Photonic Illumination

By Iona Miller

Photonic Human






“All substances are part of my own consciousness. This consciousness is vacuous, unborn, and unceasing.” Thus meditating, allow the mind to rest in the uncreated state. Like the pouring of water into water, the mind should be allowed its own easy mental posture in its natural, unmodified condition, clear and vibrant.



If we turn our awareness within and look deep enough we find a luminous domain.
Through “creative regression,” the generic form of ego death, consciousness recycles, recursively bending back upon itself. The direction is a recapitulation of, a re-experiencing of sequences from earlier life, conception and birth experience, ancestral awareness, genetic, phylenogenic, and physiological recognitions, molecular and atomic perception, and quantum consciousness. Subquantal space is correlated with the groundstate of consciousness (Miller & Swinney).

Mystic ecstasy, or the psychedelic state is mind-manifesting, consciousness expanding. It dissolves the identification of our consciousness with our histories, bodies, emotions, thoughts, and even beliefs. We are free to explore myriad forms, structures, and patterns, and/or become formless, resting in that unborn, unconditioned, unmodified healing state. We experience the essence of other forms of existence, the Oneness of all life.

As consciousness explores and expands, ego dissolves. According to chaos theory, free-flowing energy is capable of self-organization. In consciousness dynamics this means that the obstructions to free flowing energy must first be dissolved. Through re-creational ego death, consciousness dissolves into healing communion with the whole of existence, renewing itself, emerging with a new creative potential. Healing is beyond technique.

Consciousness turns back on itself, reiterating each level of organization, de-structuring each strata as it dives deeper toward the unconditioned, formless beginning, or “unborn” state. This primal state is amniotic bliss experienced as the Void, the cosmic womb.

The flow of dynamic energy from the deep Self reawakens and activates the body, and also that portion of the unconscious that the body carries. The body not only carries, but also is the memory of the entire evolutionary cycle. Immersion in the healing creative energy flow is like a spiritual baptism, which facilitates creative reformation of ordinary consciousness, and even the energetic/physical body.

Pure consciousness, the fundamental luminosity, is the ground state of unborn form (Miller). The generic purpose of ego death is to liberate our embodied being, precipitating communion with and re-patterning by the Whole. When all forms finally dissolve into unconditioned consciousness, the ground state of the Nature Mind is revealed as the mystic Void, the womb of creation.

The mindbody, the field body, is electronic, but it is rooted in the luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and at a distance. They allow the cells of the body to work together instantaneously and symphonically.

All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.

We can return to Nature and our nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs. We are a process of recursive self-generation. This continuum, which is our groundstate or creative Source, is directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment, in the living Light that generates our Being.

[Consciousness (brainwaves) may be the matching of wave-phases of the brain’s matter-wave with environmental resonances. Attention may be the mind selecting the highest wave amplitudes in the brain. Neurons contains wave frequencies from all other neurons in the brain.]

Energy, light, information. We are constantly swimming in a vast sea of life energy fields, thought fields, and bioplasmic forms, moving about and streaming off the body. We are vibrating; radiating bioplasma itself. People have recognized this phenomenon in the past. Now we are rediscovering it. This is thus not a new phenomenon; but rather, a new observation, a growing awareness, a new perspective, and a renewed interest in studying the intricacies of the unknown.


MECHANISMS: The Heart of Matter

In THE HEART SINGLE FIELD THEORY, Jacques Boivin has suggested that, “If we wish to understand the nature of the Universe we have an inner hidden advantage: we are ourselves little portions of the universe and so carry the answer within us.”

General Comments. Is space absolute and generative (a sea of virtual particles in the vacuum) or is it a generated domain (spacetime)? Are there veils of negative existence? Is the groundstate Consciousness, Sacred or Divine? Biblical and Greek accounts of creation tell of a dark Void or state of Chaos from which radiant force emanates forth with the intentionality of manifestation. It is a dynamic eruption of unbound to bound energy.

