Preserving Sexual Energy in a Hypersexual Society


By Nigel Everdidge


Our patriarchal society takes a gung-ho approach to sexuality that not only objectifies women, but employs men as militant sex machines who are trained to shoot their seed on sight. We preach equality and yet idolize the women who wear their tights so tight and their shorts so short that not even our most inspired children have anything left to the imagination.

Most people don’t stop to consider that there might be something odd going on here, let alone consider an alternative to our degrading culture. While our hypersexual culture exchanges our collective spiritual growth for a succession of orgasms, very few people stop to wonder, “is all this sex good for us?”

There’s something special about sex that makes it feel better than anything else we’re exposed to. It provides some sort of unique physio-socio-emotional energy transference that satisfies a carnal need so intense that our entire society capitalizes off of it.

I’m not here to debate the morals and ethics of sexuality – I’ll leave that to Orthodox religion. I’m here to debate the approach our society currently takes to sexuality.



The Current Situation

We live in a society that glorifies sex. Many members of our society – especially men – prioritize sex above all else, dedicating much of their time, work, and energy to the pursuit of sex.

Biologically, this should make sense, since sex is our primal urge. It’s the only thing that assures the propagation of our species. But, when you consider that 99% of sexual activity is now heavily safeguarded to prevent the possibility of pregnancy, one might notice that our approach to sex is mostly hedonistic.

The majority nowadays have sex because it feels good. So good, in fact, that marketers and advertisers have turned our sexual impulses into their focal point.

Seldom can we turn on the TV, open a newspaper, or glimpse at a billboard without being bombarded by titillating advertisements. Even our youth are constantly exposed to sexualized imagery that, two decades ago, would have been considered obscene.

Rather than considering sex as something sacred and beautiful, it is now seen as a lifestyle and a game. The deadly sins of gluttony, avarice, and lust are threatening to replace the sanctuary that lovers can find in their partner’s arms. Seduced by a hypersexual society, we have thrown from the altar of our hearts the noble virtues of fidelity, discipline, and honour.

Hypersexuality is imprinted so deeply, and at such a fundamental level, that most people – again, especially guys – scoff at the suggestion of preserving sexual energy.

Semen is meant to be shot out, they say. If you don’t flush out the pipes, they proclaim, you’ll get cancer. And, in the most accusational form of self-denial, they declare that anyone interested in preserving their sexual potency is just trying to justify the fact that they can’t get laid.

An interesting time that we live in. It’s considered socially acceptable to solicit sex from strangers through online dating apps, but anyone who wants to harness their sexual energy is considered an ascetic or a weirdo.



The New-Age Claim to Tantric Lovemaking

There is some argument that sex itself is a worthwhile pursuit. Sex can be a powerful transformative tool, an opportunity to find harmony in the union of energies that are inherently opposed.

The feminine and masculine, the yin and the yang, are two of the fundamental components of our universe and they symbolically represent the dual nature of existence.

On a microcosmic scale, the masculine merging with the feminine allows for the birth of a new human being. On the macrocosmic scale, the interplay between the divine masculine and feminine created the friction that allowed for motion and, thus, for the creation of our universe.

In their harmonious union, we can find balance and experience the bliss of non-dual awareness. When used properly, sex can help us to transmute our lower, egoic instincts into the brilliant wisdom of our higher selves.

But this is rarely the case.

Instead, most of us use sex as a hedonistic escape to satisfy our egoic wants. We have twisted sex into a secular fusion of idol worship and self-service. So tempted are we by the pleasures of the flesh that we can’t see how badly it has veiled us from seeing the light.

In a valiant effort, indulgent New-Agers cling to their befuddled spiritual values by defiling the ancient practice of tantric lovemaking. This mash-up of breathwork, eye-gazing and obscure yoga poses has them proclaiming themselves to be tantric masters while they attempt to download enlightenment straight through the yoni.

I’m not against sex. I’m not even abstinent. I am, however, duly aware that our society is the first and only society in recorded history to exalt rampant sexuality to this degree. I am also aware that this has distorted our perception of the divine union and, more importantly, shielded us from exploring the full potential of our sexual energy.



Why Cultivate Sex Energy

Our reptilian cortex dominates our physical urges, and it is the part of the brain mostly responsible for our powerful sexual drive. One of its main functions is to remind us, constantly, of our duty to produce more children. In other words, the reptilian cortex’s job is to make us horny.

If we get laid on a regular basis, the reptilian cortex feels like its job is well done.

