One Whole Mind

The issue is many things.

Your mind has to form a complete fractal arrangement that fits into itself all the information and meta data that describes your local space time position and future and past ‘projection’ information, back data built into the processing of the system. When new information is received that information must be processed into an arrangement of consciousness that synchronizes and matches the arrangement and frequency of your ‘whole’ fractal memory built from all experiences. When new information is received that results in a rerendering or changing of the backdata, the previously processed and stored information of that fractal holographic ‘shape’ that your memory creates, more energy and time is required to ‘defrag’ and rearrange the various aspects.

When this process is disrupted to the point of disorder, then that wholeness has been cut off from being able to recreate itself continually with time and this is like a countdown of a loss of energy and focus until stability is reduced. That wholeness is required for self control and clarity and eventually there is a breakdown of one’s natural ability to stabilize and direct their emotional and mental changes. One can minimize breakdowns by preemptively taking the time to allow themselves to process the information that they have absorbed but not completely placed within their overall view of reality. When there is a moment of heightened stress, speaking out loud, to yourself, the basic surroundings and describing your physical positioning can verbally, mentally and emotionally recenter yourself back within the appropriate frame of reference.

There are various other methods of releasing stored emotional energy that is actually being recognized by the mind as emotional pain which is the concept of an emotional wound. This drains energy and acts like a leak in one’s ability to control their mind and emotions. That leaves one open, no different than with the immune system, to developing an infection or being parasitically attached to by one who then uses that opportunity to help themselves to otherwise protected and distanced, vital energy force. This happens through the mind.

There is the touch method which uses direct physical contact with muscle areas that may be anchors for stored energy of memories of traumatic abuse. There is an emotional reframing method where one views the experience as vividly as necessary, until the traumatic emotional response can be subsided, mitigated and even experienced together with self controlled, willful, clarity and acceptance of what there is to see and feel both in that moment and beyond in the surroundings of life. One might see that the key to deanchoring painful traumatic energy stored through dissonant connections between wayward memories, is in realizing that the painful aspects of those memories are not just in those immediate moments but how one’s life continues to feel disrupted. Then one might see how other aspects of their life, the lives of those around them, of care and compassion and so on is so much more important than focusing on just one aspect of a traumatic experience in life. When one is capable of feeling other emotions than the disabling trauma, through reviewing the experience, that is reframing.

Changing, literally the virtual, conceptual aspect ratio of one’s thought scope, to see more of the memory, is called defocusing. The main idea is to take time to pause and process the information absorbed. That your whole life changes each time you learn something, not just your mind. That your mind is your life and your life is your mind and together they are a map of your personal reality. If you change too much, too fast, there is a kind of ‘herxheimer effect’, virtual detox of what are essentially old programs? How do we get the old programs out? First you have to find them. If they are hidden in your memory then you will not see them unless they are actively operating to the point of disruption. This is as if the processor of your computer becomes strained with the intrusive background processes that are taking up necessary consciousness ‘bandwidth’ We are more easily capable of seeing one another’s flaws than our own and those flaws are the blind spots in personality where the hidden code is buried in one’s mind (desires and darkness). If we are communicating clearly, effectively, on a logical and straightforward basis, there is no where for the wayward intentions to hide and make their appearance at the slightest hint of disinteresting squabble.

It is important to say here that a personal, individual responsibility to self accountability, and knowledge is required. Those who want to know will know. Many already do. Those who know and are whole will be able to see and assist others who are making themselves whole. That is what this is all about. If one is suffering it’s because their reality isn’t ‘whole’. That’s not just a concept. The mind arranges the information like a radial (dial) which can move forwards and backwards through a conceptually ‘linear’ timeline of memories. The arrangement is “complete” by being within a range of limitation and access, with the amount of stimulation and experience, to generate a ‘comfortable’ perspective of self and reality that is literally a ‘scope’ of reality within a given context that the mind can see. In other words, this is a strange concept, the ‘complete’, ‘whole’, or ‘healthy’ (balanced) mind creates a shape that is equalized in both dimensions of space and time and can project itself in different states of ‘temporal proprioception”.

Again, all of these changes are semi disruptive initially and potentially incapacitating to most people altogether. The easiest way is to start slow and to use pauses to allow your mind to process the information. One has to take this process slow and remember to relax, to breathe deeply, to focus on the foundation of what it is to be centered, to be self aware and in control of one’s emotions and mind. Everything else depends on the stability, emotional intelligence, and intent to heal.


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