, new and yet to be here, the chance to share their wisdom, business, warnings, poetry, art, videos or even comedy, more space to bring their best to us each cycle which we see can allow enhanced grow in page count, reach and wonderous quality.

Thus numbers instead of monthly dates seemed more appropriate to our new direction. This way, for the growing benefit of us and our readers, we shall be able to share once we have put together the best we can, with the quality you have come to expect from us. Instead of rushing, we will be able to move closer to our original intent of an Agora; sharing and offering much from many that we feel will help our readers, if they so choose, enhance their personal lives in every expanding powerful ways.

New Artists of the highest quality, poetry both soft and sharp, articles grown from the challenges to our very souls, sprinkled happily with opinions sour, bitter and sweet all with the unavoidable facts that energy must flow and be keep clear and strong. And so, with that, we will also continue to offer products, services, information and suggestions from many, based on personal experience that we feel our readers would enjoy sharing in.

Rules are for fools too afraid of their hearts, or so I’ve seen, and is simply our opinion hear/here, but hey, we are the Editor and Publisher of our New Agora. We’ve sweated and bled, argued and been fed, gathering friends, contacts and some less than savoury experiences along the way, and so, like to feel, we have some experience to intelligently curate the best of the best, from here and there, up and down, all around, or perhaps from a flat far away, either way, here to stay as much more energy both flows our way, and so, we can then flow outwards, in our 9thyear, to our vastly growing readership.

Our call to you then, our participators new and old, is to be bold, and if you’ve felt the yearning to do more than pile on the days towards everyone’s ultimate death. Let’s all recall there are no victims here, none that can remain in the light of ultimate truth. So join us in the full force of freedom, don’t be shy, they say we all die. Who knows, maybe we don’t’, perhaps other options will be explored here as we move into our third Volume, but even if you live 1,000 years, time can fly by in the blink of an eye, so let’s say today, we are super happy to hear from any and All of you.

Our publication has more ways to participate, we are partnering with amazing retail locations to help smaller, yet great products get out there, gaining artistic friends to share their talents at both art and allowing their art to gain energy for us all, so we can put that back towards our New Agora and grow both in print and online. We don’t rely on the tricks and messages of so-called main stream advertising to take without giving back, but seek and search and build so they can come to us with their products, legalities be damned, that will help heal and grow our readers lives.

No Victims here, only opportunity to reach for all those dreams you wish to see real in your life.


With grand smiles and distant hugs,

Lorenzo, Publisher The New Agora


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