Sailing on the Tides of Freedom

 by Jezyreel J ane Segura

January 5, 2020

‘The Gateway’ painting by Josephine Wall


 The first week of 2020 has come to pass, and it has brought a sense of renewed hope and promise on the horizon. What a wonderful way to begin another decade! The expectant energy of great changes to come is echoed in the gathering momentum of New Agora and the continuous rise of elevated consciousness within the global community.

More than ever, the ubiquity of social media has allowed us to share ourselves and our views in unprecedented ways.

It can be seen across cultures and societies, the blurring of perceived boundaries within belief systems is giving birth to an ocean of awakening. Responsible stewardship for our Earth Mother, integration of the shadow self in the journey toward enlightenment, and the global movement for freedom has been the theme for many of us seeking liberation from limiting thoughts, ideations, beliefs, and dichotomies.

The call for universal oneness and of unification is surging through. Amidst the tumultuous decade that defined historical milestones of the human race, underneath the turmoil of cognitive dissonance within ourselves and our societies, there is an undercurrent sweeping through the consciousness of humanity that no man (or woman or individuals identifying with gender fluidity!) is an island. The waters that separate us all are but rivers of thought that churn the status quo, challenging us to reach further out into the horizon. The shores of our consciousness are stirred by the tides. The awakening energy of the rest of humanity brought to us in ripples and waves that ebb and flow across the seas of disillusionment. What we fear to share, is what the world needs to see.

What we fear to know, is what our soul desires to understand. The fear that keeps us from acting in the name of unconditional love is the resistance we need to overcome. Let the energy of universal love wash over the shores of our mind, body, and spirit. The collective consciousness is vast and unfathomable; every drop in this ocean is a man, woman, and child with a dream and a voice. The power of human expression through words, art, song, or dance is the “… universe in ecstatic motion”, such are the profound words of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, urging us to reach into ourselves and recognize the oceans of possibility residing within.

Freedom is our right; it is also a gift and a privilege. May each of us who are blessed with it, harness its power with responsibility, accountability, and respect for each other and Mother Earth.

Universal love exists within the depths of us all. It is up to us to weather the storms that threaten to suppress it, let the turbulent waves uncover treasures buried within us. The ocean needs no permission to crash along the shore, to reshape the landscape, and give birth to creation. Let us allow ourselves this freedom. Let us sail on waves of creativity and unleash imagination with heart-conscious choices. Let us realize the potential of a future burgeoning with promise of amazing things to come.

This 2020, may hope, inner strength, empowerment of self and others, respect for our planet, unity, and resilience guide our words, thoughts, and actions. We are blessed with the winds of great change and great hope. Our collective consciousness is flowing toward a more conscientious way of living where tolerance and equality, love and acceptance, and honoring Mother Earth is beginning to rise and swell in the hearts and minds of those who truly want to make our world a better place to live, to love, to grow, to thrive, to be.

Let the tides of freedom engulf the distances that separate us, and flow back into the rivers of our lives opening gateways to new frontiers of awakened consciousness. May we pursue our hopes and dreams, our goals and desires, with wisdom, courage, trust, and love. Many blessings everyone.



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