Ok are you ready for the truth now?

The Elite, The 1%, The Bilderberg Group!  Just to name a few!

We are now feuding amongst each other.   Common civilians battling everyday in the war with housing,  water, rents, living costs and food pricing!  Each day we get up to the war with Money and Poverty!  Day after day we must go out into the battle grounds working 8-15 hour days to NOT EVEN MAKE IT IN LIFE paying EXORBITANT HOUSING COSTS,  SCANDALOUS FOOD PRICING, CORRUPT FRESH (is it really?) WATER RATES, and EXTORTIONATE LIVING COSTS!  Now those that have managed to work like a slave, giving up their souls to make the all mighty dollar to “get ahead” may have been able to purchase (WELL THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THAT, THE CORPORATE BANKERS OWN IT) a home at the heinous low price of $750,000 now have to join the Corporate Banking Cartel criminals and charge unspeakable rental pricing to make their books balance.    With a RIDICULOUS cost to buy a roof over ones head, WE CONTINUE TO FEED THE SYSTEM THAT IS DESTROYING US as a CIVILIZED, HARMONIOUS, SOVEREIGN NATION!  YOU ASK, what can I do?  But first understand where we are and acknowledge where you are.

I know it feels like you’re trapped, some of you in housing that is below humane standards, afraid to give notice as what else can you afford?  Others in a lower priced rental unit that is about to be demolished and now rental costs are above what you can pay.  Some of you working 8 to 15 hours just to make rent and food barely managing that.  Retired, on a low pension which isn’t even enough to pay your rent let alone food and living costs.  And those of you who work a lot making a fairly decent wage and can afford houses, boats, rv’s, the newest technologies, partying and have no life with your family, maybe you’re even having an affair because life at home sucks, your wife or husband is boring, caring for the children with no real spare time or energy to have a life with you either.  AND WHAT IS IT ALL FOR?  WHY DO WE KEEP DOING the SAME THING day after day and WE ARE NOT GETTING THE LIFE WE DESERVE AND WANT?  Because we are WELL TRAINED SLAVES!   IT is the definition of INSANITY!

We have agreed to this Patriarchal Society, WE PARTICIPATE daily in it!  We say yes by spending our hard earned money on Corporations that continue to steal our resources!  The disconnection between human-beings and nature is REAL!  And having a profound effect on destroying the very world that feeds and sustains us.   We continue to be a dog eat dog society, fighting to stay on top, ripping off our neighbours and strangers just to make an extra buck to pay for our disgraceful and horrendous LIFESTYLES!

FACTS:  starving children, raping of women and children, wars where countries steal other less powerful countries resources, pedophile rings, child slavery (factories), polluted waters from greedy Corporations that continue to embezzle resources and arrogantly dispose of their waste,  child trafficking, hierarchy, poverty, starvation, no clean water, etc!  NOW JUST ONE OF THESE failings should be enough to bring MASSIVE CHANGE in our Society!  BUT THEY’RE ALL GOING on daily all over our planet!  WE HAVE FAILED!  Now we must admit it And MAKE DRASTIC MEASURES TO CHANGE THIS!

HOW CAN WE CHANGE?  There is so much each individual can do just themselves.  And when we join forces we can move mountains.


What can I do you ask?

The first step is BELIEVING YOU CAN CHANGE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  If you can’t believe it, YOU ARE A PART of the problem and you have no RIGHT TO COMPLAIN if you don’t take any action for your measure!  Second, do a moral inventory on everything that you spend money on, your use of non-sustainable resources, look at your waste, purchasing of products with tons of non-recyclable packaging and STOP BUYING THEM, re-use, recycle with others, trade, borrow, gift, share, repair, cut your costs of living down to what you require and need, not desire and lust for!  Build community with each other, share in costs of living eg:  internet in an apartment or suite and house situations, start up borrowing, sharing, exchanging, bartering, gifting movements in your building, neighbourhood, town etc, protest, write your mla’s and demand revisions and be clear about the modifications , write articles and have them published to support changing our systems, take up petitions to correct municipality bylaws, pool together and help each other!  STOP DOING IT ALONE!  Reach out, join a community club, talk to strangers with love and respect.  AND START GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD!!!

Do you see whats going on?  We complain about each other working off the backs of one another.  Taking from our social services and being lazy and not working!  We have a whole generation of children whom are called lazy and hippies without direction or respect.  HMMMMM I wonder why?  Well I know why.   It is my fault and yours!  WE have taught our children they have to work like slaves to make a living, to pay the ELITE, 1%, taxes and more taxes, fees to pay for our privileges, insurances and on and on.  These children DONT WANT TO BE SLAVES!!!  And I don’t blame them.  Yet we feud and quarrel with one another around getting a job to pay for yourself.   WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!!   We keep implementing the SLAVERY CULTURE by enforcing our suffering we had to do to get where we are on our children and each other!  All the while the ELITE, 1% and The Bilderbergs GET RICHER!  They have created the perfect slave system, we fight now amongst ourselves demanding that each one of us follow in the footsteps of slavery as we did and if someone falls out of line, takes from the GOVERNMENT, which they are stealing our god-given resources from us, Sovereign Human-beings, we shame them, make them feel less than, failures of society!  WHEN IN FACT these are the REBELS who refuse to CONFORM TO THIS ENSLAVED SYSTEM!



  1.  Inspire your children, young adult children to find their passions and gifts in this world!
  2.   Believe in their gifts and do whatever you can to support them bringing this to our Earth.
  3.   DONT TEACH THEM TO DO WHAT YOU DID, Teach them to be free, speak their truth.
  4.   Financially support them in their endeavours and hold them accountable for their reality.
  5.   Teach them about other economies other than just money.
  6.   Teach them about growing food, making their own foods from scratch and healthy ingredients.
  7.   Introduce them to herbal options to wellness.
  8.   Invite them to see other sustainable ways to live.
  9.   Propose safe environmental practices.
  10.   Recommend Indigenous values and teachings to them.

This is just a start to what you can do.

I mentioned the Elite, 1% and the Bilderbergs at the beginning and I did this to spark interest in you doing some of your own research into the global collective SCAM AND DISCEPTION that is going on here!!!



The Dharmacy
Dana Lynn




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