The Packaging of Abundance

by Sonia Barrett



It is indeed our right to enjoy the physical plane in whatever way we choose. To enjoy our material positions is also our right. We are here to have the full experience of the earth plane. As we progress in this playing field we begin to move towards grander states of consciousness. This grander state of conscious begins to awaken natural abilities that have been forgotten or have been dormant for quite some time. The ability to be in tune or to understand the intricacies of the unfolding of our desires are not realized. The process and the outcome of desires play a major role in the limitations which maybe imposed on ones life as well as the impact on the lives of others. This abundance movement simply encourages one to desire without thought or deeper clarity of such choices. Although all experiences present us with an opportunity to expand to understand the bigger picture will allow the individual to make more expansive choices.

When we set forth a desire we are so anxious to see the manifestation of the desire that any opportunity that comes along many will immediately jump on board viewing this as a sign of the manifestation of your desire. Your decision will bear fruit but sometimes at a cost to yourself and others. Fear and survival becomes the root of our choices. We convince ourselves that the art or science of abundance is working in our favor. On one level this is so as you are being provided with the necessary experience whether it is realized or not. We subtly manipulate the process of manifestation most often without realizing this as we in turn subtly manipulate people and situations to bend the outcome. We then see this as the power of manifestation and not the power of determination supported by manipulation, fear and survival.  There are multitudes of workshops and books promoting mass hypnosis on acquiring money. These seminars are priced in higher increments of currency in order to manipulate followers or the desperate into “manifesting” a way to raise the funds to attend. They in turn are excited to testify that they were miraculously able to scrape the funds together to attend; this is now seen as a sign of pending abundance. This is then supported by the hype received after attending these events. People return with a mantra or programming which plays over and over in their heads of abundance cloaked in an enlightenment speech. One that ensures them of their divine right to happiness while aspects of themselves remain unresolved but rather swept under the rug of the subconscious mind only to resurface when the excitement of the material has died down.


On the other hand there are those who have not been able to see any of their desires manifest and for some it has actually been a blessing. Manifestation under the umbrella of enlightenment will occur without compromise to ones soul. Such compromises operating via the manipulation of others or at the expense of others will become an accrual of debts. The law of balance swings into action as situations ensuring balance begins presenting itself and we in turn begin to feel victimized and despondent. The teacher or facilitator is also affected as his/her own expansion has been stifled. These deceptive approaches or concepts of abundance affect our life force especially when in denial of the impact of the process. Abundance from an enlightened/aware principle occurs when allowed to unfold without the continued focus of the tangible substance of money which serves as a symbol of a quantitative value applied to energy hence the word currency.  We are not always ready for those conditions which present themselves for the purpose of balance.

To take it a step further in explanation the current concept of abundance is tied into the “survival program”.  This survival program operates on a concept of survival at all cost. This is chemically wired into our emotional network. We have however become experts at disguising the emotions of survival which is actually being driven by fear. This allows us to make decisions or choices which we validate through our idea of manifestation. This concept of abundance applies to those in what we view as the “awareness movement” while those who are considered to be unaware are simply living there lives and acknowledging that they are hustling to survive. They are not in denial of it. If they steal or manipulate they are not in denial of it. They are fully aware that this is there mode of operation. It is not camouflaged by anything other than a need to survive. The question is how different are many of those who are leaders, teachers and practitioners of the new “abundance concept”.  Is the manner in which the audience is being convinced assessed as a manipulative process, not in all cases of course but in most? Followers have made a choice of their own free will to absorb the concept being shared. To what degree of desperation are many of those eagerly engaged in receiving the information? Is it any different than sales strategies and the psychological manipulation imposed by marketing companies? How many of these gurus have informed the audience of their association with the best marketing geniuses out there. Marketing is all about appealing to deficiencies, needs, wants and desires of individuals and if those aspects do not exist then they are stimulated within the individual. The function of the brain once again is studied and the subconscious is intercepted. The subconscious is rented out and filled with components that will ensure the necessary response.


