S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g Yourself Home – New Tartarian Times


Is it good or bad to be ‘taken over’ by meaning? Let’s say, you say, that depends what I mean by that, by both ‘overtaken’ and by ‘meaning’. Two simple sounding sets of words and yet what they mean can mean everything to your well-being. Especially if you are over taken or taken over by some power or other.


Taken over can mean captured, caged, enslaved or worse. However, looked at from a loving perspective, as in overtaken by love and beauty or something equally wonderful, could be a good thing, a fine thing, even a life goal.


Now, what of meaning? As in, what does that mean to you? Funny too, mean can mean ‘mean’, as in the opposite of nice. ‘Please don’t be mean to me?’. So, mean and meaning are also very subjective to one’s perspective.


Taking this back to our title, Spelling Yourself Home, you can see and tell the meaning of a word or sets of words, hold real power, positive or negative, and without a deep study can confuse a point, at best, and waste a life, at worst. Dangerous to say the least, if you spend your time doing one thing and it means another. Furthermore, what do we mean by ‘a good life’, or by ‘going home’?


A spell is cast as a net is cast and both can capture you. Easier to see a net coming that to know how a word may spell and trap you into actions you’re not actually intending. Chasing ‘love’ or ‘power’ or ‘comfort’, or ‘safety’ come to mind.


And who decides what a word means and when? We’ve all seen meanings change all the time. Consider ‘rainbow’ and ‘relationships’ and ‘family’ and such…all having shifted quite a bit in just the short time I’ve been alive.


So meanings shifting dramatically, as the earth can shift under you feet, can leave you lost, confused and perhaps heading for a cliff. Scary, if you believe you’re heading towards ‘home’ or ‘safety’ and the opposite becomes your life.


Words can be wonderful and help you to dream. The opposite though is possible, as in if you don’t comprehend what you’re asking for, well, you won’t get what you may think you’re intending, but instead something far more nefarious to your well-being.


Actions will bring life into clearer focus, so best to know the reasons behinds all actions for power to become manifest.


I am being, once again, somewhat vague here in this article on purpose. The honest meaning of anything really is in the ‘I’ of the beholder. So to believe one thing or another, and give something meaning should hold much power for you for it certainly holds power over you…consciously or not/knot.


Cheers Lorenzo. We hope, Cambell and I, you get much out of our latest video here ‘Spelling Your Way Home’.


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