Because of its very nature a chaotic system cannot be decomposed. If consciousness is pure information it is not limited to physical form. Its patterning may emerge from chaotic dynamics operating at the quantum level, where the “no-thing” of pure information becomes a structured “some-thing,” through intentionality coupled with chaotic determinism (self-organized emergent order). The undecomposable level of chaotic consciousness is experienced as the pure, unconditioned imprint of the whole, Absolute Nature.

Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, two functional approaches toward a unified field theory, are incompatible. Each must be discussed in its own terms and theory. Einstein’s relativity is persistently irreconcilable with Quantum Mechanics, and subquantal physics (QFT). Thermodynamics is the science of death, and quantum physics is the science of life.

Quantum theory stresses the wholeness of communication, rather than viewing it as a signal moving passively through some channel between two autonomous entities. In QM, an entity can change under the influence of energy vibrations, even from a vast distance (nonlocality), evolving a new structure and new excitations.

A quantum system is in constant communication with its whole environment. Not only does the system respond to information, but also by means of its own coherent vibrations, it can, in a sense, reach out and touch the environment.

Were does the energy come from? Light is unbound energy; matter is bound energy. Light collapses to form matter. The collapse of EM energy is the collapse of the wave function in Quantum Mechanics. But not all theories of quantum and subquantal processes require collapse of the wave function (MWI; Transactional; Holographic). Still, a notion of spacetime is fundamentally different than one rooted in absolute space. The role of light is nuanced in each context.

In this first model below (Gowan) spacetime is not seen as fundamental, but is the product of light’s intrinsic motion. If light can make space and matter, light can also create matter’s time dimension. Space becomes translated into time by gravity. Thus, the further we look into the cosmos, the further back in time we see. Space is entropic, a medium for light. Spacetime is a domain, not a generative potentiality. Material objects are linked by time and causality, rather than by space and light.

In ZPE models, space is relatively independent of time (duration) and light emerges from it through the progressive amplification of scalar fields and quantum foam. The threshold is crossed into the so-called particle zoo. Space is negentropic. Pure potential is irreducible, fundamental and generates light through self-organizing process. Material objects are linked by (nonlocal) space and light.

Science has looked out to the edges of the universe to deep space, into deep time — to the beginning of the universe, and into deep structure — to the basic level of the quantum. Now through neurotheology and consciousness studies it is exploring deep mind, traditionally the spirit world of shamans, priests, and masters.

When we delve into deep mind as fully as we have delved into deep space, deep time, and deep structure, then we will discover what the great spiritual teachers have been talking about for thousands of years. Science is going to find itself unwittingly having to explore the very topic it has so strenuously avoided for centuries.

Consciousness is a big problem in science, and there is no consensus in consciousness studies on this “hard problem”. Consciousness is absolutely undeniable, and completely inexplicable.

This is the heart of matter, and the heart of our matter. The later theory is more consistent with traditional wisdom (Kabbalah; Buddhism; Bible, Gr. Myth, Tao, etc.), but the former must still be accounted for in its own terms. We cannot be satisfied with only the “software of consciousness”, emotional or poetic appeal of anecdotal reports and spiritual doctrines of light. We can approach it experientially, emotionally, and conceptually. As the mystics of old well knew, material existence lives in time, but its roots lie elsewhere.

As in modern physics, light was a recurrent theme. Consciousness itself was often spoken of in terms of light. The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation spoke of “the self-originated Clear Light, eternally unborn shining forth within one’s own mind.” St. John referred to “the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” Walt Whitman described cosmic consciousness as “ineffable light, light rare, untellable, light beyond all signs, descriptions and languages.”

The light of consciousness is likewise fundamental; without it there would be no experience. Is there a more fundamental connection between the light of the physical world and the light of consciousness? Do physical reality and the reality of the mind share the same common ground, a ground whose essence is light?

