By Tony Sayers

It is very rare that you will find anything for free these days, everything has its price it seems. The exception to the rule here seems to be pornography, literally a quick Google search and you have access to a literal smorgasbord of different pornographic tastes at your disposal. More worryingly is the fact that a child could also access this at a click of a button! So the question is WHY? Pornography and the war on love and connection is very real.


The problem is multifaceted as I discuss in an interview I guested on The Crazz Files with Adam Crabb which you can listen to here:


We live in an overtly hypersexualized society and it is getting worse by the day.  Of course, it’s been tiptoeing in this direction for decades.  Half naked women have long been used to sell anything from cars to Coca Cola. Then we have the likes of The Sun newspaper in the UK with their iconic ‘page 3 girls’ getting young men horny since day dot.  I ask myself is this the sign of a conscious and loving community?



Is this how we show respect to our women? The nurturers,  care bringers and creators of life. Now when we get into the realms of pornography you may as well just stab the divine feminine energy in the back. These ‘films’ propagate the treatment of women as absolute filth and no more than an object to be used and abused. They promote low vibrational carnal sex, a massive lack of connection, and the complete bastardisation of the divine feminine herself.  As men are we not supposed to be protecting this energy and stepping into our own essence of the sacred masculine?

Of course, those in the know will innerstand that this is exactly what the people who control the World want. As I explain in the video below the divine feminine has long been trampled upon all throughout human history. They KNOW that this caring energy which naturally emanates from women has the ability to change the World and birth a new era of love into existence. Pornography at its core is nothing more than Satanic mockery towards the feminine.



The buck lays firmly with us men to realise that the ‘notches on the goalpost’ mentality we all grew up with is also an extension of that. One leads into the other and we have to wholeheartedly reject the destruction of the feminine at every turn, particularly through pornography. These could be our mothers, sisters, or cousins, and when you put it like that just goes to show how sick the whole notion is. And yes folks that does include sending dick pictures over Facebook messenger!

For the men out there reading this, we have to realise that jerking off over some low budget and low vibrational scene is damaging us too. It damages us physically, mentally and spiritually in many ways that we don’t even understand all of which that I go into in my recent book ‘Plugged Into Porn’ that you can purchase by clicking on the image below. This goes into the many health benefits of holding onto your seed and the consequences to you if you don’t stop!



The problem is now that pornography is not even under the radar now, Rhinna’s recent music video titled S&M (sadomasochism) couldn’t be more disturbing considering she is an idol for many young children. We know they are trying to sexualise the youth at a young age in their perverted agendas, we have a choice to not buy into it all and finally call it out for the disgusting bullshit that it really is!



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Tony Sayers

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