Preparing for the cull: dumbing down the populace.





This article was originally written 7 years ago today. I have just come across it in the drafts section of my ‘dashboard’ on WordPress. I have recently been writing about the ease with which the Great Global Lurgy Swindle has been rolled out and accepted by a largely compliant populace. Said peoples are Lambs to the Slaughter , whose chosen state of ignorance leaves them blind to the cull that is taking place via the needle and a number of other trauma inducing psychological manipulation. The following article examines the role played by a fake mass education system in the creation of the illusion that there is a pandemic which will be brought to an end by the acceptance of the offer to take part in a dna altering mass injection experiment






Friday, 7 February 2014



For the last five years the RM has been engaging in various courses of action with regard to our inalienable freedoms under Natural Law, many of which can be read about at this site. This has necessitated direct contact with the various financial and ‘legal’ agencies of oppressive control, man-to-man confrontation(s) with their jack-booted, mind-controlled agents and the creation of countless documentation which has unerringly established the facts of the matter(s).  This article is an attempt to unravel an immensely complex web of deceit as it now appears to me through the application of one’s critical thinking from a standpoint which provides an ever-clearer vista (view). As such, it deliberately avoids going into the depths of its subject matter, especially as those depths are there to be researched further by all those who feel the need to do so.

Throughout this time, it has become ever clearer that many of our fellow beings living on these shores known as the British Isles are profoundly nescient and/or willfully ignorant of those matters in which they are operating within and claim to have knowledge of. These matters are fundamental issues of direct significance to the ancient rights, freedoms and customs of the people who live on these shores(and all Mankind, wherever they may be), as established by our ancestors down the millennia.  They are matters which are inextricably interconnected and they concern our individual sovereignty, our enslavement, finance (fraudulent money creation), the electro-magnetic nature of the universe, nutrition, psychology, personal relationships, language usage/linguistics, health, the law of the land,  climatic conditions, mind-control techniques, history and spirit.

During that time it has become apparent that many of those who are in the employment of the (bogus) state and the corporations are self-evidently unable and/or unwilling to do that which is right and that, more often than not, these people demonstrably have no appreciation of the wider significance of what they are purporting to have knowledge of and are perpetrating against their fellow Men.

This is not to say these agents are lacking in intelligence ~ in spite of it all, RM is firmly of the view that each and every one of us is born with unique innate intelligences that empower us to learn and apply our knowledge to that which we have become informed about and come to know.

How and why has it got to this point? What are the roots of this malaise which has descended like a fugue over the minds of these people? It is as though their innate abilities have deserted them but is this really the case?

It begins and ends with psychological manipulation via those weapons of mass deception.  ALL IS MIND and when one truly grasps the significance of that statement, one will begin to see the ways and effects of those various devices that are in place to control the individual and collective consciousness of the peoples of Planet Earth.

These methods of manipulation have manifested via occulted knowledge, controlled by those who would seek to gain personally from the virtual enslavement of Man. From the very moment of our arrival on this planet, all manner of control mechanisms and propaganda begins to infect each of us. The tried and tested tools and methods of mind control invariably begin with our parents and families: within hours or days of our appearance (our ‘delivery’), the registration of the child via the birth certificate becomes an entrapment whereby the individual is caught up in a deceptive series of complex hidden legal, financial and trust-based manipulations under the guise of its ‘citizenship’; deceptions which many go through their entire lives in nescience and/or ignorance of.

These deceptions (of which all religions are included too) morph over time into the tyrannical systems of mind control that are manifestly designed to suppress the individual in a form of virtual enslavement whereby he is brain-washed into acceptance of his role as a member of the proletariat labouring under a system of feudalism: taxes, rents, mortgages all form the ‘tributes’ he pays to a seemingly untouchable ‘Crown’ which has a bogus claim over the lands and its resources. Throw into the mix the 20th Century Huxleyian pharmaceutical tools of the medical systems whereby ‘legal’ drugs like statins, serotonins, fluoride, genetically modified foodstuffs and innumerate vaccinations attack his cognitive abilities and his immune system and stir into the mix the some 280 fake psychiatric disorders like autism and ADHD, and it becomes ever more apparent that huge swathes of the Globe’s population are operating under diminished levels of cognition. In the simplest of terms, they do not know what is going on.

