Parallel Worlds and Timelines

by Dana Donlon





History changes, books have subtle differences, things appear or disappear then later mysteriously return. Are we losing our minds? Our memories? Are we being gaslighted? No.

Over the last 5 years the accounts of such things happening to hundreds or even thousands of people continue to grow. A famous person dies but we remember quite clearly their death years before. We reread our favorite book but something significant has changed or it is gone. Put in a DVD and the episodes are different. Objects appear we have never seen before. Or we put something down and come back to find it has disappeared and no amount of searching is successful. Then hours days or even months later the item reappears right where we left it.

So what the hell is going on? It has happened to so many people it cannot be a mistake or a memory lapse. Is this matrix we live in breaking down? Is reality itself falling apart? Maybe. Is it a manipulated timeline change? Perhaps but if indeed the timeline has changed why would we remember the original timeline. If the book was written in say 1980 and we read it then and several times since then suddenly it changes it cannot be a timeline change. If the timeline has been changed it would have been changed so that the book was written differently from the beginning and we would not see any change.

So is there a possibility? Yes. The latest science is pointing towards what used to be just science fiction; multiple or parallel worlds. In 2014 Howard Wiseman of Griffith University wrote a paper on this subject. His paper relates the idea that within the same quantum space there are uncountable worlds existing in the same place and time. Some of these will be near identical to the one we currently experience others may be completely different.

What does this have to do with each of us? It is a possible explanation of the changes in timelines we experience.  But how does this work? So are we just one soul that has fractured into many parts to experience this multi-earth matrix? Does our higher self control or oversee all of these incarnations? Who or what controls a shift to a different world? Can we learn to control the shifting process itself? Do we have to switch places with another part of ourselves in order to make the change/shift?

Personally I have been twice shown in the dream state another version of me. In one I was the observer in the other I was in the alternate version. In both cases I remained my own sense of self and was lucid. In the first I simply found myself there. In the second I was taken there by what I would call a guide.

The first I was in new York City and things were very very bad. There had been some type of war and the living was substandard to say the least. I was caring for and hiding dozens of small children (trying to any way) who were living in an attic with me. There were food lines, no running water or sewers and the conditions were appalling. During the experience I realized this was an alternate timeline.

In the second I was shown myself. I was at a funeral with five other people. A casket was being lowered into the ground. I only saw myself from the back, my hair was waist length as it is now but blond and I was painfully thin (as were the other people) and dressed in a dark blue business suit (like an FBI agent would wear). The world around me seemed the same but it was a cemetery setting so there was not much to see.

Combined with the dozens of things I have experienced, timeline changes, objects appearing and disappearing etc. I can say that I believe the science is correct. There are many worlds inter-lapping. But I still think we have the need for more answers.

Does wisdom gained in one world allow our other selves to be wiser? Do we share emotions and or information with our other selves? Who controls the “switch”? If we do how? Does our recognition of some people we have never met relate to our knowing them in these other worlds? Is the soul mate many of us long for an attempt to fill a hole that IS filled in another quantum reality?

If we depend on science to give us these answers we will be long in the waiting I am afraid. The only way to get even partial answers to any of these questions is for all of us to pay attention. Write down the “events” you experience. What changed? When and where? What do you remember? What appeared or disappeared? did it happen with other people around you? If enough of us begin to trust ourselves there will come a time in the not to distant future where we will be able to compare notes. perhaps then we will have some answers.

Take care of you no matter which world you are experiencing,



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