Soul Resonance (and the Law of Attraction)



By Tom Montalk







If you’ve ever synchronistically manifested something you wanted in life, you know that consciousness can influence reality.


Many have tried putting this principle to use by using focused visualization methods per the Law of Attraction to try and manifest their desires. But that’s a rather limited application.


What many don’t realize is that our consciousness doesn’t shape reality only during emotionally charged focused visualizations; it shapes reality constantly according the very quality of our being.


In fact, you don’t even need to do anything specific in terms of visualization exercises or meditations to influence reality. All you need to do is be who you are right now, and to varying degrees, life will reflect the nature of your being.


There’s an actual physics behind how this works, which I’ll cover in a future video about imaginary spacetime and the Feynman Path Integral formulation of quantum mechanics. But for now, if you think of time like a river, then not only do we move forward along that river, we also drift vertically at different depths between different currents or time streams.


The river of time is actually a bundle of interwoven time streams, each representing a certain theme of experience. Near the top of the river there’s light, meaning peace, harmony, and serendipity. Near the bottom there’s darkness, meaning pain, suffering, and obstacles.


Which time stream you access depends on the vibrational resonance spectrum of your soul, your being, the deeper parts of your consciousness. This resonance spectrum determines which time streams or probable futures you exchange energy with and thereby attract.


So by changing your being, meaning the qualitative aspect of your consciousness, you change your stream of experience in life.


Many Law of Attraction students miss this point. They think it all depends on what they do during a visualization session, when in reality what matters most is who they are the rest of the day.


So it’s a good idea to transform your being from a lower state to a higher state. But is it enough to just wear a smile all day and avoid negative thinking?


Not exactly, and the reason is that surface level thoughts and feelings are not what cause synchronistic attraction. Rather, what matters is the deeper subconscious foundation from which they arise.


It’s about who you are at the subconscious level that pivots you between different time streams. It’s about what you emotionally resonate with and are drawn toward. It’s about what you take to be reality, your root assumptions regarding the way life works, your unquestioned beliefs, your overall mood and mindset and outlook on life.


As we all know, different people respond differently to the same situation. Some get amused, others get angry. Some react with understanding, others with blame. Some rise to the challenge, others shrivel up.


Like different objects making different sounds when struck in the same way, how each of us responds and reacts to life is says something about our personal consciousness resonance spectrum. And it’s precisely this resonance that determines which probable futures we energize and attract.


The problem is that for so many, the way they are is all they’ve ever known, all they believe there is, and all they secretly want and subconsciously resonate with.


Like a sound or smell that’s always there, it merges into the background and becomes hard to notice and therefore hard to do something about.


That’s why people tend to stay locked into their time stream and keep attracting the same experiences, even if on the everyday conscious level they wish for better.


Because conscious wishing isn’t the same as subconscious being. If you just put on a token smile and half heartedly try to think happy thoughts, but deep down you’re the same as always, life will remain the same as always.


If you’re full of inner turmoil and reactivity and try to suppress that instead of resolving it at the subconscious level, all you’re doing is putting a lid on a pressure cooker while staying in the same time stream, and so when life inevitably throws more of the same at you, you end up exploding.


That’s why the priority must be on pivoting yourself at the very root of your consciousness, the foundation, the axis of your inner world. Because it’s by turning around your inner world and changing your very nature, that you turn your life around.


The first step to doing that is recognizing what state you’re in and when it actually changes for real.


Otherwise you can easily fool yourself into thinking you’ve changed when you haven’t.


Did you really rise to a higher positive state, or are you just going through the motions? Have you slipped back into a neutral state without knowing it? Or have you fallen into a lower negative state that needs emergency corrective action? How would you know for sure?


Seven Signs


Well, here’s how you can know. Here are 7 Signs that your consciousness has actually shifted.


1. The new state has normalized – That means you don’t have to force it. It feels like your new center of gravity, your new default mode of being. It wells up from deep within you and drives your thoughts and feelings. You don’t even have to try. It’s just who you are now.

2. Your previous state fades out – When you think back on it, it feels foreign and distant, like you can’t really identify with it anymore, like it’s another person. You can sort of recall what it was like, but more at arm’s length like you’re watching someone else’s life.

3. Your priorities change – Many things you were preoccupied with before now lose their importance, and things you didn’t care for before have taken on new meaning.

4. Your perceptions change. You notice things about people, about your surroundings, about life that you didn’t notice before. And what you used to notice all the time, you don’t really pay attention to anymore.

5. People act differently toward you. – The types of people you attract, the way they look at you, how warm or cold they are toward you, these all undergo a transformation.

6. Your emotional reactions change. – Since you view the world through a different lens, you no longer react the same way to life. So the character of your emotional responses changes. Old patterns of feelings become harder to access, and new feelings come more easily. That’s your soul resonance spectrum changing.

7. Synchronicities and dreams change. – You experience a change in synchronicity in your life in terms of their types, meanings, intensity, and how often they occur. The quality of your dreams may change too, since dreams are primarily an expression of the subconscious, and it’s the subconscious that changes here because it’s a doorway to the deeper levels of your being.