On top of this, there are the Orwellian technological tools of mind control which are reinforced by way of the propagandist tools of tyranny ~ television, cinema, newspapers, magazines, radio and the state (mis)education systems from which we see just how easy it is to manipulate Mankind into a state of conditioned and oppressive mind control, correctly identified as the Matrix, which is held in sway by the fear that is deliberately generated by these devices when, underneath it all, his natural state is one of infinite possibility, love and boundless natural intelligence and we see how our lives on planet earth are insidiously manipulated

What is the antidote, the solution to this? How do we remove the veils of falsehood and the yoke of tyranny from our lives to live on this planet as self-realised beings under Natural Law?

The very fact so many resources have been put into place to keep Man in a fugue is testimony to his dormant powers and inherent sovereignty: those who control him know how powerful each and every one of us truly is beneath the sleepwalking state so many live in.

The antidote to all forms of tyranny and enslavement is provided in one word: EDUCATION; a word from the Latin, ‘Educere‘ which means to lead out or bring into the open that which was hidden, or lies latent within.

educerelead out,’ from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + ducere ‘to lead.
educe bring out or develop (something latent or potential) : out of love obedience is to be educed.

The following 12 minute film brilliantly encapsulates what has occurred and neatly depicts the yoke under which we are operating. Schools are prisons for the bodies and minds of the children (the prisoners).

What is the antidote, the solution to this? How do we remove the veils of falsehood and the yoke of tyranny from our lives to live on this planet as self-realised beings under Natural Law?

The very fact so many resources have been put into place to keep Man in a fugue is testimony to his dormant powers and inherent sovereignty: those who control him know how powerful each and every one of us truly is beneath the sleepwalking state so many live in.



The introduction of the ‘National Curriculum ‘ in 1988 was an overt imposition of this input-output system of brainwashing which masquerades as ‘Education’. Prior to that, there was a more liberal curriculum in place, with more teacher autonomy in the choice of what the children were taught ~ a post-war response to the rigid class system that certainly pervaded through RM’s own ‘schooling’.

In the simplest of terms, what passes for education in Britain in 2014 is a Prussian system best summarised by this image:



Background to RM’s teaching career in a public fooling system.  I began teaching in secondary schools at the age of 23, having completed a degree in English Literature with Linguistics (Nottingham University) and a Post-Graduate course in Teaching (Manchester University).

During the ensuing years I taught all ages, from 7 through to 18. I had always understood the importance of language as the means by which we frame our thinking and reasoning and how it is used as a means of controlling others. From this there developed an interest in how the Media works and this lead me to initiating a Media Studies course which similarly focused on not just language literacy but literacy in its widest sense by which symbols, images, text, music, sound all combine to manipulate the mind of the viewer in ways that are advantageous to the seller of products, the promoter of cultural memes and all those who would seek to influence, and/or persuade others into acceptance of any given situation or message. If people are unable to discern the how and why of the Media and its messaging and literal brainwashing, then they are as defenceless to its power as a lamb is to the desires of a wolf.

By the age of 32 I had become head of English and Media at a school in Leicester, with some nine teachers working in the Department.  All very good, you might say:  I was on a relatively large salary and, as my conservative parents saw it, set up to advance confidently through a satisfying and well-rewarded career with a tidy pension at the end.

