By Sherry Swiney





In this covid era, we are seeing a degeneration of humanity in general.  We’re looking at a time when that which is old – decadence – is screaming loudly just to be heard and to stay alive while the next paradigm is emerging.  People are seeking new insights. 


We see the unleashing of hate, separation and polarity.  At the same time, the emergence of tremendous love, compassion, generosity and forgiveness is present. 


These opposing frequencies are all swirling, but the highest frequency always wins.  That’s the nature of the Universe.  Love always trumps hate.  Hate can be on the thrown for a while.  It can’t stay there because the Universe is progressive. 



At this particular time, people have much interest in finding a way to nullify the hate.  If our focus is through the lens of the media, we see the lowest common denominator of the human experience.  Its directive is to give us separation, polarity, hate.  Through that lens, we’re not seeing the broad spectrum of people waking up.  People from all over the world are becoming very coherent about who they are.  That’s not in the news.  The reporters are generally reporting from the old paradigm, which is becoming more defunct day by day. 


Those who are receiving insights are the reporters from the next paradigm.  Yet, they do not have the structure mainstream media has.  For the moment, this is by design.


Many people are leaving traditional religions.  They just cannot get with the theology of that anymore.  Abandoning their Religion is not necessarily necessary.  With their new insights, they can understand it better.  They can understand the mystical roots of it.  They can teach others in their congregations about what they see.  Word of mouth is very powerful.


There’s a hunger for wisdom beyond the media and all the negative hype.  You look at the pharmaceutical and insurance companies that sponsor the news.  These entities understand there has to be fear and unrest to keep people in a constricted reality for control.  They strive for people to stay in the old matrix, and you think “there must be a better way.”  The old model makes no sense.  It’s full of lies, corruption, and hypocrisy.  So, people have to go to alternative sources to get good – or more accurate – news. 



Big tech wants to control you; pharmaceutical companies have a pill or drug or shot for every ailment, real or imagined.  The media is being fed by them, and you begin to see the pattern.  You sense that they, themselves, are controlled by elements beyond your imagination. 


They so want to prevent people from becoming who they really are.  However, this transformation cannot be stopped.  It’s too late for the haters.  It’s too late for the controllers.  It’s too late for the manipulators. 


Too many millions of people want something different.  They want a sane world.  I say go for it without fear.  Continue searching, whether it’s in desperation or inspiration.  The part of you that is searching is your real self trying to come out.  You may identify with your current frame of mind – your personality, your sub-personality, your compulsions, prejudices, judgments, etc.  These are all temporary. 


With every movement toward waking up, you become less identified with the temporary and more identified with the eternal.  Then you are free.  You no longer fear death anymore.  You have more enthusiasm for life.  You have a feeling that whatever is going on is going to work out.  These are the gifts you receive when you are less identified with the temporary and more identified with the eternal. 


Human beings grow in two ways: pain or insight.  Either pain pushes us or insight pulls us.  Either way, you grow until you realize – holy smokes – I am not the body.  Once you see this, you can’t unsee it.


We are living in a time of a Great Awakening which scares the bejesus out of the controllers.  That’s why we are seeing the big push to keep us separated, dumbed-down, scared, masked, injected, tightly ruled, and closely observed.  Their errors and lies are becoming more prevalent, more noticeable to everyone.  Their game-plan is right out in the open now for all to see. 


They are desperate to stay on their hate thrown for as long as possible.  They know love trumps hate.  Seeing that humanity is continuing the path toward awakening tells them they lose in the end.


All of this sounds crazy to a lot of people; I know.  But that’s what I see ahead for humanity.  I’m not saying easy roads are ahead.  Nope.  There will be challenges. 


There are still signs of unintelligent life on earth that continue to believe the media hype.









There are all kinds of strategies to think of…





You don’t actually die so there is no reason to be afraid of anything.  Stand up to the Archon Overlords.  “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ~~ Voltaire


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About Sherry Swiney

 Sherry researches quantum physics related to spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, paranormal and other unusual topics.  She co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.”





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