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Readers Summary

Does what you believe subjugate your health?
Do you live in someone else’s fishbowl?
How does relativity affect you and yours?
How can you use this info to re-tool you?
Why you answers will never come from any randomized trial?


“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” – Douglas Everett

What if I were to tell you that Einstein’s “theory of relativity” is not just about time being relative to the observer. What if I told you a core set of beliefs shared by enough people could actually set up an alternative reality and force you to live by its rules. Do you think the laws of quantum mechanics could some how shed light on this? Would you believe it, if I told you I believe it?

Today, we are going to show you just how “thoughts” are quantum endocrine secretions that can do just that. I want to introduce you to the people of Monza, Italy. In July of 2004, they outlawed round fishbowls for goldfish. When the council members were questioned by the world media about this new law, they stunned many people with their answer even further. They said the primary reason they passed the law is that they felt that the curved glass confines of the gold fishes existence might cause them to have a distorted view of “reality”. Now on the surface, this story may not have any relevance to you, but I assure you, it does.

They said the primary reason they passed the law is that they felt that the curved glass confines of the gold fishes existence might cause them to have a distorted view of “reality”. Now on the surface, this story may not have any relevance to you, but I assure you, it does.

The question it raises when you ponder the law is how do we really know that the reality we perceive to be true, really is true? After all, the council members have a point about the gold fish. Their world view in that glass bowl is certainly different from the reality in an ocean, no? In fact, a gold fish in this predicament is even seeing a different reality compared to the one we see simultaneously as we both live side by side in the same house, no? Can we really be sure that the fish reality is any less real than our own?

Does how you live your life distort your lens? Does what you believe bend your world view? Does that reality differ from any one else in your network? After all, none of us live the exact same life do we? In this light, normal is not something to aspire to , it is something to move away from.

In physics, they have spent 500 years trying to come up with fundamental laws of nature that explain every aspect of “our reality”. So far, reality has really stumped them. In fact, I bet it is stumping you as well.

Most people I know believe that there has to be one consistent reality across all observers. This is, after all, what we believe our senses were designed to decipher. It is what our brain is designed to construct from observations. The scientific viewpoint today of modern healthcare believes strongly that the external world exists and is definite and concrete, and quite independent of the observer that perceives them. Interestingly enough, quantum physics disagrees strongly with this. It says that the reality that is observed is the only reality that exists to the observer and that in life their are multiple realities because their are billions of observers who each have the own world view of events as they unfold. The viewpoint was made in the 1960’s but Timothy Leary who loved to use LSD to alter his own reality with regularity. He believed that one’s concept of reality really depends upon the mindset of the perceiver. Many scientists and medical professionals of that day mocked his antirealism viewpoint. His belief might be tough to swallow even today, but it is quite easy to explain. See, we have no way to remove ourself from ourself, to perceive the world.

He felt he was able to to do just that with LSD. His perception of things radically changed on drugs and off drugs.

Modern science beliefs are based upon being able to make proper interpretations of the terms of an object, discipline, or “its position” in the environment they are observing things in. It tends to jive with our common sense view of what everyone sees. The problem arises when you realize that the laws of nature for these things, are nature’s laws and they are governed by quantum principles and not anyone’s observations. This is a paradox of human thinking.

When we see an object in a particular space we are seeing the quanta of light and electrons that reflected and absorb it, but we are not and can not see the actual quanta of light at it basic physical level. We also can not see the electron with our naked eyes. In other words, we are not perceiving them directly. Actually touching seeing and smelling objects in our environment are not governed by classical Newtonian physics, they are 100% governed by the action of quantum physics. This insight could create an interesting solution to many modern problems.

It appears that we “reconstruct reality” using a spectrum of possibilities presented by subatomic particles. They tend to act in unison and our sense are designed to sense this action at a spooky distance. We model our environment and scale it based upon what we believe to be true and false and then we call it “our reality”.

This idea of reality becomes a physical mindset to us, a dogma if you will, based upon nothing but mathematically probabilities. This set of rules that governs the creation of reality is called quantum mechanics; it then connects these probabilities to model the observations we make in our environment. Honestly, it does not matter if the “our reality” is real or not. It just matters that our reality matches up with the observations we make.

In this fashion, one can understand what mental illness really is. It can be seen as a error of mathematical ability to generate the correct probabilities to match the observations we reconstruct in our brain. In other words, the net rules of QED do not match the observations we make.

Let’s scale the “fish bowl” for you

Let’s say you studied your whole life to become a goldfish. In your fish bowl, you were surrounded by other gold fish that observed the world they way you learned it should work. All those beliefs would then become what every goldfishes believes. Everyone would agree on how things in the fish bowl should occur or be expected to occur. Let us consider these factors for our fish bowl:

1. Everyone should eat a Standard American Gold Fish diet for optimal health

2. We should dispense medicines to our goldfish that were created by other bigger goldfishes because these medicine can be said to show a benefit when a gold fish gets sick. Moreover, the big goldfish is in charge or the trials to test the efficacy of the medications.

