New York first U.S. state to legalize mass murder of unborn babies, up to the day of birth… God will have NO MERCY on this abomination

(Natural News) The deep blue state of New York has just passed an atrocious bill, which will legalize late-term abortions in the name of the mother’s “health.” The piece of legislation, known as the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), will cement the “right” to murder the unborn — even when they’re just days away from birth.

While NY Democrats are celebrating the advancement of their disturbing agenda, many Americans are rightfully concerned about the karmic repercussions of killing babies.

As RHA was passed by the New York Senate, reporter Karen DeWitt says a voice could be heard shouting, “May almighty God have mercy on this state!”

There is nothing on Earth more valuable than life itself. But the globalist agenda is seeking to change that — and legalizing the killing of babies before they’re born is just the first step. The goal here is not just to make abortion legal, its to make abortion morally acceptable.

NY legalizes late-term abortions

RHA has been passed by NY Democrats and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo — and millions of people around the country are outraged by this bit of legislation.

As Daily Wire reports, RHA will essentially erase current laws which restrict abortions after the 24-week mark. The new bill adds a “health” exception, which legalizes late-term abortions, provided that the health practitioner is acting in “good faith.”

What “health” means or includes is not defined by the legislation, leaving it open to interpretation.

Life News reports that this “health” loophole is so large, women will likely be able to abort babies late-term for economic, social or emotional reasons, if they so choose.

Twenty-four weeks is largely recognized as the “age of viability,” as infants have a reasonably good chance at surviving outside the womb. At 24 weeks, the chances of survival are expected to be above 50 percent. Just three weeks later, at 27 weeks, survival rates go up to 95 percent.

As one brave OB-GYN told Fox News, “There’s absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivery in the third trimester. Not a fetal or maternal indication – what we say in medicine. If there’s a problem, and there are problems in the third trimester, both with the babies and with the mom that require delivery, just deliver the baby. We don’t have to kill it.”

The anti-life agenda:


A large majority of people disagree with late-term abortions for this very reason, including many pro-choice advocates.

As Life News reports:

 According to a national poll conducted by Marist University, three in four Americans (75 percent) say abortion should be limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy. This includes most of those who identify as Republicans (92 percent), Independents (78 percent) and a majority of Democrats (60 percent). It also includes more than six in 10 (61 percent) who identify as “pro-choice” on abortion.

Gallup polling data collected in 2018 supports the findings from Marist. As sources note, a May 2018 poll from Gallup found that 53 percent of Americans opposed most or all abortions.

While Democrats like to portray themselves as being representative of a progressive majority, it appears reality is at odds with liberal delusions once again.

There is an increasing amount of skepticism surrounding the pro-abortion movement. While leftists claim that their cause is rooted in freeing women from an oppressive patriarchy, it is growing increasingly clear that abortion is a key element of the depopulation agenda. Planned Parenthood, in particular, has a dark history rooted in genocide and eugenics. The organization is hardly the beacon of women’s freedom it pretends to be.

The notion that abortion equals freedom is just another other lie fed to the masses by the mainstream media, left-wing politicians and their puppet masters.

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