Now these seven signs apply whether you’re in a positive, negative, or neutral state of being. Let’s look at some examples of each.


Positive State


In a positive state, you experience more positive synchronicities in life. Life can become weird but in a good way, reality bending in sometimes miraculous ways. Your dreams become more meaningful, enlightening, and enjoyable.


You’re naturally buoyant, resilient, and good natured. There’s a sense of ease and assuredness and harmony.


When you’re in a higher time stream like this, you attract positive people, and people in general are friendlier toward you. Those who may have been antagonistic before suddenly change. You may even notice with people you know, that things are suddenly going better for them in their lives, which brings up the possibility that when you interact with someone, you’re actually interacting with whatever probable version of them you’ve tuned into via your current soul resonance.


You find more meaning in the little things and receive more insights when pondering the big things in life. And so you become more curious, creative, insightful, reflective, and poised.


You become more sensitive to beauty, color, symmetry, meaning, and oneness in all that you perceive. Everything feels more alive, more vibrant. Music sounds more satisfying.


Instead of reacting blindly to life’s learning lessons, you actively introspect and learn from your experiences. When problems or provocations arise, your natural response is one of good natured understanding and lucid clarity.


People who are in a lower state but mistakenly believe they’re in a higher state are all fine so long as nothing bad is happening but the moment they are tested, their true nature comes out, and that serves as an indicator that they need to rework their approach.


Alright, so the positive state is one of higher consciousness, of being more in resonance with your spiritual core essence and divinity. It’s about strength, wisdom, awareness, and spiritual refinement.


Negative State


That’s the opposite of the negative state, which is mired in reactivity, hostility, limiting beliefs, illusion, self-destruction, materialism, or animal instincts.


The lower one goes within the river of time, the more strange and negative things get. For starters, there’s an increase in accidents, illnesses, and misfortunes.


Dreams tend to become more stressful, disgusting, or demonic. Synchronicities take a turn for the dark via bad omens, warning signs, and symbolic catastrophes in life.


One tends to attract people who are either hostile towards you, or draw out your hostility against them.


Life rarely goes smoothly and it’s taken as a given that the good things in life must be fought for and taken. It’s the law of the jungle.


One sees only what’s ugly, bad, threatening, or exploitable in others and the world. There’s a gritty, dark, cold gray feel to life.


The lower time streams are dominated by those with strong predator or prey mentalities. Both find themselves there and feed into each other.


Those on the predator end of the spectrum have a demonic coldness and the mindset of a destroyer. If you’re intuitive or street smart you can identify such types pretty easily.


Those on the prey end of the spectrum have a deep victim mindset and persecution complex. They feel like the world is out to get them.


In the more extreme cases, their lives become waking nightmares when they’re preoccupied 24/7 with threats whether it’s gang stalkers or alien abductors or government agents or whoever the antagonist happens to be. Their reality melts down into a hellish nightmare filled with paranormal threats around every corner. And it’s not all just in their heads, it’s real, but reality changes depending on what time stream you’re tuned into.


What they don’t realize is that they are actually attracting and amplifying such nightmarish experiences because they are subconsciously resonating at a very low frequency that locks them into those lower time streams. They are continually affirming and reinforcing that this nightmare is what reality is all about. That’s their unquestioned root assumption, and so they stay locked into it.


If they were to snap out of it and shift to a higher state of consciousness by dropping the fear and victim mentality, guaranteed 90% of the nightmare would evaporate because they’d be shifting to a higher time stream beyond the easy reach of the dark forces that rule the lower levels.


That’s why it’s so important to recognize when any of this starts happening so that you can turn things around and get back on a higher time stream.


Neutral State


Now these two sets of examples, the positive and negative, serve to illustrate what happens when your soul resonance is so high or so low that your reality becomes highly unusual.


The fact is, however, that most people won’t experience either of those extremes because their resonance spectrum puts them somewhere in the middle, in the more neutral or mundane time streams.


Ordinary consciousness locks you into an ordinary reality. If you get virtually no synchronicities, no improbabilities, and nothing weird or magical happens other than the usual ups and downs in life, you’re in this neutral state of being.


Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean you’re empty, apathetic, or emotionless like a robot. It just means you’re living life within the parameters of what’s considered normal. Normal emotions, normal reactions, normal interests, normal reality.


It’s when you shift into an extraordinary state of being that you shift into an extraordinary reality.


Resonance Baseline


Now, in practice, throughout the months we drift around a certain baseline in terms of our personal time stream, sometimes drifting a little higher, sometimes a little lower. This is due to many factors including astrology, biorhythms, and what behavioral patterns you choose to engage in and reinforce.


If you choose to stay above that baseline long enough, that higher state becomes the new baseline and both your inner nature and outer life undergo a permanent change. That’s the depth of change we need to aim for.




So as you can see, consciousness does influence reality, but the implication of that goes way beyond just trying to manifest your desires using Law of Attraction rituals.


The universe is an expression of a universal field of consciousness of which our own consciousness is a part. And so the root of our being is connected to the root of reality.


The inner and outer world are closely linked, and by changing your very being, you change your very existence.