By Sherry Swiney
May 6, 2021



For the past twenty-five years or so, I’ve been looking at numerous organizations and individuals who are on a peaceful, educational, path who are engaged with literally millions of people around the world, in all walks of life. The subscribers, followers, participants, promoters, and watchers, are FOR living a good, productive, prosperous, healthy, loving life with friends, family and community, free to think, do and be however they choose.

These millions of folks subscribe to the idea that life on Earth is abundant and wonderfully giving. They don’t pay attention to the handful of folks who promote fear and scarcity.


Harm for Profit


On the other hand… oh, that other hand… that which is shown on the television and online media… that which seeks to harm for profit… that which pollutes soil, water, air, food, culture, and minds… that which creates wars to destroy people and property… that which covers up history and re-writes it… that which seeks power over everything, including your every move… that which makes a living on lies.

I think of them as Snake-Oil Salesmen who sell the gullible a bill of goods that has no value at all.

Are you worried the world is coming to and end? How many end-of-the-world predictions have not come true? All of them. It’s the magicians at work – promoting myths that gullible people can’t help but believe are true.



Before and After Government Protection


Are you worried that you will succumb to a horrible pandemic one day? If you buy our product, obey our rules, you will survive. In the end, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

Is it true the vast majority of people on Earth are that gullible? No, of course not. Here are just a few examples of how not-true this notion is:


Scared of What If’s?


Rona Reclassified


Manufacturing Mass Psychosis


The Volunteers


Thrive On



There are thousands of gardening and homesteading shows on YouTube that have millions of subscribers – people who are ignoring the war-fear-disease-mongering and living happy, fruitful, prosperous lives, while teaching others everywhere how this works. There’s nothing political about these channels; just living good wholesome lives, raising their families and enjoying healthy food they’ve grown themselves. They are not threatened by food shortages… they are not threatened by a fabricated virus story… they are not threatened by thought police… they are not threatened by the things the gullible fear.

There are thousands of spiritual and natural healing shows on YouTube that also have millions of subscribers – these people are also ignoring the Snake-Oil Salesmen.

There are thousands of baking, cooking, canning, sewing, and craft shows on YouTube that also have millions of subscribers – these people are also ignoring the woes marketed by the Snake-Oil Salesmen.

There are hundreds of science shows on YouTube that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers – these people are not only ignoring the would-be damaging propaganda, they are promoting scientific breakthroughs that could change today’s world into a thriving world everywhere for everyone.

There are thousands of truth-seeking shows, no longer on YouTube because they’ve been censored, but are on other channels such as Bitchute, LBRY, Odysee, Rumble, and a long list of others, that have millions of subscribers – these people do not buy the Sales-pitch; they want to help wake up the gullible, trying their best to help them avoid the bottomless worthless pit of slavery.

In other words, most of the world knows about the Snake-Oil Salesmen and they strive to treat them as scammers.


Cage for the Mind


But alas, the gullible prefer to cling to what the Snake-Oil Salesmen tell them even though it’s possible they know deep within that they are swallowing a huge lie. What they don’t know is that the Salesmen are using the gullible as “useful idiots”, portraying them as the majority, to sway the informed into obedience. An impossible feat.

Once informed, you cannot be uninformed. Once healed of mind-control you cannot be mind-controlled again. Once healed of childhood pre-programming, you cannot go back to that program. Once the unlearning begins, you cannot become gullible again. Once fear of death disappears, you no longer fear anything, least of all the Salesmen.


Obvious Fake News


In summary, we see hundreds – perhaps thousands – of peaceful protests in many countries. We also see how media twists these stories to lessen the impact. Then we see actual footage of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people peacefully marching.


There are many ways to manipulate the gullible or uninformed mind. Our challenge is to help those people become savvy… to become curious… to become unafraid of their own shadow… to become human beings again instead of scared rats in a cage.

How is this done? The same way the media drives fear into gullible minds. Instead of bombarding them with lies 24/7, we bombard them with truth 24/7. Never mind censorship; we know how to get around that.



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