There are close parallels with the light of physics. Physical light has no mass, and is not part of the material world. The same is true of consciousness; it is immaterial. Physical light seems to be fundamental to the universe.

Einstein’s equations predict that from light’s own point of view time has stopped, and distance has shrunk to zero. So all light knows is now. It doesn’t exist in time and space as we do. Light, somehow, lies beyond the world of space, time, and matter. It is not part of the material world.

Time and space disappear when you get down to the deepest levels of consciousness. Saint Augustine said, “He that knows the truth, knows what this light is and that it is eternity”. And Emerson said, “time and space are but the physiological colors the eye makes, the soul is light”.



Skeptics, such as Victor Stenger in “The Myth of Quantum Consciousness” have argued from the inception of quantum mind theories that they are unnecessary to explain Quantum Mechanics. He argues that Bell dispatched the notion of Bohm’s hidden variables, and that there is no universal medium. vstenger/Quantum/QuantumConsciousness.pdf

“[T]he interpretation of quantum mechanics to which Einstein objected, and which Bohm sought to replace, still reigns supreme after being subjected to a similar period of rigorous experimental test, including the tests of Bell’s theorem. The EPR paradox thus would seem to suggest that quantum mechanics and relativity cannot be made compatible, and so one or the other must go. Before the experimental results confirming conventional quantum mechanics came in, Bohm and his supporters had argued that conventional quantum mechanics should be discarded. Now that the results are in, the new holists argue that relativity must yield, since quantum mechanics provides a mechanism by which signals can move faster than light.”

Quantum mechanics is called on further to argue that the cosmic field, like Newton’s aether, couples to the human mind itself. In Robert Lanza’s view, that field is the universal mind of all humanity – living, dead, and unborn. Ironically, this seemingly profound association between quantum and mind is an artifact, the consequence of unfortunate language used by Bohr, Heisenberg and the others who originally formulated quantum mechanics, implying observer effect.

But even without human involvement, with inanimate instruments doing the observing, do the rules of quantum mechanics allow for superluminal motion?
A careful analysis of the experiments that tested Bell’s theorem shows that the only objects that move faster than light are mathematical creations of our imagination, like the quantum wave function, which are not physical objects. It can be demonstrated that no signal carrying actual information moves faster than the speed of light. Neither conventional quantum mechanics nor Einstein’s relativity are violated.

The overwhelming weight of evidence, from seven decades of experimentation, shows not a hint of a violation of reductionist, local, discrete, nonsuperluminal,non-holistic relativity and quantum mechanics – with no fundamental involvement of human consciousness other than in our own subjective perception of whatever reality is out there. Of course our thinking processes have a strong influence on what we perceive.

But to say that what we perceive therefore determines, or even controls, what is out there is without rational foundation. The world would be a far different place for all of us if it was just all in our heads – if we really could make our own reality as the New Agers believe. The fact that the world rarely is what we want it to be is the best evidence that we have little to say about it. The myth of quantum consciousness should take its place along with gods, unicorns, and dragons as yet another product of the fantasies of people unwilling to accept what science, reason, and their own eyes tell them about the world.

We can make a thought journey focusing our attention at the threshold of transformation. The boundary layer is where our metaphysical concepts begin to literally matter, where nothing becomes something, where free energy becomes bound energy, where the unobservble becomes observable.

Electric and magnetic fields induce each other to produce the propagation of light; so also do the frequency and wavelength of light induce each other to produce velocity c.

We can see nothing without light. That “something” that “matters” is first and foremost light. The caveat is, indeed, “Let there be Light!” And we are That.



“We have to begin to view the universe as ultimately constituted not of matter and energy, but of pure information
Michael Talbot, Beyond the Quantum

John A. Gowan proposes an interpretation of QM that is more user-friendly to the holisitic choir. In this model Space does not preexist Light, but is actually produced by the intrinsic motion of light itself. Light is the only energy form which can produce its own conservation domain from nothing – hence its primacy.