And yet there remained a splinter in my mind: the ‘management’ of others, whether so-called adults or children was onerous and unsatisfying because I did not and have never sought any control over my fellow beings. Freedom for all was what interested me and that began with the self: after all, if I had not freed myself then how I be of any use to others?  Andrew, a good friend and colleague of mine, had always encouraged me to see the ‘gaps’ in the (mis)education system and subversively operate within them. I did and I know that those adults and children with whom I had the pleasure of working saw this and appreciated it. In the two years I was working as Head of English, I took to smoking cannabis before I went to work and at lunchtime for the simple reason it freed up my mind to operate more creatively and more care-free in a system of control that was becoming increasingly oppressive to me.

This period coincided with the arrival of New Labour in ‘Government’ in 1997. Naively, I initially believed this was a force for real change and opportunity after years of Tory cut backs and budgetary restraints.

It soon became apparent this was a lie and that Blair and his mandarins were simply another head on the hydra that is the control system.

The history of Education on these lands is an interesting one: up until the mid-19th century, there was no state schooling system. And yet this was a country in which the Arts, Sciences, Finance and a tradition of liberality and true justice had been long-established. It was the birthplace of the many great men who stood for what was right and were prepared to take action in the face of any who threatened it. The Industrial Revolution began here and a long history of people fighting and striving in the defence of their natural-born rights had prevailed ~ all without any need for the establishment of state-controlled schooling.  Prior to the introduction of state-(mis)education controls, the people were operating self-help solutions to the education of the children and would send their offspring to independent teachers who were operating schools in which one classroom would contain children of all ages ~ with the older ones teaching the younger how to think rather than what to think as is the case now.  Parents paid the money to whichever teacher they were directly employing, as and when the child went to school. It is a fact that in order to learn a subject effectively, one’s knowledge of it will be deepened and made effective if one teaches it to others: the act of imparting the knowledge to others in ways that they understand it embeds it in our own consciousness. In short: if you wish to know how well you understand something, explain it to others.

The Magna Carta of 1215 bears testimony to the fact that the people were intuitively suspicious of those who would seek to gain from their labours and this was of more ancient origin than many realize ~ a fact that can be gleamed from the hidden ancient history dating back to the Laws of Moelmud (for an excellent overview and revealing of these laws, the reader is encouraged to view the work of Michael O’Bernicia at ).

If there is a key to unlocking the methods of oppression and the ways in which the peoples of the world have been subjected by the afore-mentioned systems of religion, monarchy and finance that have bound them in a barely-perceived operation of tyranny and kleptocracy, it lies in the true education and knowledge of the history of how the lands upon which they were born have been stolen from them by means of bogus claims made by the Vatican, European Royalty and the House of Rothschild. The Harrying of the North is symptomatic of this fact, and from there we can range over the machinations of an invisible ‘Empire’ that never ended, in which the Holy Roman See and the other players have systematically committed genocide against the peoples of North America, India, Australia, New Zealand and Africa in order to steal the mineral wealth and produce of those peoples.

It is a well-woven tale of death and theft, no better exemplified than in the expression, “The white man speaks with forked tongue”.  The English Language is a cunningly contrived tool of trickery wherein its deliberate and constructed powers of ambiguity and deceit literally spellbind the victims in confusion, using the printed word to fool them into accepting the phony claims of those intent on destroying them and their Natural-born freedoms. There is no finer example of this than the legalese used by the Court system.

Down the millennia, this pernicious mix of linguistic trickery and occulted (hidden) knowledge has widened to include all manner of corporate, religious and free-masonic organisations, each vying for a bigger slice of the stolen cake. Thus the oppressors include all secret societies, the so-called Illuminati, the Crown (which, contrary to all its fake claims, now contains the Rothschild bloo

dline), the CFR, the Tavistock Institute, the Fabian Society, Theosophy, Satanism, Psychiatry, all Banking institutions, the Media, the Police, the Church of England, the Vatican, International Communism, National Socialism, Religion, Local Councils, Political parties of all hues, pseudo-science and mis-education systems) collectively form a web of imprisonment that holds Mankind in its sticky and oppressive grip. The unravelling of this web is not easily attained but it appears to be happening at an exponential rate as more and more people wake from the slumbers into which they have fallen or been lulled. Rock-a-by-baby indeed.

