Piercing the Veil of Reality




Reflections on the 21st Anniversary of 9/11


By Bernhard Guenther 



Twenty-one years ago, when it became very quickly clear to me that the official 9/11 story doesn’t make sense whatsoever unless you see the official story as a fairy tale when the laws of physics were suspended, and common sense lost its meaning, I tried to “wake up” others to see through this mother of all false flag attacks. It’s when I started writing my blog and even gave out printed leaflets with my writings from door to door, at stores, and even at shows with my band., the good old days before social media.

Back then, I was naive, for I thought a massive event like that would surely wake up people to the truth, but I was mistaken. I learned a valuable lesson that was reinforced each anniversary over the past 20 years because the official 9/11 lie is still firmly in place in the consensus mainstream crowd if you haven’t noticed. And the same applies to everything that happened over the past 2.5 years with this so-called “pandemic.” Don’t kid yourself that there will be a “mass awakening” anytime soon. Just look how many people mourned for the [head snake] Queen with their fairy tale projections….but that’s a different story.

You can not and will never ever wake up people en mass via information alone, nor can you force information on people they are not ready for and didn’t ask for in the first place. It’s a violation of free will to give without being asked. Sure, you can sow some seeds of awareness, and some may blossom, but nothing will ever fundamentally change by information alone, nor will you or I ever understand what “the matrix” is on an intellectual mind level alone.

Over the past two decades, I’ve seen many self-proclaimed “truth seekers” retake the blue pill as they got older because this path is not for everyone. Dealing with the isolation and attacks of the sleeping masses is far from easy, and the matrix temptations are alluring. Better to go back to sleep and be happy in the dream state.

I’ve seen people getting lost In the conspiracy wormhole, becoming extremely paranoid and psychologically unstable, seeing traps and controlled opposition everywhere. Lots of nonsense out there in the fringe conspiracy world with deliberate entrapments. They have become trapped in their minds.

I’ve seen people take the New Age pill as a trauma coping mechanism, identifying as “star seeds” or “light workers,” which the wounded ego always likes to feed off. They still wait for the Galactic Federation of Light and aliens to save them and arrest the bad guys, or they still wait for NESARA/GESARA to give them free money and abundance. [That idea, by the way, originated from highly corrupted “channeled material” in the 90s].

And now we have another new wave of New Agers in their twenties spouting “high vibration cosmic updates” nonsense on TikTok and IG….some of them weren’t even born when 9/11 happened or were just babies. I’ve heard and seen every little thing they talk about before in the 90s. It’s like a strange time-loop déjà vu. In time they will learn their lessons too. I also had a little New Age detour when I bought Into “The Secret” for a bit when it first came out….it was too tempting….but God snapped me out of it quickly via tough grace.

Most people still externalize, seeing only evil externally in the world or waiting for someone to save the day, be it Jesus, Trump, Musk, Aliens, or whoever fits their projections. And that’s ironically how the matrix keeps itself in place, and that’s why not much has changed since that fateful day 21 years ago. I mean change in levels of being and consciousness. Only now, people’s attention span is even shorter due to social media, and the average IQ has officially dropped over the years too. It’s always easier to control people that are dumbed down with distractions and information overload that enhance their ADD.

I haven’t seen many people turning their vision within, confronting their own darkness, and in the process, they connect to their inner light and then act, do, and create from that space in alignment with essence and the Divine. I’m not saying it’s easy. Far from it. I’m not always connected and have my days. In fact, it’s brutal at times. Sometimes there is dark despair and strong resistance when I’m being pulled into the depth of my being to bring down the light. Now I really understand why Sri Aurobindo said, “none can reach heaven who has not passed through hell” – the law of ascent and descent – a divine law mirrored in many other esoteric traditions. He’s referring to the internal process of transformation.

The internal battle is far more challenging than any external battle I’ve ever fought, and it’s very humbling. Even the trolls, haters, and personal attacks over the past 20 years don’t come close to the internal struggle, but it is the way to transform the world, for nothing out there will ever change if your level of being [soul embodiment] doesn’t change.

This work is a battle, for there are ancient forces that won’t give up their grip and control so easily. They tag right into every single human being. Free will is, for most people, an illusion, for there can’t be free will if you don’t know yourself and be aware of your unconscious programmed and mechanical ways of behavior. As long as you are only externally focused, the matrix forces have you where they want you to be, acting as their conduit. Plato’s allegory of the cave depicted it well.

Bernhard Guenther





Piercing the Veil of Reality




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