On the other hand, if our reptilian brain receives the message that we’re not reproducing – which happens when we decide to stop having orgasms or by retaining semen – it tries to shape us up so that we’re more attractive to the opposite sex.  It tells our body to redirect hormones and energy to make us stronger, more intelligent, more radiant, and more energetic.

In short, it tries to make us more appealing to the opposite sex.

Most men who have practiced semen retention for any significant length of time (read: more than a week) report increased willpower, self-confidence, energy, and strength. Hundreds have found that they’ve managed to overcome their social anxiety and develop the self-image necessary to actually approach their love interests.

Whether or not they believe this is the result of the reptilian cortex, there’s little doubt that there’s a correlation between semen retention and improved health and well-being.

Cultivation is more important for men because men actually lose substance when they ejaculate. One of the best preventatives for this is to train yourself to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, which can be done in several ways which we’ll discuss later.

Modern science has little to say about the importance of cultivation for women, though the Taoists and the wisdom of Tantra suggest that there is an energetic loss that occurs at the moment of orgasm which should be worked with accordingly.

To understand how this works, you’ll need to know more about what sexual energy is.



What Exactly Is Sexual Energy?

Throughout history, most cultures have venerated and respected sexual energy. Our culture is one of the very few that doesn’t.

Ironically, our society has inadvertently produced some of the most compelling scientific evidence as to why it’s important to cultivate sexual energy.


What Makes Sperm So Special?

Sperms are seeds. As many have learned first-hand from sprouting mung beans in communal kitchens, an activated seed contains enough nutrients to give rise to an entire plant. Likewise, the sperm contains enough nutrition and genetic material to inoculate an egg and give rise to a human being.

Reproduction is the main goal of our species. As such, our bodies prioritize the production of sperm. If ever we have the chance to reproduce, we need to be ready to do so.

When we ejaculate, resources are immediately diverted to the production of more sperm. This, in addition to the release of a hormone known as oxytocin, is responsible for the lethargy and relaxation that many men experience post-orgasm.

The Taoists recommend that younger men ejaculate no more than once a day, and as they enter their thirties, no more than once a week. If we ejaculate too often, our body may go so far as to ‘borrow’ surplus nutrients from other organs and tissues so that we can have a steady supply of sperm ready in case we encounter a potential mate.

Over time, this consistent strain on our organs can weaken the individual. Men who ejaculate on a daily basis are generally more prone to using excess caffeine, drinking or using drugs, or taking supplements to replenish the energy that their body is expending on sperm production.


Ayurveda and the 7 Dhatus

The Ayurvedic medicine system of India reflects this idea in the system of the 7 dhatus. These dhatus are the 7 primary ‘tissues’ in the body: blood, plasma, muscle, fat, bone, nervous tissue, and sexual fluid (semen in men, and ova in women – collectively known asshukra, or the seed).

The body prioritizes which dhatus to direct nutrients to, starting with blood and leading up to the seed. Shukra, or sexual fluid, considered the highest and most potent of the 7 dhatus, is believed to be a repository of strength, energy, creativity, and vitality.

When we spill the seed, our surplus strength and energy are immediately dissolved. During this time, energy that could be dedicated to creativity, relationships, reaching goals and meditating will instead be spent on drawing energy from the lower dhatus into the 7th.

Another important Ayurvedic concept is ojas. In short, ojas is the intelligence or energy that governs our immunity. Ojas is naturally nourished and replenished by our highest dhatu, our sexual fluid. When our shukra is lacking, our immune system suffers.


The Role of Phosphorus

In terms of chemical structure, semen is one of the richest sources of phosphorus in the human body – second only to brain and endocrine tissue.

Phosphorus produces a powerful chemical firing reaction in the body – it allows our cells to shoot messages back and forth. This is especially important in the brain, where fast communication between cells ensures good memory, clear thinking, higher intelligence, and better social skills.

Three of the most important human components – DNA, RNA, and ATP – all rely on phosphorus. ATP is our main fuel source, produced and used by every single cell in your body. Phosphorous, then, is like the ignition spark that fires up our entire being.

Whenever a man ejaculates, he’s emptying the gas tank. Until the body refills the tank by repurposing phosphorus for the generation of more sperm, he’ll be running on empty. Overtime, this puts a lot of strain on the brain and body.

On the other hand, by saving up semen, men produce a surplus of phosphorus which is then passed into the blood where it makes its way to the brain to be used there. This surplus phosphorus improves neural connections which can lead to improved communication, memory, and verbal fluidity.