3. We decree that all fishbowls need to stay out of the sun because the sun is bad for goldfish.

4. When goldfish get a bad heart we try, as a group, limit their ability to eat certain fats, in fact we help create goldfish inspired fake food to fit our new reality.

5. To make sure everyone complies with this in our fish bowl we give all the seeds of all of our fish food to genetically modify to be optimal for fish biology. We begin to feed all the animals the same fake diet we think is OK. We are the ones who determine what is optimal for fish biology by decree, too.

6. Any goldfish farmers who buck us, we throw down the drain and we take his water.

7. When any fish gets too obese, we tell them to stop eating so much and to swim more.

8. When goldfish don’t ascribe to our standards and exhibit stressed symptoms other than we have written in our fish journals and textbooks we put them on one or several of the following:

Sleeping pills.
9. When the diet they eat just not go far enough according to our goldfish standards we need to prescribe a pill for every ill. As our parent goldfish ages they should eat more prescriptions than they do food because we have RCT that show it work in a PEER reviewed literature.  They are even double blinded to goldfish. They should not think their food choices ultimately affect their health. They should buy a Wii for exercise, but only play Jeopardy on it as they sit on the couch.

10. If the goldfish want to stay up late and watch TV or play video games at night it is fine. It has no impact on their health. If they want a cell phone, no problem. It is completely safe to biology because we say it is. If they want a sonar device to protect themselves from other fish under the water we are OK with that too. Those beached whales just got confused about the effect of sonar on their hearing sense. It has no effect on gold fish after all. We are more evolved, so we “know” better. Moreover, we have industry sponsored studies to show you that our reality is completely true.

11. You don’t need all those labs to check for optimal. Goldfish only need the ones we pay for and know what to do with them. Do not worry about the rest. They don’t matter in our view of reality.

12. All Goldfish should eat 6 times a day and make sure you eat a lot of healthy whole grains in the USDA my plate for goldfish. The council on goldfish pays subsidies to goldfish farmers for those foods because they are nutrient dense.

13. If you get too sick, we will take care of you via our Goldicare plan. You’ll have a co pay but no worries. By the way, the goldfish taxfish will make sure you follow all the rules correctly.

14. If you develop diabetes at any time (like from the statins we believe in) we have a great diet for you with 60% carbs from whole grains. And we will supply you will all the medications to “help you” at all times!

15. All female fish will have their breasts irradiated at certain ages and intervals to early detect cancer. We won’t tell you about the benefits of the sun for breast cancer prevention because “we already all know” the sun is bad. We can’t advocate for diet because because “we all know” diet plays no role in breast cancer prevention. Every ‘smart goldfish’ knows that. Afterall, it is in the journals that we goldfish make sure is PEER reviewed by other gold fish.

16. Etc. (I could go on)


If we really lived in a synthetic artificial modern world that was imaginary, many of the events portrayed here might not make sense to you. Their would be no rhyme or reason and events would not have any logic or consistency to them. They would just create the laws they want goldfish to obey.

In fact, the aliens in control, might actually find it amusing that to see the goldfish reaction when they decided collectively that everyone should eat seafood and grassfed meat instead of the fast fish food they know is best for you! They might like to see how we react when we tell them that there will be no more dropping bombs in the fishbowl any longer. See, if the “goldfish powers that be” just enact consistent rules and laws, we would have no way to tell whether another reality stood right behind the simulated one, would we?

Consistency can trump ultimate natural truths because beliefs are culturally based. The more goldfish are told one idea, the more it becomes fact because of our beliefs. This is how an alternative reality is created. Einstein’s math shows you how it could happen. How can you perceive something, if you are not allowed to see the other reality? I think when you really understand QED you begin to see how easy it is to call the goldfish’s world the “real reality” and the one you perceive to be an “obtuse reality”. They key in this thought experiment, if like us, the current goldfish, or the beings or aliens in the simulated world could not gaze into their world or universe from the outside, they would have no reason to doubt their pictures or beliefs of their reality. It would make real change for goldfish a tough task. Why would any fish change if their reality was different from the aliens?

It really parallels what happens in our “goldfish bowl” today in healthcare. Their view is not the same view as ours from outside their curved glass existence. The interesting paradox, however, is the goldfish could create scientific laws for science that governed the laws of motion of objects they observed from their fishbowl on the outside. To a goldfish this would seem intuitive to do and believe so. I believe the smarter gold fish, would soon discover that light bends as it travels from air to water, that a freely moving object moving in a straight path, would be observed by all goldfish as moving in a curvilinear path. These goldfish could develop scientific laws from the “distorted perspective” or frame of reference to ‘make sense’ of the world view they saw. Moreover, these views would hold up under scrutiny (in their versions of RCT) because they would be able to make predictions about futures events of the way things moved and worked in their fish bowl regardless of what the aliens introduce as evidence to the contrary. It would appear to us, that their laws would be far more complicated then our world view for the laws of nature. Simplicity is often just a measure of each one’s tolerance of flavor, I guess in a quantum world. This is the real fallacy of Occam’s razor. I covered this in the last blog on Obesity qualia.

