Relearning Our Human Identity and What’s Needed for Best Health 



By Liala Ackerman




By Liala Ackerman, Advanced Health Technologies, Toronto, Canada



As most readers might know, Germ Theory and Contagions are the foundations that were used to create fear of Covid and compliance to Covid measures. News that Germ Theory and Contagions are fake science is spreading in tandem with the mounting evidence that the pandemic is a hoax. I am applauding the looming downfall of our government supported medical system and the imminent revelation that, much of what goes on in the medical world is built around fake theories and practices that undermine healing and good health.


The demise of the false makes way for dissemination of an understanding of the human body and health, which is based on research findings over the last 25-30 years.  The findings and related models have typically been ignored and discredited to protect established medical systems. Although new to us, this understanding would not have been new to health practitioners, doctors and researchers from the last century who were aligned with health supporting proven ideas – truths that were unjustly shoved aside and replaced by a medical mafia.


Research over the last 25-30 years indicates we are skin covered water vessels. By molecular count, water molecules comprise over 99% of the body and are an integral part of the cells and DNA. Those molecules are meant to remove waste and carry the electromagnetic information (frequencies) that fuels and signals the biological processes that take place in the body. While it is said that bio-chemicals serve as messengers and that food fuels the body, in actuality, it is the energies they contain that are biologically important; the physical is just a carrier and does not enter the cells. For instance, no physical parts of the food we consume leave the digestive system. Digestive processes extract the energies contained in the food and reduce the physical matter to waste that is removed by the body’s elimination system. (When such things as carbohydrates, glucose, vitamins and proteins are said to be visible in the blood, what is actually being observed is a water molecule shaped in a way that reflects the energetic pattern it is carrying.)


The quality and functionality of the tissue, bones and muscles- in fact everything including the DNA, is determined by the quality of the surrounding bio-water and the energies that water carries. Your thoughts about your own health form part of those energies are delivered to the cells and have instructive value.


Our bodies are meant to be fuelled by Nature-made energies built into food and water. As well, to be fuelled and directed by the energies carried in earth’s natural electrical airwaves. Nature-made energies are less available to the body when food, water and earth’s electromagnetic environment are polluted by technologically made substances and technologically made signals (currents from household electricity, Wi-Fi, wireless devices and so on). Those substances and signals also disturb the body’s natural processes, tax the immune system and promote chronic stress responses and the growth of unhealthy bacteria, pathogens and parasites.


In conclusion, we now know that optimal health requires that we,


  • hold supportive thoughts about our own health and the functioning of our own bodies;
  • hydrate and bathe in natural unaltered vitalizing water;
  • consume food rich in its natural energies;
  • safeguard our bodies from the energies of technologically made things in our food, water and ambient environment; and
  • have our energetic bodies continuously immersed in earth’s natural electromagnetic environment.


For more details and for information about tools developed to support your optimal natural health, visit:


Liala Ackerman is the founder of Advanced Health Technologies and the developer of L-8 Transceiver Technology. She is an expert in Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) and trained in the science of Structured Water, by Clayton Nolte, developer of the Structured Water Unit. Liala markets the units since 2009.




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