This is a modern-day explanation of alchemical transmutation. Conserving semen is a direct and simple form of this ancient practice. By controlling our lower, animalistic impulses, we  physically transmute them into higher functions by providing our neural network with more firepower.



Cultivation for Men & Women

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are three primary energies that we must cultivate: chi, jing, and shen. 

Jing is the essence, the fundamental force. When jing is not spilled, it is transmuted into chi, which is our life force. The New Age movement has popularized the idea of chi, and many are familiar with its influence over our energy levels, health, and well-being.

When men ejaculate, they deplete their jing. To compensate, the body draws from stores of chi to replenish our jing in a similar manner that Ayurveda observes how the lower dhatus give up their vital essence to replenish the highest dhatu of sexual fluid.

For women, their sexual energy is most often depleted during their lunar cycle. They don’t lose as much vital essence during orgasm, although according to TCM, they lose their jing during menstruation through the passing of their eggs and menstrual blood.

When there is a surplus of both jing and chi, they form the foundation for shen,or spirit. Shen is what connects us to higher sources of energy and empowerment. If you’re regularly depleting your body of jing and shen through excessive orgasm, then you will have little foundation for which to practice your spiritual work.



Cultivation Techniques

There are a number of cultivation techniques that have been passed down through different lineages. Many of the most effective and powerful techniques originated among Taoism. Practices such as the upward draw and the microcosmic orbit are all useful for helping to circulate sexual energy and avoid unnecessary spillage.

However, these practices can be dangerous when done without the guidance of a trained master. Speaking from personal experience, I once drove myself into a week-long psychosis after using these techniques to circulate tremendous amounts of jing throughout my body and into my brain.

Following the headstrong belief of my body, my energy, I ended up improperly storing the chi after use and spent the next week struggling with delusions, brain fog, and hallucinations.

For men such as myself, a much more practical solution is to learn how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms.

This can be done by strengthening the PC muscle – the same muscle that you use to stop yourself from peeing mid-stream. Kegel exercises (which are a tight squeeze of the muscle) help to strengthen it, and reverse kegels (during which you relax the muscle, as if you were going to urinate) help to prevent tension during sex.

Ejaculation and orgasm are part of a series of events which occur so quickly that most people can’t separate them. First, the PC muscles tense up – this is why reverse kegels are so useful for helping to decrease tension.

Next, the orgasm itself occurs. As you approach orgasm, flex your PC muscles and take several deep breaths.

Normally, the next step is ejaculation. However, if your PC muscles are strong enough and you’ve clenched at the right time, you can stop the flow of semen and have a dry orgasm.

As you continue to practice, you will be able to gain more and more control over your orgasms. Eventually, you will be able to enjoy having an orgasm without ejaculating. Not only will this increase your sexual stamina, it will allow you to cultivate your sexual energy so that you can improve your overall health and well-being.



Sexuality and sexual energy are deep and profound topics which, when properly understood, can lead to the liberation of the individual, the transmutation of the romantic couple, and the sovereignty of the dedicated soul. When misunderstood, sexuality is a chain that anchors the overworked, underpaid individual to their mammalian desires and distracts them from their true potential as a human being.

A more holistic approach to sexuality allows for true equality between different genders. It can shatter the binding chains of codependence. When we recognize our own capacity to cultivate and circulate our own sexual energy, we no longer feel the need to seek it from others

When we are no longer dependent on getting laid for our self-confidence, we can begin to get in touch with a massive storehouse of creative power – our sexual energy. This, in turn, allows us to offer even more to our romantic partners. Once we have truly harnessed our own innate, creative powers, we become a much stronger and more capable version of ourselves than we ever thought possible.

A sexually independent human is a sovereign human. By trading your hedonism for razor-sharp focus and energy, you’ll see that capitalism is reliant on selling its subjects self-indulgence. No longer bound by the lewd agendas of corporate sexuality, you and your loved ones will discover within you a power that you’d only wish you’d found sooner.



Bio:   Nigel Ford is a full-time author, musician, free thinker and occultist. His studies of human nature, spirituality, and the mind have allowed him to develop a unique perspective that is often at odds with the status quo. Nigel believes that simply watching the resulting chaos of humanity’s failed attempt to impose order upon Nature is enough for one to question the direction that we’re headed in. He hopes to inspire others to think for themselves and to avoid drawing conclusions based upon what their media or society tells them that they ‘should’ think.


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