Racism Über Alles?

by Nowick Gray



‘The entire policy platform of the left has been replaced by Pharma Über Alles.’ —Toby Rogers


In the current climate of debate over a broad spectrum of issues ranging from health policy to civic protest, racism has been redefined not to mean what it used to, hateful prejudice, but something more politically useful: demographic “underrepresentation.” The abstract notion of racial proportion has reached status as the supreme social value in leftist and mainstream discourse, supplanting freedom itself, now slandered in turn as a relic of “white privilege.”



While targeted struggles against racist attitudes and institutions deserve respect and attention, it doesn’t mean all other struggles for freedom should be discounted or even demonized. Why not solidarity among all races championing freedom, instead of trying to drive a wedge and deny one movement’s struggle and construing it as competing with another? The strategy reeks of a “divide and conquer” agenda from above, where the oligarchic managers of narrative control and the media gatekeepers are of an all-too-predictable skin color.

We are magistrates (Black woman lawyer)

Official criticism of the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy is a case in point. The myopic focus on a stray Confederate flag among thousands of Canadian flags points to cognitive obsession, if not outright desperation to find fault and tar a whole movement with a single brush.

Surprise! Black Canadians Support Trucker Protest! (Jimmy Dore)

The caricature of the trucker’s movement as racist came straight from the top, Fuehrer Trudeau, as a cynical manipulation of public perception. Missing from the “liberal” invocation of racism was any irony over the real policy at stake in the truckers’ protest—segregation, based on mandated vaccination.



‘This is slavery…. It is profoundly evil.’ (Dr. Charles Hoffe)

Deeper still is the hypocrisy of contemporary racism itself. If a popular movement is condemned because of the predominant skin color of its participants, is that not itself a racist attitude? To view a wide range of unrelated issues primarily through the lens of race implies that the perspective is itself racist; it betrays a prejudice based on race.

Similarly, the classic political categories of Left and Right have been hijacked. Typically now the label “far-right” is applied to any dissenter of government policy, conjuring fear and the threat of violence. Again the projection deflects blame from the projector. The government and corporate media have relentlessly stoked a climate of fear for two years, and threatened the public with fines, prison and coerced injection if they don’t line up in the service of the medical cartel.


‘Pharma-Induced Mass Psychosis (PIMP) has completely reordered existing political categories. There are now right wing progressives and right wing Marxists who identify with genocidal billionaires and hate the working class even while parroting the usual left talking points…. There actually is no left, there are people following a heavily-promoted script. And the left script is actually written by large corporations.’ —Toby Rogers


Against this truly “far-right” coalition of big government and corporate power (Mussolini’s definition of fascism), stands a popular and overwhelmingly peaceful protest of ordinary and working-class people, along with doctors and lawyers and other professionals of high standing—and we are supposed to call them the fascists.



Despite the spirit of community care and solidarity demonstrated in the Convoy and similar public protests, where the real division is recognized as the 99% against the 1%, the people are called a “mob” and accused of the crime of “otherizing.” If we are being truthful instead of parroting the lies of our political and narrative masters, we see that the people’s stand for freedom is not the seed of fascism. It is the fruit of the fascism that has been wielded against us for the past two years and counting.

For examples of the kind of rhetoric I critique here, see Jim Miles, Canada, Truckers, and Freedom, and Ken Orphan, Fascism is a Fire that Will Burn the Entire House Down.

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Nowick Gray is a regular contributor to The New Agora and also offers perspectives and resources for alternative culture and African drumming. Subscribe to his Substack (New World Dreaming) or visit his  writings website at



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