This current abundance theme is no different than what general consumers are involved in. The general populous is encouraged to establish great credit so that they may obtain financing for just about anything desired regardless of tangible currency. They are however manifesting the things needed by applying for credit whereby they become debtors in the end. They are now indebted and must now ensure continuous payment against this debt. They have become credit worthy in order to become debtors. In this camouflaged concept of abundance people are scrabbling to become millionaires and are running off to the nearest seminar being held by anyone who appears to have the formula for producing this finite abundance while ones life force is being depleted. How much time will you have on the planet to spend it?

Again having a monetary flow is your right. It is your right to never go without. We must however examine the process by which we are defining, limiting and harnessing abundance. Abundance is a holistic process. It encompasses the fluidity of energy and our ability to dance with it, to move with it on all levels. It is life itself. It is our ability to be the expression of subatomic particles moving into the atomic realm; the realm of particularized matter not confined to one form but being able to move in and out of the sold world at will. Abundance cannot be measured other wise it is then a finite experience, one of limitation and finality.

All of our experiences are different yet for each of us it is the process by which we expand into creation. We are gradually being reintroduced to the infiniteness that we are… yet forgotten in order to move through these experiences. Until we understand the substance and source and all that is attached to our desires we will continue to create debts no differently than owning a credit card, a debtor’s card. Many times if we were to immediately receive the things that we desire a number of us can attest to the affect that it could potentially have had on our lives or the lives of others in a not so favorable manner. If our experiences are indeed the manner in which we become expansive then your soul ensures the completion of that which is to be understood through experience. For some of us had we received large sums of money at particular periods in our lives it would have redirected us from specific concepts to be learned or remembered; knowledge that is tied into ones future and the future of other souls. It is important to see the bigger picture of the format of our lives, lay it out on the table like a quilt and review your journey through to this point in time. Review the many amazing things, people, places, your children, and your loved ones that may not have existed had some of your desires come to pass at that moment. Your desire is however falling through time into manifestation based on your journey and your ability to trust the process. Manifestations can however occur immediately according to our understanding of what is being desired. Most often there are attachments to our desires which restrict the unfolding of ones desire to a particular path of manifestation. As human beings our natural desire is to assist others especially those we are close to but sometimes making them inclusive of your desire is not always in alignment with their journey. Wanting to have a large sum of money to give to the people around you may very well interfere with the individuals growth process as the money becomes a distraction and a Band-Aid for issues or emotional challenges to be worked out by the individual. It is for this reason that many people winning large sums of money generally lose it all in a very short time. Money then becomes the tour guide for the journey. That’s another reason why there are so many unhappy financially wealthy people. Abundance is the result of ones journey into ones self; a rediscovery of the infiniteness of ones existence unlimited and uninhibited by time and space. We are no longer settling for illusions of a grander reality. Without this understanding many manipulate the process. We all have at some point. I certainly have and many times paid dearly for what I believed to be a clear manifestation. What people are being sold is a “renovated matrix”. The matrix has been repainted, new colors and furniture but it sits on the same foundation, one that is finite, one that will keep you on the reincarnation wheel for you will have created new debts and unable to see beyond the sparkle and the glitter of the new paint and furniture.

The theme of abundance is also tied into finding ones purpose. Understand that your purpose is to allow the manifestation of life and all that you have done, are currently doing and will do is your purpose. To limit oneself to a particular idea of your purpose is to disqualify all of the joy, pain, trials, tribulations and all things in between which have gifted you with this moment, this expanding being that you are. You have the right to create and experience an unlimited number of purposes. Why limit yourself?


No one said that discovering one’s self would be easy and painless for you are releasing old programs and ideas and replacing them with an organic you. It’s called dismantling the survival program because that is what we are all tied into. Fear of inhalation through loss of life, money, material possessions, mind, power etc. Wouldn’t you prefer to understand the science of your life, your body, your mind, how to reactivate full brain function, how to see beyond the matrix of this life, how to have an endless life, how to never grow old as time is no longer a finite program in your cells, how to journey to other crevices of existence, how to live beyond your five senses, how to feel the breath of nature as yourself, how to be more than your body and the color of your skin, how to be creation which you already are. That  would certainly be an abundant life, experienced through the expansion of ones consciousness, an enlightenment of yourself as source. If freedom is what you seek then allow yourself to see through the bells and whistles of the matrix. Abundance is your birthright but it’s up to you to determine the manner in which you choose to define it! Be holistically wealthy!



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