Our Multidimensional Reality

by Wade WJ Smith


If it were up to you would you not choose to live in a state of constant bliss or happiness? Whatever your idea of peace and joy is would that not be your highest aspiration? Are you living in a constant state of bliss right now? If you answer no to this… then who or what has control over your life?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a person questions their purpose. Why are we here having this experience? There must be more to life than just this physical reality we are all so caught up in maintaining. The physical world can be said to be a 3-dimensional experience, a world of material things bound to the limitations or laws of physics. The 3rd dimension is a reality completely focussed on the material accumulation of things. We are all aware of the endless list of clothes cars homes and gadgets we seem so eager to acquire through our exchange of energy and time for resources or money. In this 3-dimensional reality we are fixated on how we look in the eyes of others. We often are fearful of losing the illusion of control over our life and our things. We are concerned and protect our things for fear of someone or something taking them away from us. We strive to reach power over others and identify with classes of people. We place ourselves in a hierarchy of classes based on where we live, what we drive and what we do for work. We believe what we possess defines us. We see ourselves separate from nature and everything around us. We believe we live but one life, this 3D physical experience. We are taught that this planet is a place of scarcity and competition, where there is not enough for everyone. We see life as a contest with winners and losers. We believe we have to be right about all things all the time. After all if we were not right about everything we would have to reanalyze our life and take responsibility for making changes. We believe it is ok to lie and that everyone does it to get ahead in this game of life. We believe in roles for men and women, rich and poor, good and bad. We rarely experience joy or bliss and we are taught that in order to be happy we need to be completed by another. The ego is always present and controlling in the 3rd dimension. The ego is so overwhelming that we never question the enormous amount of time and energy we expend consumed by the past and concerned about the future. The ego keeps us from being present to live the moment that matters most. We have never been taught to love ourselves and so we look for our fulfilment or happiness from other people and external things. We believe to be in love with oneself is egotistical and selfish. The truth is only a complete heart with unconditional love for oneself is ready to share love with another. In fact it is our responsibility as a human to love ourselves unconditional and from that the most wonderful relationships will blossom.

There are souls born into this 3D physical world who are of a higher vibration and can often be outcast to the edges of society. We often label them as the black sheep of the family, unable to conform with the lower denser vibration of this physical experience. Higher frequency beings struggle with the friction of this slower lower vibration and often turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to numb the physical experience. The heaviest things often happen to these souls as they are the ones strong enough to handle it best and help guide the healing for us all. In this 3rd dimensional reality the ego cultivates our disconnection from all life and nature around us, the true source of our energy. Our ego sows the seeds of duality, the belief that we live in a world of good and bad, dark and light. Duality within us feeds all forms of judgment towards ourselves and others. We are light beings living a solid 3D body that seems to be suffering from some sort of amnesia hiding from us our true calling. We believe our life is a series of coincidences and luck created by something else we do not control. As long as the ego mind is present the heart is not fully open and unconditional love will not exist. When we have great moments of connection or knowingness the ego mind says to us prove it. The moment we have an epiphany our ego says prove your feelings are real, of course we are not able to do this so we shut down our spiritual experiences as coincidence and return to the control of our ego. We return to the game of life because everyone does. Our ego tells us this physical world is all there is to life, after all if there were more all these people would see it. We suppress our unique talents and gifts so we can live like everyone else. If we follow a different path or speak out, we are labelled as crazy, unstable or just an unrealistic dreamer. We exist in this 3D world not conscious of the fact we have been enslaved all our lives by false truths and fear-based teachings. We do not see the fear programming that has been fed to us from birth. As long as people are consumed by the fear of worry and stress, they can be easily taken advantage of. We are imprisoned by the desire to have bigger homes, more clothes, more expensive cars. We consume almost anything to look and feel better measuring our success by how much we have collected. We work at jobs we do not love in order to buy things we do not need just to impress people we do not know. We believe being well adjusted to an ill society is a measurement of health. In this physical 3rd dimension we really have but two choices…we can be creators embracing love and light or we can be destroyers harbouring fear and hate. There really is no right or wrong, only consequences to our choices. As long as we continue to choose a fear-based reality we will attract and manifest the same negative patterns in our life. We continue to repeat these challenges or negative cycles over and over until we learn from them. Repeating the same relationships full of judgement and fear will only keep us confined to this physical 3rd dimension. Once we choose love over fear, we become free and see that we are the creators of our life.

When we start to experience our choice to love and consciously distance ourselves from fear, we begin to experience the higher vibration of the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the world of shamans and ancient healers, a dream space connected to all of life’s possibilities. The 4rth dimension is less dense physically and vibrates at a higher frequency. It has been called the astral plane of fluidity where the physical world of ego and duality still exist but in a less dense form. We visit this dimension when we sleep, in this dream state we already know anything is possible and easily manifested. Many people have used so called spiritual drugs to experience this reality temporarily. It should be noted that these drug-induced states can have valuable lessons short term but we can never really reach the higher 5th dimension of unconditional compassion with external substances. In the 4rth dimension we learn to let go of fear and embrace love and light, that is not to say we will not slip back and forth into our ego but now we have the inner tools to overcome our left-over darkness with ease. We cannot avoid stress and fear in our life but we can choose how long we suffer from it. In the 4rth dimension we work through our left-over fears and are no longer disrupted or controlled by them. We let go of fear and all negative emotions with little or no effort. Those of us experiencing the 4rth dimension start to feel very alone and misunderstood as we realize most of our life is full of superficial things and relationships. We begin to see who our true friends are, perhaps the truth is we have never cultivated any real relationships worthy of supporting love. Not to fear though as our choice to live in a higher frequency of love quickly begins to attract the relationships we always dreamed of. We become claircognizant knowing the truth of all things without know why.

The 5th dimension is the plane of light and pure unconditional love for everyone. The physical still exist in this dimension however the body becomes light and painless free from fear. In this higher dimension everything feels right and death no longer seems dark and painful. You know you are experiencing the 5th dimension when you trust everything and fear nothing. All is happening as it is meant to be and there is no desire to control anything. You are at one with everything and manifestation becomes effortless. We live the life we dream of and have the ability to decide our death or when we depart from this physical body. We live in a supportive system of life, what you express to the world will be what you create in your life. Have the courage to dream… after all that is all we have.


Wade WJ Smith is a motivational speaker and wholistic healer blessed with the opportunity to share his experiences. Wade has spent more than 25 years travelling to some 100 countries with the intention of empowering one’s self to live the life you dream of. Wade has had the honour to work with a diverse mix of people from the Royal family of Johor state Malaysia, CEOs of multinational corporations, doctors, lawyers, engineers, military personal, aboriginal groups and community-based governments to the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters that really make the world a beautiful place to be. Wade encourages anyone who struggles with the challenges of life to reach out to him and his team, together we can overcome anything.

Wade can be reached by email at [email protected]





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