The general principle at work in this process is significant for the origin of matter, information, and the systems they produce, that is the interaction of two fields, One is symmetric (the color charge of the strong force and quarks – the mass carriers) and one asymmetric (the weak force IVBs (Intermediate Vector Bosons) and associates the leptonic field of alternative charge carriers – the information carriers). The action of the asymmetric field is necessary to reveal the information content of the symmetric field. (J.A. Gowan)

We see the same principle at work in the dimensional conservation domains of light and matter, the intersection of symmetric space by asymmetric time. This intersection produces gravitation, revealing a specific “location” in the symmetric field of space. “Location” is the fundamental information “bit” in the dimensional realm (as indicated by the character of gravity), just as “identity” is the fundamental information bit in the particle realm (as indicated by the character of neutrinos).

The information bit “location” (requiring time) is the anchor point of Einstein’s “Interval”. The asymmetric potential is embedded in the symmetric field from the beginning, as is time in spacetime, “frequency” (time) in light, the information content of the virtual particle “sea” in the vacuum, and the hidden or implicit identity charge in particles.

Thus the manifest world is a revelation of the information potential and content of the symmetric unmanifest world, as exposed by the action of its own embedded asymmetric energy component or field. Spacetime contains a complete record of the location, mass, and identity of every elementary particle within its conservation domain, and within historic spacetime, a memory of every event. (J. A. Gowan)

“Noether’s Theorem” states that in a multicomponent field such as the electromagnetic field (or the metric field of spacetime), where one finds a symmetry one finds an associated conservation law, and vice versa. In matter, light’s symmetries are conserved by charge-spin; in spacetime, by inertial forces.

All forms of energy, including the conservation/entropy domain of spacetime, originate as light. During the “Big Bang”, the asymmetric interaction of primordial, high energy light with the metric structure of spacetime produces matter; matter carries charges which are the symmetry debts of the light which created it.

Charges produce forces which act to return the material system to its original symmetric state, light (as in our Sun), paying the symmetry debts. Identifying the broken symmetries of light associated with each of the 4 forces of physics is the first step toward a conceptual unification of those forces. The charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light.

We are all connected in time, regardless of our separation in space. Space becomes translated into time by gravity. Material objects are linked by time and causality, rather than by space and light. Light’s intrinsic motion creates space, and causes its expansion and cooling.

Because the Cosmos begins at a single instant of time, every atom in the Universe is of the same age, causally connected, and exists in a universal “now” which is the temporal analog of light’s “non-local” habitation of space. Space is a connecting dimensional and entropic medium which functions as a metric conservation domain for light’s free energy.

Space does not preexist light, but is actually produced by the intrinsic motion of light itself, in this model.

Light is the only energy form which can produce its own conservation domain from nothing – hence its primacy. Time is an asymmetric form of space. The intrinsic motion of light produces space, and the intrinsic motion of light is also the indirect source of time. The spatial dimensions are associated with light’s wavelength, the temporal dimension is associated with light’s frequency.

Space and time are both inherent potentials of light’s energetic composition. If light can make space and matter, light can also create matter’s time dimension; space and time are but the dimensional conservation domains of electromagnetic energy’s free and bound states, light and matter. It should be no surprise that electromagnetic energy can and does produce the dimensional conservation domains required by its two principle energy forms.

Time is produced by the gravitational annihilation of space, extracting a temporal residue, or quantum mechanically, when light collapses to form matter or bound energy. The collapse of the electromagnetic wave to form bound energy also converts light from its wavelength or “spacelike” mode to its frequency or “timelike” mode.

As for the intrinsic motion of light and the creation of space, curiously, as in the case of gravity, we can attribute this to the intrinsic motion of time. Electric and magnetic fields induce each other to produce the propagation of light; so also do the frequency and wavelength of light induce each other to produce velocity c.