If a goldfish named ‘Goldstein’ formulated this belief of reality, we would have a tough job of proving him wrong. It would appear his version of reality would have some face validity from the view of his fishbowl.

Einstein’s theory of special relativity clearly established that time is relative to the observer. If time is relative, then it means our reality of the world might be too. Today’s blog shows you that is not entirely an impossible probability. Sadly, too few people have really contemplated the implications of Einstein’s math on our beliefs. It really all comes down to our beliefs about our perception of our modern world. This is why two people can see the same video tape, yet, describe the events they see completely differently from one another. Think Rodney King. Think OJ’s trial, or Tryvan Martin for modern day examples of this paradox. Why do stories always have three sides? Theirs, yours, and then the truth? Is the truth a probability of both stories that is averaged by the brain’s of a jury or judge? Did OJ get off because of the jury’s perception of reality is different from your own? I think this is precisely why he got off.

Special relativity and QED says something quite more profound about these chain of events if you look even deeper. It implies, there is no time at all, in any reality. In fact, time does not exist, it is just a perception of the observer. This seems queer until you examine it closely. But yet, in our modern world, time is often considered our most valuable asset that we can never reclaim. This notion remains counter intuitive, even to physicists today. The reality of our world is what we believe we do know implicitly, that the “relativity of time” plays out for each one of differently because it is based upon how we experience and perceive all of our life experiences as they unfold.

Do you think that is wrong? Consider children and adults views of time.

Have you ever wondered as an adult how it got so late in your life so soon? Time is an illusionary game played marvelously by children and inefficiently by adults. Kids realize quickly that when they are trapped by time’s warped view of the present, they can change it. They know to escape the “sticky moment” when they engage their imagination. Their is no why in this time frame. Their time begins to slow because they are investing in time and not wasting it. In the end, for them life is the simple quantum conversion of time into new memories yet to live. They create their own opportunities. For us adults, unfortunately, the clock seems ticking, the hours are going by. The past only seems to increase, while our future possibilities recedes. Our possibilities ever decreasing, while our regrets continue to mount.

This implies there are great hidden truths right under our noses to our modern world that I have shared with many of you often in the last 3 years. Time and reflection change our vision of things little by little, until we come to understand what we are really observing.

QED says that a “single thought” can alter your reality, your health, and your DNA. Many of you have not accepted that today.

The moral of this quantum lesson is simple. QED runs our belief paradigms, whether we perceive it or not. What we believe to be true is true, within certain limits, which are , themselves, beliefs. In the province of the mind, there are no real limits. How did I start this blog? I asked you this question, ” What if I told you a core set of beliefs shared by enough people could actually set up an alternative reality and force you to live by its rules.” Look around at modern healthcare or life now in the United States. Do you think that is far off base now? You still think this idea is folly? Consider this statement from Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine made in 2009, this echoes the fact:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” – Marcia Angell, MD, The New York Review of Books, January 15, 2009

Ms. Angell has been and insider to the world of research, PEER review publication, and the reporting of research to clinicians she is saying that her perception of reality has changed because healthcare decisions rests on cataclysmic fraud, a scientific fraud tied to poor research data.

See, quantum mechanics tells us that we can transcend what one thinks is possible, by examining and transcending one’s belief’s.

This ability creates our reality as well, as hard as that maybe for you to accept. It implies what others say or do matter little to your conditions of existence.

Our capacity for direct knowledge, for immediate insight, without observation or reason is called instinct. Instinct is as much a component of our thinking as is analytical knowledge. They key point in QED is that intellect and intuition are not complementary. They require each other to work congruently with our perception of reality. They are like Cooper pairs in QED theory.

Without intellect, intuition drives us into chaos. Without intuition we are unable to resolve issues that are too complex or that are happening too quickly for logical analysis. Intellect is driven by intuition. But, intuition is directed by intellect, in my view of reality. This clearly is not the belief system in medicine or in the paleosphere today.

This has played out directly in this blog and on my forums. I even wrote about it here in this blog. What are modern lab norms determined by? They are determined by “other peoples values”, and may not be reflective of “your” condition of existence. Your intellect and intuition are aware of this in different ways, consciously and unconsciously. What actions you take based upon this information tells me, the clinician, who is in control of “your belief” paradigm. From this point of view, I then believe I might be of help the person. I need to understand their reality before we can achieve “allostasis”. We have averages of large pools of others data we draw inference from. Inference is not your reality; it is a collection of other realities. Science is not based upon the consensus of others opinions. The beauty of the laws of nature are that they still remain true whether you believe them or not.

This is why we must use natures laws to guide our healthcare paradigms.

This has big impacts across many human belief paradigms. Realize that truth bomb now. Einstein’s math is air tight on this issue. Right now the modern world want us to accept that a RCT of other realities should be best for your own. Think about that for a minute, given what I have written for you in this blog.

The real human miracle of our minds is not that we can see the world as it is……but that we can see it as it is not, and then change it. We are capable of changing our reality any time when we change the way we think.

If we think and act incorrectly in the world we observe and perceive, we can quickly recalibrate, and overcome it.

So are you a goldfish or an alien in this Matrix? And how do you know? Think it does not matter?