Old economy, Done!!! New Economy —UNLIMITED Abundance!


Posted by THE DHARMACY on JULY 1, 2019

I don’t know about you but I am sure sick to death of the mono-standard cloned marketing the spiritual teachers, gurus and leaders are using to sell themselves, their services and products on line.

Every single one of them has adopted the same formula to peddle their products and/or services. This is the standardized third dimensional matrix retailing approach that’s been in existence far too long which has created the 1% and world-wide poverty.

I am so bored with the tag line catch phrases that tempt you into needing the information they have. Then the free video offering with the carrot dangling that claims to be the fix all, heal all  and answer to all your troubles.  With only a tidbit morsel to wet your appetite in the free video for the…. drum roll please, FULL COURSE, SEMINAR AND/OR PRODUCT that they are offering for a reduced price if you BUY TODAY at the low cost of $159.99 or $139.99 or $599 or 3 easy payments of $74.99.  Jesus!!!  I cant even click on it anymore I feel so saturated!

These claim to be our wise ones, spiritual teachers and leaders.  The ones who are possibly more transformed or have answers.  Are we not completely done with this social media on line cash grab economy?  Can we begin a new economy on line?  And what would that look like?

First off it wouldn’t be dominated by just money, it would be offerings of our passions to those who have a connection to them.  Money would not be the only form of commerce.  If you didnt have that mode of abundance, money, then you could use your personal form of payment.  You and the one offering their passion would go into a mediation of exchange or maybe it would become a gift.  If you had money then you would use that.  But you wouldn’t be turned away because you didnt have the funds or not even approach this service or product because you didnt have the payment they were asking.  There would be an open invitation for everyone to participate in any offering knowing that we have everything we need and require always.  The worry of; how will I support myself?  Who will pay my bill’s?  And how will I eat? This self doubt  narrative would be gone from our story line because we are the generation who knows abundance, perfection, wholeness and creators whom manifest exactly what we require!

Truthfully if what all these spiritual teachers were selling was actually working to change our reality wouldn’t we be seeing a massive shift by now with all the courses on line all over the world?  Wouldn’t there be a more expansive and inclusive economy happening by now?  Well I think we just have to look around and see what is really happening now even our spiritual teachers have bought into the money matrix economy.

We require DRASTIC CHANGES in the way we are doing this!  Replicating an archaic system that only gets 1% rich and the rest are barely managing is WRONG!  Like anything that isnt working we have to stop buying it and production will cease and something new will have to be created.  We must speak up and voice that we want a different economy one based in our individual gifts as our value.  And begin living this reality.  Participate more in bartering, exchanging, gifting and contributing programs.  Start one in your own community.  Write letters to these on-line services and companies with products asking for other options of payment.

I believe there is a need for a massive change in the way we do business.  The way our economy is set up is so LIMITING, only providing space for those that have money as their resource for payment.  What about all those 99% of people who have abundant resources other than money?  This is a market I want to tap into and be a part of.

Can we begin offering another method of payment called WHY?  WHY stands for what have you.  The interesting thing about WHY is that someone could offer you something that someone else values and you could have never made those two transactions without this offering.  This opens up a whole new market of clients you completely bi-passed.  Which opens up a whole new level of abundance you never had.

Imagine having an unlimited resource of abundance!  I dont know about you but I pick unlimited plethora not limited to money only!  Now you say, well if I make money then I can buy any of the resources someone else would offer with WHY.  Not true, by limiting yourself to accepting money only you obstruct your riches to those who only have that currency and eliminate 99% other wealth.

In summary one need only look around and see the chaotic disaster our entire world is in to know MAJOR CHANGE MUST OCCUR.  Why not try something new, there is nothing to lose and only vast riches and more opportunity to gain.

The Dharmacy
Dana Lynn


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