Both time and space modes have a metrically equivalent intrinsic motion that creates a dimensional conservation domain appropriate for its energy type, space for the free-energy “wave” mode, time and history for the bound-energy “frequency” mode. These intrinsic, dimension-creating motions of light are the entropy drives of free and bound energy, light and matter, creating, cooling, and expanding space on the one hand, creating, aging, and decaying matter, history, and information on the other.

It is the ever-present threat of time, implicit in the very nature of light (frequency), which propels the electromagnetic wave forward in space to protect its metric symmetry. The flight of space (wavelength) from time (frequency) produces the intrinsic (“self-motivated”) motion of light. This motion is a symmetric dimensional state of energy fleeing an asymmetric dimensional expression which is an internal potential of its own nature.

While explicit time is the driver of the world of bound energy, implicit time is the driver of the realm of free energy. Time is the “metabolism” of the Cosmos. Time, whether in its implicit or explicit role, is the entropy driver of the Universe of both light and matter.

Matter originates as an interaction of very high energy light with the metric of spacetime; matter is a mixture of electromagnetic energy and dimensional structure.


The Matrix: Creation from Virtual Photon Fluctuation

The Synergetic Matrix (ZPE) at the basis of Existence is flckering, scintillating. Life is the physical manifestation of this creative flow of coherent information. This “active information” binds living systems into a coherent whole and sustains their healthy functioning.

Prigogine won the 1977 Nobel Prize for substantiating his notion that matter is not inert but “alive and active.” Further, the vacuum state is teeming with nonobservable “life”; a turbulent froth which conditions the emergence of probabilities in quantum fluctuation.

Bohm has posited a multidimensional common ground for consciousness and matter. He alleges that the superholographic level of the universe has a staggering number of dimensions, and that it may be a “mere stage” beyond which is “an infinity of further development.”

Bohm calls it, “vast, rich, and in a state of unending flux of enfoldment and unfoldment, with laws most of which are only vaguely known.” In this view nature itself is a living organism whose diversity encompasses all the diversity of form emerging from the superhologram. It is “purposive” and possesses “deep intentionality.”

In Bohm’s causal interpretation of QM, we inhabit an ocean of “active information”–the ever-flowing, ever-changing pattern of the meaning of life itself. Information comes from symmetry-breaking.

The entire inner and outer environment includes the whole field of electromagnetic information, which patterns our electronic bodies. But we also are subject to the patterning effects of the whole of existence, a global pool of information, a pool of being, which is paradoxically rooted in non-existence.

Bohm identifies “active information” with quantum potential, which does not depend on its size or intensity, like other forces, but on its overall form (coherence of the system). In this view, even a very weak quantum potential can have a dominating effect on distant quantum objects. It operates not by pushing or pulling an electron but by providing it with information about its environment and thereby guiding its motion.

As Peat puts it, “Just as with an organism that is informed by its surrounding field of electromagnetic information, so, too, the quantum potential provides information about the surrounding quantum environment. In turn, the electron responds to this information and so modifies its motion.”

All of the creativity and insight that we ourselves experience must also be seen as derivative of this common ground, and thus in a sense it seems that nature has made us seek her. Perhaps that is why there is a deep drive in all of us to understand the universe. It would no longer be correct to speak of the multi-dimensional level of the universe as a material plane. Rather, Bohm concludes, ‘it could equally well be called Idealism, Spirit, Consciousness. The separation of the two–matter and spirit–is an abstraction. The ground is always one.’

In a nonunitary interpretation of the universe it is possible for novel processes and elements to emerge that are in no way implicit in anything that has gone before. They permit the totally new to enter the universe, superceding historic determinism. They are like gaps or intermittancy in the scintillating fabric of spacetime, from which creation emerges.

In nonunitary quantum theory, communication becomes communion: long-range interactions of quantum systems on one another cause each system to dissolve into the environment provided by the other. Following this, the systems recrystallize again and show a modification of their original global structure.

