Severing Emotional Ties: Etheric Chords

Emotional “Chords”; Etheric Parasitic Tentacle-Like Connections


Severing those ties? Well, what I found is that there are emotional “chords” that are connected to everyone, basically like implants. When these ties are severed, these chords still remain in a kind of etheric connection. When these chords are no longer receiving etheric sustenance from the suffering or emotional angst of the individual then they become overtly parasitic and this becomes highly toxic to the individual. If before, they were barely noticeable without paying direct attention, then they become almost infected and oozing with pain and infection.

This is  my experience with that. Over the past few weeks I have began severing ties  groups and situations with those who are only here to serve their own personal “agenda”

I am focused on helping others and more specifically organizing information in a way that actually provides a viable means of defense against this mind-control system while simultaneously remedying those who are participating and enjoying in the turning of human against human.

As far as the deceptive, ego-based cowardly, parasitic game of hide-and-go-seek with the human persona. That is not the game I will play, I will simply leave the field and play my own game with my own rules and others are free to play but I cannot force them as they will probably find more enjoyment doing their  own thing anyway.

Do The Right Thing; Your Thing, Please You and Avoid Generating Trauma or Suffering To Others


The more awakened can attain power and control without having to abridge another’s free-will, harm others, or use deceptive tactics.


The only message I wish to leave all readers with is be sure you are doing your own thing now, in the future and all times. Reject the mind-control, reject the angst, convert these patterns, these emotional-mental chains into ropes that you can use to climb out of the grave of shallow-mindedness and spiritual darkness with. I’m not putting you there, I’m appropriating that we all have to do this otherwise there is no true growth.


Biological Consciousness, Suffering and The Development of the Soul


This is actually some of what I am beginning to write about now as far as the inclusion of suffering and spiritual pain as an organic aspect of the original human blueprint. The suffering that humanity experiences causes growth and from this growth there is learning and an ever-new perspective. The machine world is the quick-fix pill that is used to quell all suffering and pain at the cost of losing the connection to that original soul-blueprint and the result of this is the loss of the connection to the higher-self and thus the higher spiritual realm of existence.

This is a very serious situation, if anyone one reading this would like to chat, film a discussion, or have any kind of productive interplay on these subjects then you know where to find me. I do not have time for every question or comment that comes across the screen however the more serious and persistent a person is the more likely we will make a connection.


Truth, Awareness, Power, Love, Vision, Purity

Love is a part of the answer. Not blind love in play, or lust. But unconditional love that is matched with wisdom instead of naivety, strength instead of looseness, and direction instead of passivity.

I very much care about the people who are looking for a way to make sense of the crazy situation this civilization is in, everyone else that has been involved in these torturous projects, as well as people in general. Some people are complete assholes, but hey, if I can’t convince you of that, then they will.

Lot’s of healing and growth to come, because maybe we can all agree this is a big part of the period of human suffering we are all going through.