Spring Cleaning

by Nowick Gray

Junk News Fast

Lately the news has come all of a piece: mostly aptly summarized as “The Empire of Lies.” I used to scan the feed to find new evidence, new insight, new clarification about what was going on in the world. Now it’s all too clear that there’s a bifurcation of realities. There’s one hoax and spinfest after another from the mainstream media and official channels, and the common sense and independent research on the alternative side exposing what’s really going on.

Still I save to share the best of what I come across, that which most succinctly or eloquently portrays the circus of madness. Over the past two weeks, these include:

Announcing a hostile takeover of the left – by Toby Rogers

Springtime for GloboCap – CJ Hopkins

On Being Disappeared – The Chris Hedges Report

“Gradually, …Then Suddenly!” | ZeroHedge

The Media Is The Number One Cause Of War Since 1898 | ZeroHedge

Oliver Stone Documents the Past to Illuminate the Present, by Edward Curtin – The Unz Review

DOJO-> SECRETS REVEALED – Philosophers Stone

Hollywoods Propaganda Factory – Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

The Real SOUL of a Terror Shoe – Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

Manufactured Crisis: CIA trained the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and has chosen Ukraine as birthplace of new “Global White Supremacist” Terror Threat – The Expose

The Curious Butchers of Bucha – The Good Citizen

Pakistan warns of foreign-backed regime-change attempt, to disrupt China/Russia alliance

The fall of Rome – by Toby Rogers – uTobian

Airtable – 2021-2022 Epidemic of heart issues in athletes – Chronological order

Are You a Good German or a Badass German?

Episode #104 – Matt Ehret and the Proper Role of the Dissident as Leader – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

WAKE UP and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution

Stephen Petty – Expert Testimony On the effectiveness of masks

Vaccine-Induced AIDS, 5000% Excess Mortality, 5G, and Agenda 21

Corona Virus/Jab/Remdesivir = King Cobra Venom

BC Lawyer’s Letter Blows Apart Bonnie’s Virus Story – Not Your CBC News

The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda – by Vasko Kohlmayer

Defeat the Mandates LA – by Robert W Malone MD, MS

The Empire of Lies – by Vasko Kohlmayer

… more at Quarantine Reading List…

A Few of My Favorite Memes

Then of course there is the endless parade of politically conscious memes, which convey truth with the vital ingredient of our humanity (and the secret sauce of truth itself), humor. Here are some of my recent favorites, each worth its weight in 1000-word packets:







Apocalypse Now: Vietnam Syndrome II

During the Vietnam War, the US position in a losing battle was that they could not withdraw, or all the death and destruction to that point would have been wasted. It’s the classic case of the gambler deep in debt, who cannot quit but instead borrows more in a vain attempt to recoup those losses. In the political sphere it’s more about saving face in the short term, to delay full exposure down the road. In economics it’s infinite inflation, infinite debt… until the whole pyramid of cards comes crashing down.

With official and even private sector and personal Covid policy, it’s obligatory now to keep defending the fake vaccines and masks despite all evidence to the contrary, because to admit they are useless or harmful would mean admission of error and guilt. So the day of judgment is merely postponed…

Speaking of saving face, leave it to the Chinese to double down on the hopeless eradication of an endemic virus, at the expense of a total lockdown of the city of Shanghai.

“If we stop all containment measures now, it means all the previous efforts are for nothing,” Liang Wannian, a top official at the National Health Commission, said in late March in response to a reporter’s query on why China is not shifting toward treating COVID as endemic, like influenza. —ZeroHedge

In Vietnam, the dysfunction of continuing to wage a losing war found expression in that genocidal policy of burning villages in order to save them. Apparently China aims to model for the global governments that the insanity can apply to a city as well, or a whole country. What are people, anyway, but excess data, an overpopulated ant colony?

I take refuge in the wider view… or in this case, the closer view: the philosophy of, say an otherwise insignificant ant. For on the ground of facts and ideas, below the media circus of smoke and mirrors, life goes on…

Philosophy of an Ant

I am an ant.  At every twig I have a choice.  There is no philosophy in my world, this is true.  And yet I have a voice.  These words rhyme for a reason.  There is a choice at every word.  If I had no language, the situation would be the same. The language of action—choice at the twig.

Left or right?  At every moment I choose: or choose to stop and wait, to communicate my dilemma.  Is it a dilemma, or a gift?  That interpretation, too, is subject to choice.

I can leave this body in my imagination, choose to be a human writing about me, or a deer casually strolling by and about to step on me, or the other species of ant creature which I just yesterday killed and am carrying now home to devour with my fellows.

I have a choice of which vernacular to speak in.  Which style of language, of thought, indeed of…

Is there a language inherent in antness?

I said we have no philosophy.  This is not true.  We have the philosophy we choose at any moment to embrace.  It could be the philosophy of left-turning, of right-turning, of stopping to chew the fat (or the reedy leg of this victim of mine…).  Philosophy is a choice, and an ill-chosen word at that, because it puts off the less-educated reader who might otherwise benefit from its insights.

Now I’ve really gone off the deep end.

How can I call into this discussion allusions of things not of my world?

And yet, in the ecological view, my world is your world is all worlds; all worlds are one.

I continue, stepping over rocks the size of grains of sand—depending on your perspective.  Can ants talk?  This is a philosophical riddle.  This ant communicates by a manner of speech, written form, would you prefer that I dip my six feet in ink and crawl across your page?  Come scuttling in whispering, knocking with my raspy knees at your eardrum?

I hear an echo calling, of a former occupation of mine: barker for the circus.

I used to be a poet, a self-described poet, in my youth.  I plied the sticky market trade.

Today I am a forest creature: insofar as there is forest left for me to dwell in.  When a kitchen is built upon this spot, I will be at home in wall or in cabinet drawer, nibbling compost.

There is wisdom in my mind as in yours.  Philosophy, as I was saying before I became intoxicated and diverted with the multitude of choices of topics to dwell on, is a matter of habit.  My patterns become your philosophy of my life: seen from above.

Your habits become my philosophy of what it is to be human.

Is this a fiction?  Fiction is a habit of thought, an erection of boundaries between the known and the imagined.  That which is imagined, is it real?  That gets into the realm of philosophy beyond the world of action and habit, into pure speculation which, to my way of thinking, is fruitless to wander.

Let me stick to the exchange of views, creature to creature.  I am tempted to claim by logical argument my place in reality, but again, isn’t the proof in my present words, the presence of my consciousness in proximate communication with yours?

I know the fate of my words.  That is no matter: it will be as the piled bodies of my fellows, or the fellows we eat.  Tinder for the nest, to keep us warm.

Paper burns: very well, let my words burn briefly flaring, and be gone into the night.  Their light is as nothing to the stars.  Yet, I was.



In Covid Narrative Remix: Two Years of Dissent, Nowick Gray critiques the global agenda with the voice of the natural human spirit. These compiled articles from The New Now/Agora (2020-2022) shed light on the narrative sabotage carried out as the primary strategy of the war on humanity. Against that weapon of moral destruction, pen turns to sword in the ongoing battle for truth and freedom.

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Nowick Gray is a regular contributor to The New Agora and also offers perspectives and resources for alternative culture and African drumming. Subscribe to his Substack (New World Dreaming) or visit his  writings website at

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