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A Cosmic Ride

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“Brothers of the black force who can hear me, I say this without irony and with neither malice nor design.  You do not work for what is called evil.  Absolute love shouts its existence into even the smallest atom of life, whereas hatred denies even itself and thus cannot be embodied.  What is hatred? It can only be the love of what is opposite to the Father.  It bears the face of love I tell you, which is simply hidden beneath a mask.  It begins with pure love for itself, without which it could have no force of cohesion. 

Thus my brothers of the dark force who can bear my words, the particles composing your bodies are held together only by the force of love, inside and outside of you, without which they would instantly be thrown beyond the confines of the universe into a dance without end.  Love is the only reason for everything and the only force of cohesion. Its creation goes on forever.

…..Without knowing it, our ‘black brothers’ furbish for us the weapons with which we detect our own weaknesses. They offer us the darkness so that we may make the light shine all the brighter.”

(The Way of the Essenes….Christ’s Hidden Life Remembered)

Anne & Daniel Meurois-Givaudan



Jesus, according to the authors of the book from which the passage above was taken, belonged to the mystical society of the Essene Brotherhood.  He spent part of his life in Egypt where he was initiated into ancient mystical techniques for spiritual advancement and his teachings in Palestine were based on these mystical and metaphysical traditions.  The ‘channeled account’ (believe it, or not) is replete with gems of extraordinary insight, deep wisdom and compassion, issuing from the Master himself.

And don’t we need that about now.

What, my friends, is going on?  Here we are, 18 months into the madness, chaos and confusion of an undeniable transition to somewhere beyond the bounds of our wildest imaginings.  It is a transition of historically megalithic proportions……up there with the fall of the Roman Empire and the sinking of Atlantis.  WTF!    The dark force appears to have shown its hand. More than its hand. Its whole hideous, monstrous body and deeply sinister, deathly plan for humanity has been thrust to the surface. We can no longer pretend the evil monster who has been living in the shadows, controlling the most powerful, psychopathic world leaders, is not real.  It has been revealed, finally.  Did we sign up for this?

Apparently we did.

For many of us who smelt the rat of impending doom from that fateful third week in March 2020,

the last year and a half has felt like a bad dream.  We’ve lurched from states of panic and anxiety to numbness and disbelief.  The feeling of wanting to press rewind, to go home and forget all about this drama we are caught in reminds me of another transition – four actually, that I did come out the other side of – that of the births of my children.  It is so bloody painful and awful at the ‘transition’ stage, you just want to opt out.   I want to opt out of this BS.

But here we are and unless we have whatever it must take to depart from the earth plane, we have no choice but to continue on.  It helps in childbirth to have a kindly supportive midwife – one who informs you of where you are at and ‘how much longer’ there is to go.   Such midwives for this collective transition we are participating in are a bit thin on the ground. But they exist.  We just have to find them.

Personally I’ve been finding Oracle Girl (Jacqueline Hobbs) a fantastic midwife.  Her techniques and her story are rather fantastic. She will either resonate with you or not.  Essentially Oracle Girl tells us that yes, things are going to get much worse (bloody terrific). We are going to be more and more marginalised and shut out of society.  But! the good news is ‘they’ (see ‘black force’ above) are done for! YES.  More and more people are going to ‘refuse to go along with it’ …… The future is very positive, she tells us.  Hearing things are going to end the right way is exactly what we need now.  Okay, we don’t have precise timeline for this – these things being apt to change in accord with our collective ‘awakening’ – but we have a lifeline.  If we can just, somehow, get through the hard stuff ahead – then we will come out the other side.

“Look at all the physical worlds into which you are born as a function of your karma and according to what you need in order to evolve.  The Nameless One’s finger is slowly approaching these worlds and in the form of a fantastic cloud of energies he will penetrate them.  You cannot feel it yet, but within two thousand years all of your planets and stars will be transformed by his intervention.  He will make them vibrate at a higher pitch, which will cause their etherization.”    (Jesus)

This is so interesting.  We’ve been hearing the frequencies of the Sun, carried by solar winds, are increasing. All the planets in our solar system are being affected.  Could this be the ‘etherization’ Jesus talked about two thousand years ago?   And what might be the consequences of the Sun ‘vibrating at a higher pitch’?

There is so much going on right now and we are all being impacted by it daily – whether it be the 24/7 non-stop stream of the ‘official’ media propaganda with its ridiculous plandemic narrative. We turn off the TV but cannot avoid the billboards and the masked zombies.  What vibration deflation it all is! We want to be informed of what’s really happening so check in with our favourite truth channels – hoping to hear the 100th monkey is close.  There we read more grim death statistics and sad stories of our fellow humans going under. And scarier tales by the day of the power structures tightening their grip. Our circle of existence continues to shrink as our heretofore taken-for-granted, basic freedoms – the air we breathe!!,  our human interactions, moving from place to place – are taken away from us.  It’s become negatively surreal.  To say the least.