At the level of the quantum, reality is fuzzy, and any attempt to penetrate that mist collapses our commonsense understanding of the way the world works. The vacuum is not an empty stage, but the domain of violent upheavals in nothingness, where new particles are constantly being created and destroyed.

Again, according to Talbot (1986),

Most of these particles have lifetimes so incredibly brief that they are virtually nonexistent, and hence are known as “virtual particles.” However, physicists know that virtual particles are more than just abstractions that pop up in their equations because, ghostly and short-lived though these particles may be, they still jostle around the atoms in our own world a bit when they appear, and these effects can be physically measured. Indeed, a growing number of physicists are coming to believe that everything we know as real in the entire universe may ultimately have sprung out of this empty and seething vacuum.

If quanta are ultimately constituted out of the vacuum–ultimately just structures in the nothingness–what does this mean? What is structured nothingness but just another word for information? Something that has always been thought of as being “no-thing” may prove to be the only thing. Perhaps we should give this vacuum in our thinking another look.

There are characteristics of quantum systems that can be tied to chaotic behavior in classical systems. For a classical object, one normally thinks of these quantum fluctuations [expressed by the probability distribution] as very, very small and ignorable. When the dynamics is chaotic, these quantum fluctuations grow very large.

Prigogine’s work on the self-organizing nature of the universe led him to similar conclusions. Disorder is not an ultimate fate from which nothing can escape, but is actually the progenitor of order. A more ordered state arises out of apparent disorder. His notions also hold true at the human level, as observed in the psychological transformation process.

Talbot summarizes Prigogine’s description of emergent order from chaos:

Given that most systems we know of are open and are constantly exchanging energy or matter and, perhaps most importantly, exchanging information with their environment, Prigogine observed that all such systems should be viewed as fluctuating. At times such fluctuations may become so powerful that a preexisting level of organization in a system cannot withstand the fluctuation.

Prigogine called this moment of crisis for a system a “bifurcation point” and believed that when such a point is reached, a system has two options. Either it will be destroyed by the fluctuation and disintegrate into chaos, or it will suddenly leap to an entirely new level of organization, a new internal order that Prigogine called a “dissipative structure” (because the role of this new level of organization is to “dissipate” the influx of energy, matter, and/or information responsible for the disabling fluctuation). It was for his theory of such dissipative structures that Prigogine won the 1977 Nobel Prize.



The interplay of yin and yang within the womb of the Mysterious Mother creates the expansion and contraction of nature.

Although the entire universe is created out of this reproductive dance, it is but a tiny portion of her being.

Her heart is the Universal Heart, and her mind the Universal Mind.

The reproductive function is also a part of human beings. Because yin and yang are not complete within us as individuals, we pair up to integrate them and bring forth a new life.

Although most people spend their entire lives following this biological impulse, it is only a tiny portion of our beings as well.

If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we are married to the fertile reproductive valley of the Mysterious Mother but not to her immeasurable heart and all-knowing mind.

If you wish to unite with her heart and mind, you must integrate yin and yang within the whole being of the Mysterious Mother.

This is what is known as true evolution.

From the Heart of Darkness springs the Light, and we are That. Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being. We are truly Light Beings: Homo Lumen. We literally inhabit and embody a Temple of Living Light, which is interconnected with the deepest level of Cosmos. We are shiny Diamonds of Rainbow Light. We are made in the Images of its Brilliance. Shine On!

In the Images of its Brilliance.
In the Effulgence of its Brilliance.

In the end there is only Brilliance.


May Peace Prevail On Earth

Vallitkoon rauha maailmassa

Che la pace possa regnare sulla terra

Pax Regniret Super Terram

Niech ludzkosc swiata zyje w pokoju

Que La Paz Prevalezca En La Tierra

Amani Iwe ul mwenguni

Go mBeidh Siothchain Go Deo Ar Thalamh An Domhain


May Peace Prevail On Earth


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