In short, it is all a mind game and by 2009 I could no longer, in all conscience, operate in such a system and my career in the state system of brainwashing was over. To paraphrase John Taylor GattoI was no longer prepared to damage myself or any of the children. And neither did i wish to work in a building surrounded by a 10 feet high perimeter fence, which had CCTV proliferating within and without and, of course, a Pavlovian system of bells, which trained the young pups that the whole was a series of disconnected fragments (the lessons).

To suggest that education is the antidote is not to ignore the palpable ability of Man to use the whole of his brain and his intuition to come to a genuine and therefore useful point of cognition from whence he can begin to figure out his route of escape (Latin cognitio(n-), from cognoscereget to know.’)

The work of Mark Passio reminds us of the importance of balance, of harmonising all our latent talents and this, in its essence, means the combination of the head and the heart.

If we are out of balance, we are easily tipped over and fall prey to those very systems which thrive on Man’s disharmony. Too much in the left brain, and we are overbalanced in the prison of its logic (as are so so many academics); too much in the right brain, and we fall into a state of emotive passivity that prevents the individual taking action based upon our cognition.

It is all, quite literally, about balance and harmony and right now,  Mankind, individually and collectively, is out of kilter, lopsided(“adjective, with one side lower or smaller than the other”).

By way of illustration, we only need look at the majority of male-female relationships which are familiar to us: for instance, a true marriage of man and woman would be a harmonious relationship between the male and female energies.  It was clear to me from an early age that my parents marriage was capable of achieving harmony but this was difficult for them as, individually, they were lopsided ~ my mother was (and remains) frequently existent in her emotive left brain to the point where she bases most decisions on how she feels about that which she is being presented with.
Whereas my father was lopsided to the point where his logic would prevent him from empathising with her. Thus, like so much of Mankind, there was frequent conflict and confusion abounds. A Man who is lopsided is easily knocked over, whereas a Man who is balanced, by definition, has a steadfastness and stability that cannot be unsettled quite so easily.

The manipulators of our minds know this only too well and thus, any means that they deem necessary to maintain this state of being, will be employed.  Those means come via proven methods of financial control, religion (which cultivates right brain imbalance), pharmaceutical products that emasculate the male (the reader may consider the deleterious effects of oestrogen on the male),  the left-brained dominance of academics, the use of colour and emotive persuasion techniques in advertising and the promotion of feminist ideology which only serves to heighten the divisions between man and woman.

The methods are most cunning and highly effective as, more often than not, the ultimate effect is to cause inaction:  the last thing the controllers want is men taking action which is based on the knowledge they have gained.  In this sense, passivity is the desired outcome: men who are (albeit artificially induced) incapable of engaging in action that challenges the very roots of the control system are in a deep state of that existence that locks them in a more female modus operandi.

This is of course the heartfelt reasoning that lies behind the development of my web-site: the sacred masculine energies are under attack by the variety of means as touched upon in this article.  As a consequence of my own journey and realisation(s), I aim to be in a constant state of awareness that cultivates a more harmonious approach to life: the absence of female companionship and love in my life necessitates that those qualities, which are inherent in each of us (i.e. whole brain consciousness), find a balance wherein the female energy of  intuition AND the male counterpoint of reason combine to allow me to operate in this physical realm in ways which are positive to my emotional and psychological well-being and beneficial to the action(s) I take, actions which are detailed throughout the content of RogueMale.

Therefore, I urge each and every discerning reader to investigate the works of Mark Passio, Walter Russell and all those luminaries whose teachings so manifestly radiate the Truth of Mankind’s existence in these lopsided times on Planet Earth.

Yours faithfully, through action and love,

Michael O’Elmet



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