That’s right – we are in the transition.

Given all of this, when we experience physical symptoms, headaches, exhaustion, nausea, sleeplessness, we assume it is the effect of the stress of this fucked up situation.  But perhaps, the physical and emotional conditions many of us are experiencing are about the increasing solar activity; the ‘Nameless One’s finger’ etherizing our corner of the cosmos.

I’ve read on the internet (  that this incoming energy impacts everything on the planet and sensitive people are noticing sleep disturbances and a host of other symptoms.  The solar storms (carried by the winds) desynchronise our circadian rhythms.  They affect our nervous systems – hence the increased levels of anxiety and fear many of us are noticing (ha! As if the daily ‘news’ wasn’t enough).  The solar activity is affecting our Earth’s resonance (known as the Schumann resonance) – our planet’s heartbeat and this affects our own heartbeat.  Have you noticed your heart feeling funny? I have.   Every aspect of our physical and our subtle bodies is being affected. Every cell is registering this.

Other ‘symptoms’ of the increased cosmic activity are the rising to the surface of old, unprocessed emotions (tick), and wanting to connect, to forgive or to ask forgiveness of people from our past.  These old wounds are coming up to be healed and all, we are told,  is in aid of the push we are collectively being given to move to a higher frequency. In the process everything is in a state of turbulence – much like that what occurs during a healing crisis. The intent, many believe, is to take us from our current slower vibrating density to a higher vibratory state. It is the journey of the evolution of our consciousness. We know that higher emotions such as gratitude, compassion and love vibrate at a higher frequency than the lower ones – fear, jealousy, guilt.  We have been living in a very low vibratory place on this planet for eons – thanks to the ‘slave self’. That’s another story – but you might substitute ‘ego-mind’  –  (See Oracle Girl for more on the slave self – it is her term).

This information feels like the truth. So many threads are coming together now.  The solar winds are blowing in to usher us forward on our journey.  Whilst there may be an element of the ‘saviour complex’ here, (and yes, we’ve been told time and time again that ‘no one is coming to save us’) – quite honestly, given the massive imbalance of power on our planet  (they have been LONG planning and scheming for this) some outside assistance very much looks like our best chance.  The 100thmonkey may, and I fervently hope will, happen…. But when I look around at the level of apathy and fear (the mind control has worked so well) in the general population, I’m not so sure.  Given that, I’m going with the finger of the Nameless One.

Jesus said, the dark force is giving us the weapons with which we detect our own weaknesses.

Can we come to an awareness that our dark brothers are ultimately helping us to heal ourselves – of the weaknesses we have inherited and fostered; weaknesses arising from our egoic, slave selves?  We know that in order to heal, wounds must come to the surface, to consciousness. Jesus also said we must bring forth what is within us. If we do not, what is within will destroy us.  Could it be that all of this is just that? A collective healing process? If we do not bring it out into the open, it will destroy us.  What is being brought into the open is a long history of lies and deceit, of unspeakable evil and suffering, of abuse and oppression on a monumental scale by the powerful over the powerless. For whatever reason we are part of the collective body of humanity, whose shadow manifested such evil. Though it is debatable and there is good evidence to support the theory that these psychopaths – these ‘dark brothers’ – are not human. Not human as we know human to be. It is now part of our karma to witness the healing crisis of a system SO dark there really was no other way. It all had to erupt.  We are seeing the explosion of long pent up evil. The skies have darkened and we are running from the fire, noxious fumes and the devastation.  It is a truly Plutonic time we are in.  Birth and death, annihilation, transformation – lead eventually to healing and integration.  Out of the pain and dark comes new life.  THIS is where we are. The story is not over yet. We are only part way through – the transition remember. The hardest part.

Love, Jesus told us is the cohesive force of the universe.  Let us then breathe in love and breathe out love (through unimpeded nostrils) and know that we are One. Let us refuse to comply with this tyranny.  Compliance NEVER brought freedom. If we would preserve our most fundamental freedoms we MUST refuse.  Compliance equates to disconnection and we know now how pivotal it is that we connect and form a cohesive resistance to the evil that is unravelling our world. The disconnection the dark brothers have engineered and are daily implementing is not only trying to separate us from our fellow humans, but its intent is to disconnect us from Source (God, the larger consciousness system, Tao, the Nameless One). Cohesion is the force of love – the force keeping everything from spinning out into the empty nothingness of space.   How vital it is then that we form cohesive groups with our fellow humans and resist.  Ultimately truth and love will prevail. It’s time now for us all to hold that thought and intent uppermost.  The finger of the Nameless One is sending us frequencies of love on the solar winds –  the  frequencies that will dismantle this bullshit. But if we would not go down with the system (that is going down) we must refuse to feed the system – with our fear and our compliance; we must ride those winds and surf the waves of the new world being birthed.  Birth is painful but we can do it! The 100th monkey is close.  Bless you all.