Unlock Your Self

By  R. Ayana



 It takes years to learn to walk in your sleep. It takes years to steal a child’s birthright.


It takes years of training and heartache to learn to become a slave; years of being forced to dash from your warm bed and  rush through a series of morning rituals, before hurrying out your door to have your head filled with other people’s expectations. It takes years to learn how to live by rote, to become an automaton going through a repetitive series of empty gestures.


It takes at least a decade to brainwash a child into believing there’s no choice but to follow the adulterated dolts on their boring, aimless treadmill. It takes that long to blind and deafen them to the insistent inner voice that reveals all their so-called ‘teachers’ and ‘elders’ to be clumsy, giant barbarians who cannot see their own feet, who are foreigners to their own world. Who are afraid of their own bodies and terrified of their own shadows.


It takes that long to twist a child’s fierce passion for life and wild exploration into unquestioning zombie obedience to the narrow ordered corridors of petty tyrants. It takes years to numb the bright questions. It takes years to glaze the bright eyes. It takes years to dumb down the bright spark of curiosity.


It takes years to make you believe you have no choice but to accept your allotted role, to bite the baited line and swallow the barbed hooks of job, career, religion, hierarchy, caste, class and all the other poor-taste jokes floating in the culture dish of your particular, idiosyncratic gene pool. It takes years to make you believe that all this arbitrary baggage is ‘normal’.


It takes years to con a wild child full of unlimited passionate potential into becoming a convinced, convictionless convict in a soul-dead prison of some artless control freak’s devising. It takes years to divide us and conquer our wills, turning us away from loving our playmates, brothers and sisters and exploring a wonderful world with them.


It takes years of insensitivity training to make us see, think and act the way the heartless puppeteers at the summit of the capless pyramid hierarchy want us to. It took years to train them for their robotic roles, too. It takes years to teach people to be insecure, half alive and gormless and to only feel free and powerful when they’re controlling others.


It takes years to teach a child how to maim and stunt their own children to fit a maimed and stunted ‘society’. It takes years to turn you into a willing victim.


It only takes a few centuries of this hypnosis to turn Paradise into a prison planet.


But it only takes a moment to wake up and leave the corporate nightmare behind. You can rouse yourself whenever you choose to and help create something much better in this New Millennium. You can look into the eyes of the next real, breathing person you see – and see yourself looking back.


Unless, of course, you prefer the cocooning comforts of a cell that you must lock yourself inside each and every night and day, living in silent sublime terror in the midst of a hedonist garden paradise.


–         R. Ayana    –

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