The Ship of Genocidal Fools and Megalomania is Sinking.

Smashed on the rocks and washed up on the face-nappy littered beach of its shattered megalomaniac desire to rule over all and sundry via its Graphene Oxide and AI mechanised inoculations, the corporate ship has floundered.

It has been wrecked by its ill-gotten and Satanic intent which is directly at odds with Natural Law.

In a world of legalese and fraud, it behoves us to use the most appropriate terms. It is fair to state that Megalomania is the name of the game and it is a genocidal one which aims to cull the earth’s population to 500 million.

megalomania | ˌmeɡələˈmānēə |
obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.

• delusion about one’s own power or importance (typically as a symptom of manic or paranoid disorder).


megalomanic | -ˈmanik | adjective



What kind of a cunt wants to rule the world? Moreover, when has any cunt ever ruled the world?

It’s an impossible dream; one in which the megalomaniacal parasite wants total control of all peoples.

It is a fool’s errand, a moronic desire that goes against Natural or God’s Law. In accordance with Natural Law, these parasitic cunts will meet their comeuppance and theirs won’t be a peaceful demise.

Do no harm, take no shit is the simplest distillation of God’s Law.

The cunts who falsely believe the horseshit of their Satanic overlord are doomed. I mean, for fook’s sake it was plain to my 7 year old younger self that God was in charge: it was made clear in the hymns and prayers we sang and said each day,

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures, great and small,
All things wise and wonderful, the lord God made them all.


Hallowed be thy name, here on earth as ’tis in Heaven…

For Thine is the kingdom, power and the glory, for ever and ever.”


This realm is God’s – not that of those who skulk in the shadowy Synagogue Of Satan and promulgate lies and financial enslavement.

When the individual realises his own divinity and connectedness to the true creator of all that is and ever will be, his critical thinking will lead him to ask the question that destroys the Divoc 91 Three Dart Finish of the jabbed,

How can you give informed consent if you are not informed?” (Dr Roger Hodkinson)

The megalomaniacal urge exists in all of the corporate-state’s agencies and, of course, within those who populate them.

The criminal UK Gov self-evidently consists of megalomaniacs, their handlers, like Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance and the Big Pharma death cult which they inhabit are also dangerously afflicted; as is the phoney Church, the Judiciary is awash with self-appointed megalomaniacs.

The whoring mouthpieces of the media unquestioningly propagate it and the (mis) education system is awash with jumped-up-jobsworths, pumped up on self-importance and chock-full of sanctimonious cuntwaffle that causes real and imminent harm to the pupils under their fake ‘care.’ Local government is replete with megalomaniacs, pink-haired woke types who falsely believe in their own virtue whilst attacking those who do not.

Dick’s Out

It naturally follows that there are countless example of megalomania infesting all ranks of those who masquerade as police constables, with Cressida Dick being the most prominent due to her ‘resignation’.

Above all, the megalomania is off-the-scale in the National Health Service which, more accurately, has become a National Death Cult.

Woe betide the poor individual who finds himself in a hospital, requiring treatment. Arrogant white-coated assassins and chubby nurses in trousers ride rough shod over the patients rights and liberties and blithely issue unlawful ‘Do Not Resuscitate’  notices over those of a certain age or mentality, who thus find themselves on a conveyor belt to their own imminent death, usually by way of Midazolam.

But, perhaps the most egregious megalomania that has been spewed up these last 23 months lies in the quacks who exist within the captured institutions and industries that pump out the fake science and pimp out the oil-based pills to a paranoid population that becomes addicted to opiates and mind-altering anti-depressants and is silenced with Midazolam.

This includes any and all universities and research institutes that have been and continue to be funded by the Gates Foundation.

In the plain words of the eminent Dr Roger Hodkinson,

The colleges and surgeons… internationally – are co-conspirators, with government, in state-sanctioned murder.” Dr Roger Hodkinson

Each and everyone of these megalomaniacs is, whether or not they know it, controlled by the ultimate megalomania that is international banking/finance. More money = more power and what kind of megalomaniac would not love that? The upper echelons of banking, as far as I can tell, are brimming over in the dripping jism of megalomania.

Again, the question arises,

What kind of cunt wants to rule the world?”


Arise, Lord Rothschild and all of thy kind, for thou art the slithery serpents of megalomania, the viper whose forked tongue and mealy-mouthed utterances seek to hide thy lust for world dominance.

The Rags to Riches Narrative of the Rothschilds is but a well-oiled falsehood, designed to cover up the grubby reality of a dynasty whose designs are firmly rooted in a vile writhing pit of megalomania.

Thus, we are fed the indigestible narrative of the family’s humble origins in a 14ft wide, multi-storeyed house in a populous street of a Frankfurt ghetto.

The progenitor, Nathan is painted as a humble coiner who, by extreme good fortune, became friendly (I’ll bet he fooking did) with the Prince to provide coins for the realm. Nathan groomed his 5 sons in the Machiavellian arts of Banking Megalomania and Deception, and from there it all grew nicely, like the tentacles of a mammoth hydra.

I think there’s a very strong tradition of philanthropy amongst the Rothschild family.” Overlord Rothschild paints rosy picture of his megalomaniacal family.



The antidote to megalomania, as any critical thinker knows in every ounce of his being is individual sovereignty, anarchy – freedom from rulers.

I have posited this on numerous occasions down the years. Voluntary association is the opposite to megalomania which is entirely predicated on fraud and coercion.

As the ship begins to sink, the rats will jump off. Further and as I predicted some 8 years ago and in my previous article, as it capsizes on the rocks, the crew (the tax-payers) will also be ready to jump – secession from the state being essential to any right-minded soul.

Admiralty law has had its day – Natural Law is all there is and ever will be and that is why I suggest anyone who wants to step outside a Crown jurisdiction that is founded upon satanic inversion, looks into Universal Community Trust as the only one which was created to defend the rights of the individual through voluntary association.

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