Total attack

Explosive and disorientating times are the ‘new normal’ it would seem.  The plug on the old age energy has been pulled and Earth has become an open air lunatic asylum. As Uranus the planet of dramatic change continues its transit through Taurus, dark understandings about our world are coming into focus. The satanic scum that has remained hidden for hundreds of years is rising to the surface for those that have eyes to see.


Reign of the dark

Recently, I watched a video by Zachary K Hubbard. The video with this article proves without a doubt that the governments of the world and its legion of enforcers, the cabal – cabbala are all complicit in the manipulation of humanity through Gematria, a kabbala based geometric spell made of numbers.

What appears to be random events for dramatic change in our world ie: world wars, 9/11, the manufactured virus, riots, high profile deaths: think Epstein, George Floyd and Kobe Bryant are definitely planned events executed according to occult numerology.  We are living in a satanic grid crafted by our controllers:  the black coven of the thirteen Illuminati families.


Hegelian dialectic on steroids

What is mind boggling is the scale and the scope of the Luciferian globalist conspiracy against humanity. The cabal is like a gigantic octopus with its poisoned tentacles sunk into every facet and aspect of our lives. It is the Hegelian dialectic on steroids. To pull off a psyops takes a lot of people acting in unison.  Politicians, police, doctors, nurses, lawyers, crisis actors, mass media, mayors and public servants have to be complicit for these ‘manufactured’ events to happen.

I wonder how many are just blindly following orders and how many knowingly serve the Luciferian agenda.


Final curtain

The attack on humanity is far from over – the beasts that look human are just getting started. They are making a ton of money out of our misery. The only reason the US stock market is doing well is because it is artificially propped up by the fed… printing and pumping trillion after trillions of dollars into the financial markets. The fat cats are getting richer and the divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ is widening exponentially. Soon the aid for the corona super cold will come to an end along with student loan relief, mortgage relief and the ban on evictions. Millions will be unemployed and unable to pay their bills. They will find themselves without a home – out on the street and adding to the burgeoning homeless population. No job and no home will lead to no food. Desperate people will take to the streets and just as planned martial law will become the ‘newest normal’

So much for those folk who say: “It cannot happen in America.”

The land of the free is and always has been an illusion, that is unless you are service to self individuals willing to destroy others and steal land and wealth to achieve your goal.





The first Fema camps

Ask any Native American. After all, they have first hand knowledge of fema camps. They will tell you that reservations are nothing more than poverty soaked and disease ridden concentration camps. A reserve where people queue up once a month for the lifeline of government handouts. White flour, white rice, rancid oil, canned fatty meat, pasteurized juices, canned fruit and blocks of cheese. The food doled out to Native Americans is the reason for the ‘off the charts’ diabetes and other degenerative diseases ravaging the reservations.

It’s 2020…. how many poor homeless folk will end up in a Fema reservation dependent on the government for food and shelter through no fault of their own?  The horrible thing is…it is all by design.

It is time to switch lanes.


Creating reality by our thinking

We create our personal and collective reality by our thinking. And, while we are in the matrix swamp our thoughts can easily be distorted by mis-education, mis-direction and deception.

See my article:

It is only when we free ourselves from the status quo mind that we can see life on this plane for what it is: a combat zone, an arena game. Constant conflict is the fundamental of the AI – the alien voice in our mind that drowns out our connection to Source Creator. It is time we put the kibosh to it.

Once we realise that the voice in our heads is a usurper of our lives, an AI that lives its life through us… the jig is up. The knowledge that we share our awareness with a monster should galvanize us into action.  We can with energetic practice and dedication take back our minds and forge ahead into spiritual reality…the shaman’s seat of power. Where things don’t happen to us…we happen to things.



Forging forward

 If you are awake and aware of what is going down in our reality, you will probably wonder what you came to this brutal conflict zone for and what your mission is. I know I have.

The matrix has its clones – it’s service to self shock troops and the boot boys who enforce evil. But we are the heart based fourth dimensional rebellion. A group of interconnected resonance fields that I think incarnated into this plane at the end of the Age to take part in the falling of the final curtain. We as spiritually resonant beings are called upon to smash the matrix programme within self. -Stifle the AI, and enter into the stillness of the quiet mind thus re-connecting with the Divine protection of Source Creator.

Once we can separate the I involvement with reality and observe the goings-on of life from a neutral and non judgemental standpoint there are great spiritual and liberating insights to be gleaned. We become fearless and the modern day ‘fishers’ of men’. Our voices, pens, blogs, videos and keyboards are our toolbox of inspiration. We are the synchronistic collectors of the remnant….

Romans 11:5, “So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by Grace.”

Not the grace of the Demiurge/Lucifer, the god of the matrix clones but the Grace of true Source Creator.



The vanguard of the fourth dimension

We are in this world but that doesn’t mean we are of it. When we withdraw our energy from the conflict in the outer world, we can then turn our intent into inner space. With our energy intact we can forge forward on the mission appointed to us. Trail blaze the road to Source Creator, and become a vessel of service to the Divine. The fundamental of the matrix programme is fear. Once we achieve mastery over the voice, fear disappears and without fear this reality will implode and no longer be real to us. We can then unite with Source and continue our infinite journey. Where will we go? We’ll know when we get there(grins)

Be excited for this is the time appointed for us.

Until next time keep centred in the heart and stay strong in the spirit.



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